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ID 624

Robert Kapela


Robert is a serial entrepreneur and active Angel investor. Recent investments; @starsightings, @connect-me, Valant Medical, Revel, @nfluence, etc..

ID 6272

Pat McCarthy

SVP @appnexus • Founder @fantuition • Former VP at @yahoo, @right-media • Studied at University of Oregon

ID 9588

Drew Bernard


Founder and CEO @actionsprout; Independent Angel; Oregon Angel Fund 2009-2013.

ID 47412

Steve August

Founder and CEO @revelation-1. Market Research thought leader. Crossfit junkie.

ID 132168

Bill Lynch

Co-Founder & Advisor at @jive-software. Grew from 2 people to 600+ and IPO in 2011. Comp Sci degree, passionate about product.

ID 62191

Rich Schmelzer


Founder @geopalz, @jibbitz-for-crocs • Investor @precog, @simple-energy, Fellow @nike-accelerator, Founder @iparchive,

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 196412

Tim Schwab


Never-ending-wellspring of optimism and ideas, previously CEO @sales-beach and sales, ops, BD, product @life360 @safe-shepherd @aig @travel-guard

ID 81906

Michael Richardson

Cofounder and Senior Director of Product at @urban-airship. Early developer and opened the London offices and served as EMEA Technical Director.

ID 5610

Rick Turoczy

Cofounder @piepdx; founder @silicon-florist; cofounder TechFestNW; marketing MedicaLogic (now GE), ProSight (now Oracle), Digimarc

ID 54266

Jon Frisby

Technical Co-founder of @netblue ($20MM Series A). Founder of @mrjoy (casual gaming). Technical Co-founder at @cloudability.

ID 55626

Soren Macbeth

Chief Data Scientist @yieldbot. Co-founder of @stocktwits. I like hacking, startups, dataviz, machine learning, entrepreneurs, building and learning new things.

ID 1352

Lucas Carlson


CIO at @centurylink, Founder & CEO @appfog, Acquired in June 2013

ID 82292

Alan Wizemann

Founder @shopigniter, @eventspace • Intrepenuer at @target-corporation • Advisor and Mentor

ID 46890

Marshall Kirkpatrick

CEO of @little-bird, social data mining for targeted marketing and market intelligence. Formerly one of the world's most successful data journalists.

ID 23850

Mat Ellis

Founder & CEO, @cloudability. Helped scale @adknowledge, @netblue & @looksmart to critical mass or exit. Worked at @goldman-sachs, Pepsi, @ubs. Master of tea.

ID 73727

Pete Grillo


CEO @iterasi. Past:Co-founded 3 startups, Successful exit on the first 2 & the 3rd (@iterasi) is growing nicely. On the Boards of a few Portland-area startups.

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 83193

Paresh Patel


Founder @payrange, @vendscreen, Courtesy Vending. PhD, MBA. Raised $20MM+. Oregon business person of year. 40 under 40. Recognized vending expert.

ID 8179

Joe Stump

Co-founder of @sprint-ly, @simplegeo, and @attachments-me. Former Lead Architect at @digg.

ID 174248

Dylan Boyd

Managing Director @techstars - Focused on Vertical Accelerator programs with corporate partners.

ID 45791

John Stromquist

11-year CFO in the tech industry. CPA.

ID 173239

Darren Powderly


Founder CrowdStreet • Worked at @atg-art-technology-group, @teksystems • Investor @manzama • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 212995

Kevin McCloskey

Founder & CEO at @househappy. A serial entrepreneur and seasoned broker with over 28 years of experience in the real estate industry.

ID 35661

Todd Silverstein

CEO/cofounder of Vizify. Former cofounder of @gemkitty. I make things. Then I make them better.

ID 251251

Courtney Couch

Experienced with big data and high availability infrastructure. Notable companies: PersolvoDataSystems, Flowplayer

ID 115469

Mikalina Kirkpatrick

Co-founder @getlittlebird. Experience in startup operations, product management, strategic planning, staff management

ID 175942

Ryan Fink

CEO, Founder of @onthego-platforms; @fg-angels @portlandseedfund @startup-pdx-challenge-1 company • Studied @azusa-pacific-university

ID 10371

Kiyo Kubo

Founder, @spotlight-mobile and @meridian. Webby Award-winning designer of mobile apps. Computer Science+HCI, Economics, Cornell.

ID 8351

Joshua Blank


Co-Founder @opensesame, previously co-founded @bluevolt, @elevenwireless, @popart.

ID 191202

Eli Tucker

Co-Founder of @vizify and alumni of @techstars & @PDXSeedFund. Software developer, entrepreneur, and amateur photographer.

ID 168223

Ty Frackiewicz

C3PO, Co-Founder @onthego-platforms • Studied at @montana-state-university University Technology is my life!

ID 17695

Aaron Parecki

Co-founder of @geoloqi, acquired by Esri. Now CTO of @esri R&D Center, Portland

ID 154173

Darin Glatt

CTO and co-founder @mobilerq

ID 6910

Tom Turnbull


Co-founder of @opensesame. Start-up veteran. JD/MBA. Business development, legal, marketing, and sales.

ID 10894

Nick Farina


Founder, @meridian and @spotlightmobile. Webby Award-winning designer/developer of mobile apps. Computer Science+HCI, Cornell.

ID 23545

Matt Wallington

Founder & CTO @cargo. Previously cofounded @cpusage & @gridvid-me-1, launched distributed cloud compute platform at TechCrunch Disrupt. Worked @intel.

ID 96532

Gino Zahnd

Co-founder & CEO of Cozy. Previously founded Seabright Studios, led UX at @flickr, @splunk, and @kosmix.

ID 11671

Noah Pepper


Currently Ads @twitter -- Formerly CEO @lucky-sort (Acq. 2013). Love to look at data, build teams, understand markets, iterate on products.

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 107891

Andrew Berkowitz

Founder and Vice President, Product Management at @teamsnap. Strong ability to set and execute product vision across the enterprise. BA @stanford-university University.

ID 50369

Chris Teso

CEO & Founder of @chirpify

ID 79765

Brad Heller

Co-founder of @revisu. Engineering Lead @cloudability. Love design, business strategy, and innovation. Worked at @webmd, AboutUs, and @jive-software.

ID 283047

Robert Haydock


CEO of Scratch-it. Angel Investor and previous startup founder. Performance Marketing consultant. Founded Scratch-it based on insight made while ad buying.

ID 54115

Justin Thiele

Founder @glider-acquired-by-fpx, @mugasha • Worked at @appsumo, @gadgettrak

ID 16881

Bob Greenberg

@pixelworks co-founder and former CTO [NASDAQ: PXLW]. Angel investor with Oregon Angel Fund (OAF) and Tech Coast Angels.

ID 4972

Bernd Petak

Consultant. Investment Professional. Advisor. Mentor. Opportunities Evaluated, Innovation Managed, Problems Solved, Ideas Developed Into Businesses.

ID 14092

Andrew D. Nystrom

Nike Global Digital Platform lead, Partnerships & Innovation. Nike Football (Soccer), Red Bull, LA Times/Tribune Co., Lonely Planet alum. Award winning author.

ID 67409

Patrick Lightbody

Founder of @browsermob (acquired by @neustar) and @hostedqa (acquired by Compuware/Gomez). Eye towards enterprise and productivity software. CS @ @university-of-california-san-diego.

ID 2461

Daniel Reeves


Investor in @appjet aka Etherpad. Cofounder of @beeminder (Portland Seed Fund company).

ID 135106

Henry Nothhaft, Jr.


Founder, Board Director & Chief Product Officer @ Trapit

ID 98671

Nino Marchetti

Editor-in-Chief/Co-Founder at @earthtechling; 15+year Internet veteran; One of first 20 employees at @yahoo.

ID 103735

Tim Elliott

Founder at @savvr. Software Engineer.

ID 390279

Cuong Nguyen

ID 82133

Eli Rubel


Co-Founder & CEO @glider-acquired-by-fpx (Acq., Feb. 2014). Coffee enthusiast, motorcyclist. Now VP of Products and Innovation at FPX.

ID 2723

Jeff Martens

Former Co-fouder & CEO @cpusage, Product Manager @new-relic , Analyst @nike, Strategic Planning @synopsys. Mentor and Advisor.

ID 205533

Mike Lee

Founder FinderLabs, @silver-key-headhunters, Promed Search Firm • Worked at @jivaro

ID 4807

Ken Westin

Founder of @gadgettrak the innovator of mobile tracking and data protection software for laptops, smartphones and other devices.

ID 163655

Maciej Skierkowski

Founder of @factor-io, @launcher-io, Worked at @microsoft, @appfog

ID 104026

Michael Taus


VP Marketing @abodo. Founder + advisor @crowdstreet @cinephiled @founderspad @aquo @rent.com. Aspiring polymath. Ciderist. Hiker. Skier. Diver. Husband + dad.

ID 149185

Dayn Wilberding

Creative Lead, UX @jawbone. Former Digital Creative Director @grady-britton. Co-founded @twuffer tweet scheduler.

ID 54952

Deacon Johnson

Dad, entrepreneur, @pixelgarde founder. Worked at @intel, @divx and Musicmatch/Yahoo!

ID 221113

Peat Bakke

Interim CTO and Advisor for early stage tech startups.

ID 67923

Koesmanto Bong

Founder @salemarked • Work at @kontagent • Worked at @vidoop, @instantaction

ID 66474

Tyler Benner

COO—Conscious Box. Physicist—Peregrine Semiconductor—IPO. Founder/CEO—Astra Archery. Author/Publisher—Inside the Archer. '08 Olympic Archery Team—Semifinalist.

ID 90489

Jake Olsen

Engineer. Technologist. Portland native. Co-founder and CTO of Smart Mocha. Co-founded @platial. Fmr VP of Eng @appfog. Big data @motorola-mobility-inc.

ID 50674

Kathryn Hough

Going to Epidocus for full stack development, seeking contract marketing / strategy work to help make startups awesome.

ID 61505

Lauren M Wolff

Creative Director and Studio Director at The Mobile Majority, Co-founder spotsi, MFA Design as Entrepreneur SVA, worked in adverting, tech, social, mobile.

ID 237260

Alex Scarborough

Founder & CTO @teak • Worked at @cloudability, @garagegames-instant-action, @instantaction. Developer and publisher of social games.

ID 149744

James McDermott

Co-Founder @lytics. CEO @storycode; VP Business Development @webtrends. Corporate attorney at Brobeck Phleger & Harrison.

ID 142087

Lauren Wallace


Worked at @apple, @microsoft • Investor @glider-acquired-by-fpx

ID 68096

Trent Peterson

Founder of AppThwack. Spent 7 years designing and building large-scale system automation frameworks for testing @intel's wireless offerings.

ID 50572

Jeff Allen


CEO. Entrepreneur. Product Manager/Engineer. Investor. M&A. 20+ yrs in product management and venture capital. 19 investments, $300m+ raised, $17b value.

ID 231187

Dan Fearing

Worked at @demand-media, @activision-blizzard, @velocify • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 468969

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

Software Psychologist and VP of Engineering for @new-relic; previously Amazon among other startups; PhD from UW Seattle

ID 5696

Aaron Gray

Entrepreneur, Product Guy, Team Builder. Founder/CEO @deconstructed. Former VP of User Experience at Thunderhead, Director of Biz Dev at Webtrends.

ID 57414

Graham McFarland

A practicing entrepreneur, knee deep in his fifth start-up. Successfully built, funded and exited multiple companies ranging from $10K to over $10M in sales.

ID 115646

Vidya Spandana


Founder, Principal at Neppalli

ID 210665

Steve Giannini


Software executive & entrepreneur • President @opal-1 • Founder @alliance-network-group, @alliance-pr • Worked at @cnet-networks, @kpmg, @kpmg Consulting LLC

ID 124309

Kyle Morrow

Product Operations @lytics. Business Operations @cozy. Director of Sales and Marketing @coachbase. Founder of ThirstTees. TechStars @Nike+ Accelerator.

ID 212797

Richard W. Kotulski

Founder Clear Day Creative; VP of Ops at AppFog; Director of Communications at CTL Innovations Lab; BD at Savvis/CenturyLink; Studied at Reed College

ID 90905

Nick James

Software Engineer @riviera-partners

ID 39205

Diego Mariño

Founded @abiquo and @ducksboard (acquired by @new-relic)

ID 316771

Anne Nichols

Founder @favery • Worked at Norm Thompson Outfitters, @oracle-corporation, @looksmart • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 290806

Alex J. Frazier

Founder at @nextstep-io a @techstars, @nike-accelerator company. Founder at @recbob.

ID 416596

Terry St. Marie

I'm an Entrepreneur & Startup Investor, who loves to write about & practice more human leadership. Co-founder of @sobcon, Prez of @socialmediapdx

ID 67810

Scott Krager


Competitive SEO for 7 years. Speaker at SMX, Affiliate Summit. Contributor to Search Engine Journal.

ID 286775

Mauhan M. Zonoozy

Founded @bubbl-3 | @collegecraig | @RangeProductions Invested @YASCapitalPartners | @insite Fellow Studied @GeorgetownLaw @StanfordIgnite Avoids @socks

ID 70629

Tyler Phillipi

Business Co-Founder @cargo, Co-founder & CMO @onthego-platforms, Founded and bootstrapped @cocollage • First startup job employee #28 at @strands

ID 214740

Joshua Sams


Founder @geniusly (500 Startups) • Investor @engager • CTO @collegefrog • CEO @sprowtt-marketplace (TechCrunch 50) • @harvard-university University

ID 38026

Kit Cody

CMO @chinook-book • Founder @concrete-media, @trustys-com • VP product @bolt-com • Advisor @aarp, @huddlebot • MS @columbia-university, BA @hampshire-college

ID 84922

Robert Banagale

Founder @gliph • Worked at @bermind, @mentor-graphics • Studied at @babson-college, @oregon-state-university

ID 141693

Jonathan Evans

Geeky Pilot. Three-time startup founder. Technologist. Trusted Veteran.

ID 110000

Patrick Kelly

CEO of Conscious Box. Yogi. Fmr cleantech PE investor and i-banker. Echoing Green Social Investment Council. Competitive amateur golfer.

ID 5322

Bradley Joyce

If it needs doing, I can get it done. Design / Code / UI / UX / Marketing / Sales

ID 170000

Marcus Estes

CEO at Chroma.

ID 26160

Misty Denson

Co Founder @nameyourrentnow

ID 70421

Matt Hixson

CEO of Tellagence. 8+ years in enterprise software (@tripwire) marketing, operations, strategy, finance. MBA + recovering CPA (@pwc-1)

ID 150553

Matt Heitzenroder

Founder @orchestrate

ID 133083

Nicholas Asch

Founder @gliph, @caravan • Studied at @concordia-university. Fluent in web infrastructure, MongoDB, Redis, Python, Web front-end and Android.

ID 25831

Ryan Williams

Software Developer @teamsnap. Co-founded @networthiq (acquired by @strands in 2008), Founded @lazytweet (sold in 2010).

ID 39558

Mike Oliver

ID 224384

Kevin Tate


General Partner @upstart-labs Founder @stepchange-group • Investor @second-porch @buuteeq Worked @shopigniter, @dachis-group • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 67339

Ryan Tinker

I've been building websites since I was 9. I can rapidly prototype anything, and I have a good eye for design. I like things that help people live happier and healthier lives.

ID 237214

Pat Wilson

Founder & CEO @teak • Worked at @garagegames-instant-action, @instantaction • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 30742

Justin Smith

http://about.me/JustinColeSmith http://www.linkedin.com/in/smithjustin http://www.EfficiencyInteractive.com http://www.PayPerOffer.com

ID 12198

Nate DiNiro

Founder VivaPhi, HIBCtv, @code-for-health • Worked at @earth-class-mail, @visual-networks • Studied at @life-university

ID 74544

John Koenig

Founder of Measureful (@measureful), SwellPath (@swellpath) and Warm Current (@awarmcurrent). Analytics & data viz background. Made in Portland.

ID 80964

Pinky Gonzales


Founder and investor in multiple tech startups ranging from entertainment industry to education. Advisor @ LinkedIn and multi-year mentor at PIE PDX.

ID 265247

Mara Zepeda

Founder @switchboard-1 Studied at @columbia-university and @reed-college-1. Class of 2103 @piepdx Connector. Maker. Storyteller. Extrovert.

ID 100025

Jim Harrer


Founder Mustang Software, @eventmingle. Past President of Starbase, @web-associates, @alchemy-solutions. InvestMentor at @venturebox.

ID 210134

George Huff

Founder Opal Labs • Studied at @oregon-state-university, @university-of-nottingham

ID 24945

Joshua Smibert

Director of Content & Growth @roadtrippers Previous: Founder @carbon-ads (acquired by BSA) & @fuel-brand-network (acquired by Design Crowd).

ID 396612

Beau Buck


Solid entrepreneur with mobile, Internet, gaming, and social experience. Co-founder Pricegrabber, Founder mFlix, Founder Bingo.com, Founder Wiith.met, Founder Ultrashortmedia

ID 295150

Michael Long

Serial Entrepreneur

ID 55660

David Dyer

Founder and CEO of @proxy. Co-Founder and Chief Strategist for Manifesto. Former clients include @apple, Gap, @microsoft, and Chevron.

ID 44180

Alexis Peterka

Co-founder of @stayhound, launched Pitch Club Portland, UI/UX professional since 1996 (@webmd, @snapnames, Xerox)

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 61349

Scotty Iseri

Founder of FUNDA, Critically acclaimed producer and game designer.

ID 197653

Scott Torborg

Founder Crowd Supply, @cart-logic. Hardware engineering and online retail background. MIT EECS 2007.

ID 283934

Brian Conley

Founder @shotlist and @small-world-news. Creator of Alive in Baghdad. Trainer Storyteller Entrepreneur Simplifier InfoSec Arabic Spanish

ID 30620

Anthony Carroll

Co-founder + CTO, @spotsi. Spend my time with @project-529. Spent last decade in startups.

ID 62056

Lynsey Smith

Insatiable Curiosity + Untamed Passion. Ideas + innovation fanatic.

ID 118856

Steven Wagner

CEO of @dealer-ignition and Dealy, Strong sales and Marketing, Product Development and Architecture.

ID 290772

Nick Park

Co-Founder of @IncomparableCo - Nike+ / TechStars Accelerator Fellow - Wisconsinite - Explorer

ID 263168

Dan Lipert

Founded Techno Garden, The Ministry of Apps, and currently Hyperlayer. Web and mobile developer with focus on next-gen technologies. Former DoD.

ID 71498

Adam Ware

CEO at @swellpath. Board member at @measureful. Analytics geek turned CEO.

ID 38801

Stephen McLaughry

From @ibm-research to European banking software to international prediction markets, I've been building high-profile software systems for 15 years.

ID 133109

Ian Lyman

CEO of Parkt. Founded @sonique (Sold to @lycos). Went to @new-york-university Film. Directed Music Videos. Produced Indie Films. Designed Sonifi App (bought by iZotope).

ID 182350

Michelle Rowley

Chief Culture Strategist at Cultivate & Co. Founder of Code Scouts. Passionate community organizer. 1 of 7 Entrepreneur Mag Women to Watch 2014.

ID 283995

Laura Temel

ID 110639

Andy Rosic

Founder of @player-01. Team lead for @apple retail's EasyPay solution. Led tech team to NAS:GOAM merger with Verizon/Hands-On to form NAS:PRPL ($100M+).

ID 167864

Charles Smith

Founder & President @dlvr-it. Experienced start-up executive and entrepreneur. Founder Pheedo, Email Shopping Network (acquired by eUniverse / News Corp.)

ID 128496

Bryan Sims

Founder of Lendalytics. Chairman at brass MEDIA Inc.

ID 278026

Aaron Hockley

Photographer (small business + startups: people & stories). Writer. Founder of WP Photographers. Founded WordCamp Portland.

ID 10216

Rory Reiff

Founder @fleck-the-bigger-picture • Worked at @chapman-university-2, @pomona-college-2 • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 214304

Josiah Tullis

Co-Founder of Canary, Ambassador of Seasteading Institute, CSO of Aqua Terra Planetary Holdings, Licensee at Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies.

ID 188116

Alex Howell

Co-Founder and CEO @incomparable-things • @techstars @nike-accelerator • Dual Masters at University of Texas

ID 338504

Kris Pennella

Product strategy & business operations consultant. Fmr COO OSS B2B tools & services co. Built, boot-strapped & sold manufacturing co. Entrepreneur. Fearless.

ID 37997

John Wolosek

Founder of @brickstr. 25+ years of business.

ID 200261

MacKenzie Stout

Founder @ConnectCannabis, @OrganicsDeliver, @GridWideNews & @OpenTechSource ⁞ Business Intelligence | Online Community Development // Crowdsourcing

ID 80339

Lucas Manfield

Worked at @xatori, @recargo • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 363832

Nik Blosser


CEO/Co-founder of Chinook Book (Celilo Group Media). Experienced media executive. Chairman of Sokol Blosser Winery.

ID 331554

Kevin Eagan


Serial corporate entrepreneur, advisor, investor. Co-founder Sidewalk.com (sold to Ticketmaster), eHome (merged with Windows Division), MS Online Stores.

ID 403165

Trent Bigelow

Co-Founder @forsure-labs • Worked at @hp, @windstream-technologies-2 • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 34805

Gene Anderson


Gene brings 10+ years of experience as CEO, team leader, and digital strategist, as well as high level management expertise.

ID 324162

Mandy Schuler

Founder Tater Tot Designs, Dado Labs • Worked at Digital Blue, FCI Electronics, Scientific-Atlanta • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 257420

Gavin White


Big, playful presence. Clarity. Purpose. Vision. Well-connected. Knows things about stuff. Solves problems.

ID 58640

Nathan Taggart

@launchside builds web-based businesses. They underwrite the projects they work on by providing deeply reduced development costs in exchange for royalties.

ID 324150

Thomas Worley

Founder @DADO Labs • @Tater Tot Designs • Worked at @digital Blue, @intel • Studied at @oregon State

ID 42593

Hal Newton

Founder of PageMutant and WholeBrain. Balance business skills and technical knowledge.

ID 61596

Justin Lewis

Partner/ Director of Digital, @instrument

ID 34223

Tim Barkow

Product-focused, entrepreneurial UI/UX designer and front-end developer. Co-founder @smith-magazine storytelling communities. Currently at @goldstar helping to improve our members happiness.

ID 284962

Elliot Chong

Designer / Developer hybrid. Full stack developer. Fortune 500 marketing agency veteran. Nike+ alumni.

ID 212943

Tory Adams

Founder Game Clash • Worked at @portland-state-university-1

ID 85168

Rob Elam

Energy, tech and sustainability entrepreneur & executive. CEO Propel Fuels.

ID 130991

Karin McKercher

CEO, Indie Vinos. Serial intra-/entrepreneur. Strong business/marketing/legal background. Creative, solutions-oriented, fiercely determined, committed. MBA/JD.

ID 47000

Ted Sindzinski

Experienced digital marketer (brand / social / ecommerce). Past founder.

ID 136894

Bethany Londyn

Catalyst & CEO of @fitaddikt. Founder @shopaddikt • Studied at @portland-state-university

ID 180495

Nate Angell

Doorman leading growth Little Bird. Raised by wolves. Friend to cheese.

ID 31758

Vitaly Rizhkov


CEO & Founder of Finic Inc.

ID 39797

Chad Kruse

Creator of products & new markets. Sideline hacker. BizDev/product/COO @ @greengoose, @cloudengage-1, @bonanza. Early career @intuit and @saic in CorpDev & strategy.

ID 8459

Adam Arthur Bier

Founder of Bier Legal, P.C. High-touch, efficient corporate and IP counseling and deal execution for entrepreneurs, technology companies, investors, and foreign businesses in the U.S.

ID 346657

Kat Bobbitt

Founder @stand-in . Mobile UI/UX & Art Direction. @piepdx '13. @savannah-college-of-art-and-design '07.

ID 257560

Asa Miller

Founder @stand-in

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 489493

Ben Hoskins

ID 89045


Startup Founder

ID 44477

Maggie Vail

Co-Executive Director at @cash-music. A nonprofit building open source digital tools for artists.

ID 117976

Carter Truong

Founder Tabrific • Brand, Consumer and Market Strategist. Big Brand (Nike, Microsoft, Coke, Unilever) and Start-Up (Umbria - sold to McGraw Hill) experience.

ID 67933

Emanuele Tozzato

Someone once said I am a very competent Ruby Artisan

ID 27997

Trent Nevills

Founder of Amplifier Capital. Hedge Fund manager of $6b+ in assets and two top ranking tech funds. Now private equity, start-up funding and strategic advisory.

ID 657069

Niko Hughes

Student @PSU | Marketing & Creative Strategy @cargo

ID 9017

Jeremy Krall

Co-Founder @fling (@socialblend) Previously: @dachis-group, @cisco, @pure-digital-technologies, @razorfish (@microsoft), @symantec, @langoo (acq @verisign)

ID 75248

Alyson Jones

Visual + Web Designer; Co-founder of Stone Table LLC; Co-founder of @cucune, @forrage.

ID 119299

P. Mark Anderson

I'm the CTO of @spot-metrix, makers of SpinCam and 3DAR

ID 305892

Naveen Valeti


Founded and managing VRN JOBS LLC, a technology & management consulting firm based in Portland Oregon. I bring around 9 years of tech & mgmt consulting experience.

ID 119290

Josh Aller

CEO, co-founder at @spot-metrix

ID 305792

Melissa Brandao

CEO of Rogue Rovers. EV veteran. Ag tech and Ag data geek. Strong Sales and Marketing background, launched more than 10 businesses globally.

ID 54452

Chris Skaggs

Founder of @myreplaylive. Business development and investment manager for a start-up hedge fund & @morgan-stanley. Avid soccer fan, competitive coach & player.

ID 522097

Isaac Woodrow Schild

Founder @scion-staffing, @s-f-frozen-film-festival-501c3

ID 107490

Dan Coe

Founder and CEO of BlkDot. Leading through design and product vision. Background in e-commerce and UX for category-leading brands.

ID 101228

Edwin Tofslie

Product Design Lead at Snapguide. Tofslie Inc. Gif.tv. Gasoline Caps. Creative Direction, Design, Strategy, Montana, Oregon, Fishing, Family, Films, Sports

ID 82270

Don Park

maker, builder, dreamer

ID 122444

Jacob Irwin

Co-founder and CEO @kimerick-technologies

ID 122429

Allison Deverman Vietor

Babson MBA, design ethnographer, IP and business strategist, extensive experience in international development and entrepreneurship in emerging economies

ID 69593

Imuetinya Teddy Okonokhua

Founder Statisma • Worked at @intel Capital, @intel • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university-of-notre-dame

ID 144240

Douglas Perednia

VP at Asta Ltd. Entrepreneur, author and physician with considerable experience with for- and non-profit start-ups. Former researcher for the NIH.

ID 38659

Jason White


Managing Director, Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai. Former Nike Global Account Director at W+K Portland.

ID 42780

Robin Weirich

Branch Manager at Cascade Pacific Home Loans a division of Pinnacle Capital Mtg

ID 36790

Steve Gray

Founder @pacific-emotion-telegen-systems • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 79272

lee muhl

CEO of @bonzerdarg. Co-founded 4 funded startups. Worked at Growthink, Pollock, Bloom & Dekom, LLP and @icm in media financing. @university-of-california-los-angeles Law, JD.

ID 56773

David Heller

Founder SupplierView, FullUp • Worked at @hewlett-packard, @us-army • Studied at @university-of-colorado-system

ID 66672

Marc Lamoureux

Entrepreneur. Serial startup enthusiast in the Mobile Software/Telephony space, as employee, executive and founder: Microcell, Clearnet, WordLogic Systems, SAI.

ID 30453

Sergei Malovanyi

CEO of @re-mondes Inc, team of web and mobile developers, front-end engineers and designers.

ID 480024

Stephen A. Ridley

Founder Tally • Worked at @simple, @mcafee-inc • Studied at @tennessee-state-university

ID 116252


Keep it Simple: Mobile, Social, & Cloud. I am the Founder of @tourizing, a Brand Engagement Company that is strongly aligned with @salesforce & @marketingcloud

ID 5324

Erik Howard

ID 113989

Scott Fouser

CEO at @gruntworks Inc. Co-founder and Advisor at LeaseEasy. 20+ years in the real estate business. Built @realnet to $70M/yr. Inc. 500 twice #298 & #89. YPO

ID 481889

Edgar Navas

Founder CLIQA, @disashop-usa • Worked at @the-nafta-group • Studied at @sda-bocconi-school-of-management, @texas-state-university-san-marcos

ID 215611

Steve E. Tice

COO EVDrive, 31 years, 3 tech start-ups, c-level exec, key tech, marketing & operations skills honed in aerospace, powersports, advertzing, simulation to gaming

ID 46151

Mark Tishenko

CEO of @edge-it-group. Founded @celestial-products (Acquired by Anlekus Investments), Killing the baby monitor.

ID 61204

Jimmy Douglas

Co-founder @trakt-tv

ID 107853

Jesse Richardson

CCO and Co Founder of @conscious-box. Editor in Chief of Organic Soul; @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 278443

Derek Wyatt

Copywriter & Digital Marketing Strategist to startups and early stage entrepreneurs encouraging growth through marketing.

ID 496384

Razaik Singh

Founder @survis • Works at @intel • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 61423

Susan Clare

Founded @longshot-apparel-2. Entrepreneurially bombastic & insightful. Devoted to connecting the dots between companies, consumers and the real world.

ID 208669

Sam Beck

Founder and designer @blueshift • Fake engineer • Studied art and math @columbia-university

ID 499455

Salih Waritu

Founder @appstyr , @seenuu • Worked at @navex-global • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 101894

Tyler Foreman

Founder and co-CEO/CTO at @mojalink-1. First startup was angel funded and successfully exited. Product showcased by Obama. Worked at @intel and Agilent.

ID 119653

Bryan Geraldo

COO at @bitharvest

ID 215170

Nicholas Aliabadi

First tech startup in high school. Computer Science WWU, iTunes U. MeowTime Founder.

ID 186258

Nicholas Gilman

Founder @kimera-systems; Founder @TessComm, Inc.; Executive @kimera-systems; Int'l Business Development @instantiations

ID 465180

Patrick Triato

Founder @carbon-audio, @bnd • Studied at @case-western-reserve-university, @cleveland-institute-of-art

ID 75554

Christian G. Warden

Doing force.com and mobile development right now. Previously built CMS, spam filtering, CRM, and BI systems.

ID 145410

Troy Ylitalo

Co-Founder, CEO of Period Paper. Founder, former CEO UXIBIT, Inc.

ID 199028

Dan Evans

ID 271078

Justyn Baker

Founder Vonsor. Seasoned intrepreneur with Expertise in online content licensing, delivery technology with over $15mil in revenue from long term partnerships.

ID 111141

Ben McMaster

UX/UI designer and developer and co-founder @vimify. Previously: development lead at Hooky Interactive, lead front-end developer for NikeTeam.com

ID 96467

Tucker S. Meager, ND

Founder of NaturaeSoft. Naturopathic Physician, @bastyr-university 2001, Owner @two-rivers-natural-health Clinic. Treasurer of the COAND

ID 83603

Thomas Rheingans

ID 109062

Sutton Stern

Founder: @policros & @mirror-realms. Mgmt experience at PeopleSoft. Consulting Clients: Nikeid, NIKERUNNING.com, Nikestore.com, TurboTax.com, Starbucks, Sybase.

ID 392559

Travis Rush

Founder Sightbox

ID 214494

Rick Sheinin

Co-Founder @fomo-media • Studied at @claremont-graduate-university, @chapman-university Professional Wanderer

ID 230190

Dusti Arab

Writer + Speaker. Coffee shop owner. Successfully Kickstarted a book. Overcame PPD, suicide attempt, and more to change the way moms connect to each other.

ID 451459

Raymond Goeser

Founder S.U.I.T.S Initiative • Studied at @oregon-institute-of-technology, and is currently running a music production company.

ID 308163

Zia Word

Co-founder Lialina, Fewe.st, AFTR & Guerrilla Gameshow. Worked with large brands bringing digital to life. Tech, Creative, Growth hacking, Marketing & business

ID 218298

Janice Levenhagen-Seeley

MBA Willamette University, Computer Engr Oregon State. Founder of trovi, ChickTech. Passionate about making a difference.

ID 375579

Tom Heckmann

Founder Fitugo. Health and Fitness startup. Finance background (Relational Investors, LaBranche and Co.,Heckmann Corp., PCI Partners)

ID 67941

Hannes Schmied

Founder of IIS New Media Labs, Co-Founder of CardSkid

ID 392182

Ryan Rabideau

Founder @rentstory • Worked at @fisher-investments • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 283869

Matthew Mangus


ID 34988

John Thorbeck

Founder for Lead Time Optimization (LTO)™ for global speed-to-market capabilities for retailers and brands. CEO, entrepreneur and Harvard MBA.

ID 277010

Jaime R. Wood

Taught for 14 years at the middle school, university, and community college level. Founded a charter school in Colorado at age 24. Passionate about education.

ID 48282

Chris Zelenka

CoFounder @free-range-labs-inc - Previous operations at TENSV a start up incubator - consulting for mobile, health, and retail companies

ID 179721

Nick Kassab

Experienced real estate professional Nick Kassab acts as Senior Associate Broker at Portland, Oregon-based Capacity Commercial Group, LLC.

ID 133602

Darren Stowell

CEO ActivEd. Strong background in business and impacting lives through K-12 education.

ID 74455

Stephen Johnson

President of @illinois-clean-fuels, a plant that will make diesel and jet fuel from biomass & coal; Founded hedge fund (327.84% return net of fees in 5 yrs)

ID 279795

True North

Recovering Army NCO, Military Recruiter and Personal Trainer. Co-Founder & CEO of BeFit Portland, Partner & Public Figure of Mrs. Britt's Soup, Thru-Hike Junkie

ID 98023

Sean Rudford

ID 320019

Beth Mercante


Founder Over 40 Females, @ludian-llc • Worked at @grubb-ellis, @aig-investments • Investor @over-40-females • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 189207

Jonas Jones

English and Politics Major Ithaca College, Restructured Basis Inc. 2M-120M, Founded Boys to Men Mentoring Group, CEO Bear Brewing Inc.

ID 349430

Roheet Kakaday

MD Candidate at OHSU; Interdisciplinarian and tech enthusiast; Author of The Biopsy; UCSD Chuao Scholar; Always looking to make a difference.

ID 38837

Joshua Knotts

Marketing Director - Sage Harbor Investments. MBA - @liberty-university University. B.A. Advertising/PR University of S. Indiana. Founder JRK - Properties (bubble burst).

ID 58006

Brett Perkins

CEO Of @powder-puff-extreme; NFL Free Agent; 2x Minor League Football 1st Team All-American & Tight End of the Year; Team USA Football Captain.

ID 26846

Michkael Baker

Cultural Systems Engineer-Celebrating Social Entrepreneurship,Creative Innovation, Promoting Business, Building Community.

ID 417599

Paul Peterson

Founder Volta Volare' Corp. • Worked at @merrill-lynch • Studied at @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities

ID 266985

Candace Terry

Founder Breaking Language Selvedge Solution • Worked at @united-states-navy • Studied at @university-of-kentucky

ID 257444

Max Aguirre

Co-Founder of Know eSports. Studied Philosophy and ECE at Portland State University.

ID 219609

Shams Barnhart

Founder @fomo-media • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 261838

Didip Kerabat

Co-founder On the Plates. Senior developer and DevOps. • Worked at @kongregate, @goldstar • Studied at @UO

ID 224919

Terry Bean

Terry Bean studied at @university-of-oregon --- President and CEO of Bean Investment Real Estate --- Human Rights Activist

ID 495947

Rajesh Krishnan

Founder/ CTO @belTowr-financial. Founder @survis, Worked at Intel. Full stack development engineer with management experience

ID 11808

Jonathan Mann

Founder @sublime-learning • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 205637

Aman Dhaliwal

Co-Founder Skillgaroo • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia

ID 155508

JB Fearn

Studied at University of Oregon

ID 264018

Nicholas Erler

15 years of sales and marketing experience. Worked at Google, Ricoh and Océ.

ID 202196

Marco Buhlmann

Dedicated, internationally-educated entrepreneur and business developer specialized in high growth, technology driven companies.

ID 1514

David Molina

CEO of @bilingualhire; Former @USArmy Captain; Amateur programmer.

ID 357243

John Martin

Designer and co founder at Fiender • Worked at @nike as Global Creative Director of Nike SB (Skateboarding) and Nike Snowboarding.

ID 285558

Amelia Pape

It's the least I can do, to see the world with open eyes.

ID 327514

Brendan Ward

Social good extraordinaire, looking to work for and with exceptional, idealistic startups.

ID 124885

Nat West

Hard cider geek, recovering IT/software director. I attended the most prestigious cidermaking class in the US, made cider for six years and sold a tech company.

ID 401558

Liza Tapp

Founder, Soul Collaborative, Portland, OR.

ID 62037

JB Beyer

Lead Consultant

ID 244053

Larry McKenzie

Android Developer @globant, @ebay, Founder @my-world-news . Broadcast Professional & Self-taught Developer. Android, iOS, RoR, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3.

ID 44499

Rhyan Reid

I work hard, play hard, and am entertained by the oddities of life. Dropped out of college to start a company, finished college, back at the startup fountain.

ID 470399

Josh Gates

Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 184551

Chris Aplin

Web Designer @ Seattle Pacific University  • Worked at @placefull-inc

ID 493194

Benoît Barberousse

Founder @skillsesh • Worked at @real-leather-design, @lane-technical-college-preparatory-debate-team • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 135172

Joel Serino

Founder at @sproutcamp Accelerator (now Focal Shift). Editor at Large at @Thinq4Yourself. Growth Hacker at @Simflofy. Hacking the planet.

ID 406563

Eric Wiler

Founder @martell-tv • Studied at @western-michigan-university I've worked at Republic Pictures, Golden Girls, Castle Rock, Happy Madison, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rue McClanahan

ID 497331

Zach Smith

Worked at @providence-health-and-services • Studied at @washington-state-university

ID 140879

Matt Murphy

Founder/CEO of Proper Course & Co. • Studied at @florida-state-university • Heavy advertising background (automotive)

ID 58649

Jason Collingwood

CTO at @launchside.com connecting users to cool new websites and apps.

ID 47805

Minot Frye

Founder/CEO, E|CON Building Systems; inventor 49F Energy Investment System; founder Anthem Partners; former SVP Global Strategy, Zurich; I'm always right.

ID 258542

Mark Dilson

Producer/Editor of The Portland Pick. New Media Communications major from Oregon State University.

ID 190331

Ryan J MacPherson

Founder and CEO of Ealasaid Interactive, storyteller, husband & father, coffee snob, STEAMpunk

ID 497312

Joe Novello

Experienced nurse; experienced entrepreneur; experienced nurse entrepreneur. Led his last startup to exit and is on to the next.

ID 6029

Clement James

Founder of Skyslip

ID 219153

Andrew Clayton

Founder @fomo-media • Studied at @chapman-university

ID 99653

Sarah Tripp Stephan


Be Good. Do Good. SVP at @pyramid-communications.

ID 124803

Adam Koller

Principal Director at @marah-creative. Design and develop digital projects as an integrated team member for startups.

ID 498833

B. Scott Taylor

Founder Green Endeavor Inc. • Worked at @3m, @mfs-communications

ID 230502

Rod Cook

Founder and owner of Alpine Auto Body, Rod Cook now has three thriving locations in the city across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

ID 323316

Huan Meng

Founder @civva. CS, CGI, Video Game, Interactive Media Development, Fashion & Luxury.

ID 208368

Peter Herring

trovi is my 3rd company; very strong marketing/branding background. Given today's social world, I now believe that companies guided by a multi-stakeholder operating system are best positioned to thrive in the new marketplace reality

ID 497231

Catherine Nikolovski

Founder of Hack Oregon. Founder of CuddleUp. Market Development Director at Portland Code School.

ID 347658

Adam Parry

Design Founder @gift-gather

ID 364763

Ryan Rebo

I make things from scratch, with code, pixels, color and sound. Developer // Designer // Musician

ID 286400

Mark Grimes

find me @neddotcom

ID 45668

Dan Wakefield

E-Commerce Entrepreneur. Founder & Managing Partner at @yardrents. Enterprise E-Commerce Consultant (Hasbro, PetSmart, Kroger/FredMeyer, Kohls & Nike).

ID 450950


Business blog writer with a passion for creation and management of web content and building online brand presence.

ID 257863

Jesse Scott

Over a decade of web development experience including custom e-commerce, large scale content management, and business infrastructure projects.

ID 277894

Jill Scott

Jill Scott Founder - Professor Sam, Experience in sales, social media marketing, web and app design, e-commerce

ID 531243

Corey Rust

Founder & CEO of EnviJet, @envi-footwear • Worked at @intel, @horizon-air • Studied at @eastern-oregon-university

ID 23572

Graham Keavney

Founder: @itsybid (launched Sept 2010). Co-Founder: Surftix. B.S. - Marketing & Ad Management

ID 9856

Rami Kassab

ID 439776

Jay Peterson


Founder of a quant hedge fund & computer-assisted drug design lab. AI. Making sense of information in a chaotic world. San Francisco, Portland, Seattle.

ID 463538

Cody Cox

Founder / CEO of SkyJuke • Former Human Intelligence Collector in US Army • Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan • Worked at US Consulate in Iraq

ID 851393

Henry Hiltner

ID 323985

Karen Hellweg

ID 193387

Jeremy Johnson

Mobile Project Manager @forix & Freelance writer. Interested in mobile, music, photography, frisbee & food. As well as many other things.

ID 221728

Shaven Hippie

Shaven Hippie produces a Do It Yourself Maternity Panel Kit and Maternity Sewing Patterns that save new moms to be hundreds of dollars on maternity clothes.

ID 218366

TJ Banick

Technical Recruiter at Jobspring Partners. Aspiring Journalist. Freelance Web Developer.

ID 28469

Eric Weymueller

CoFounder @contentai-studios. Successful backstory @ intersection of consumer-facing media and emerging technologies.

ID 76675

Gary Walter

Savinglives, one conversation at a time - speaking up for those without a voice.

ID 192455

Umer Ejaz

ID 9123

Jeremiah Kastner

previous experience includes working for companies such as Adobe, @yahoo, HP, Extensis, and Siemens

ID 86932

Sylviane Norris

President & Secretary of @hyaqu, Inc. 2011. Malagasy Traveler Extraordinaire

ID 166591


ID 147556

Gary Coe


ID 3825

Simon King

Current: Founder/CEO of @wordspreadz. Dir of Dev: Portland SW, VP BusDev: NetActive, MD: Renaissance SW, President for Korean consumer company: Treksta.

ID 71597

Justin Hoey

CEO of @everyday-paradise. Marketer for @autodesk Manufacturing, BMX Film Maker, Self Made.

ID 95925

Tim Chereck

Founder of Hintme.com, Vice President of Marketing, Art Director, Small Business Owner. Team Builder and Coach

ID 57322

Will Glass

Founder of Drink Deck LLC. We've created a print and digital media concept for foodies and bar enthusiasts for travel in top food and drink destinations.

ID 277411

Mike Dimeo Portland

For more than 20 years, real estate broker Mike Dimeo of Portland, Oregon, has demonstrated keen industry acumen and a high capacity for sales.

ID 260077

Bee Local

Bee Local produces micro-batch artisan honey in unique neighborhood varieties. Like wine each has its own taste profile. Raw, healthy and delicious.

ID 209702

Peter Francis MD

Studied at University College London, U. of London. President and Founder of Pacific Ophthalmology Consulting.

ID 49499

Jen Procter, CHt., M.NLP, HCHI

Owner of Portland Dog Runner, Inc, Oregon's first dog running service. Pet care professional, Hypnotherapist and Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor.

ID 33576

Erick Jorgensen

Founder Mortgage and Boutique Construction companies. Served in US Navy Triathlete

ID 105789

Julien Coulon

Co-founder and General Manager at @cedexis-2

ID 212491

Kris Watson

Founder @lumous

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