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Founder, @music-impacts. General Partner, @merrickhanna-ventures. Chairman, @tangible-worldwide. Worked w/ Mosaic, Flash, Urchin, and top ad agencies.

ID 212509

Steven Osborn

Maker, hacker, tinkerer. Co-Founded @urbanairship

ID 230392

Ran Raviv


Founder @from-estee-s-kitchen • Worked at @iberdrola, @ormat-technologies • Studied at @mit-sloan-school-of-management, @university-of-buckingham

ID 55626

Soren Macbeth

Chief Data Scientist @yieldbot. Co-founder of @stocktwits. I like hacking, startups, dataviz, machine learning, entrepreneurs, building and learning new things.

ID 8179

Joe Stump

Co-founder of @sprint-ly, @simplegeo, and @attachments-me. Former Lead Architect at @digg.

ID 174758

Joshua Reich

Founder @simple

ID 478

Drew Smith


Angel Investor. Extensive investing, corporate development, and strategy experience in senior roles at @intel-capital, McKinsey, and Tripwire.

ID 21536

Alex Payne


Former CTO of @simple, Platform Lead and early employee at @twitter. I do technical consulting for early-stage startups, write, and travel.

ID 8124

John Vanhara


Founder @shipito, @fazole-cz • Worked at @eastbiz-corporation

ID 1352

Lucas Carlson


CIO at @centurylink, Founder & CEO @appfog, Acquired in June 2013

ID 85759

Eric Doebele


Seed and growth stage investor, advisor, and board member.

ID 165679

Jon Bassett


Investor @silverton-partners. Looking for killer software deals. Personally into gardening, soccer, SUP and good books.

ID 5610

Rick Turoczy

Cofounder @piepdx; founder @silicon-florist; cofounder TechFestNW; marketing MedicaLogic (now GE), ProSight (now Oracle), Digimarc

ID 85160

Renny Gleeson


Co-founder of the PIE accelerator & Global Dir., Interactive Strategy at Wieden + Kennedy. Stints at Carat, @nba. Founder iTurf. Yalie.

ID 44042

Nitin Khanna


Nitin is CEO of MergerTech an investment bank focused on $5MM - $100MM IT M&A. Prior to that he founded @saber in 1997 and sold it to @eds for $460MM in 2007.

ID 62191

Rich Schmelzer


Founder @geopalz, @jibbitz-for-crocs • Investor @precog, @simple-energy, Fellow @nike-accelerator, Founder @iparchive,

ID 40783

Matt Haughey


Founder, @metafilter Network, Inc.

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 117916

Mike Buckley


Managing Director at @intel-capital.

ID 174248

Dylan Boyd

Managing Director @techstars - Focused on Vertical Accelerator programs with corporate partners.

ID 81906

Michael Richardson

Cofounder and Senior Director of Product at @urban-airship. Early developer and opened the London offices and served as EMEA Technical Director.

ID 82904

Tom Sperry


Founder @rogue-venture-partners

ID 132168

Bill Lynch

Co-Founder & Advisor at @jive-software. Grew from 2 people to 600+ and IPO in 2011. Comp Sci degree, passionate about product.

ID 9588

Drew Bernard


Founder and CEO @actionsprout; Independent Angel; Oregon Angel Fund 2009-2013.

ID 83193

Paresh Patel


Founder @payrange, @vendscreen, Courtesy Vending. PhD, MBA. Raised $20MM+. Oregon business person of year. 40 under 40. Recognized vending expert.

ID 23850

Mat Ellis

Founder & CEO, @cloudability. Helped scale @adknowledge, @netblue & @looksmart to critical mass or exit. Worked at @goldman-sachs, Pepsi, @ubs. Master of tea.

ID 73727

Pete Grillo


CEO @iterasi. Past:Co-founded 3 startups, Successful exit on the first 2 & the 3rd (@iterasi) is growing nicely. On the Boards of a few Portland-area startups.

ID 624

Robert Kapela


Robert is a serial entrepreneur and active Angel investor. Recent investments; @starsightings, @connect-me, Valant Medical, Revel, @nfluence, etc..

ID 277872

Adam Lowry

Co-founder of @urban-airship. Interested in engineering culture, quality, support, product management, all manner of data stores, and API design.

ID 103979

Jenn Lynch


Venture Partner at @portlandseedfund, founder & partner at @upstart-labs, formerly of @kronos-incorporated and @yahoo. @columbia-business-school School 2003.

ID 47412

Steve August

Founder and CEO @revelation-1. Market Research thought leader. Crossfit junkie.

ID 200247

Alan Johnson

Worked at @treehouse

ID 101763

John Bragg

Founder/CTO at Cozy

ID 156842

Scott Kveton


ID 127648

Mattt Thompson

Hacker from the Rustbelt.

ID 82292

Alan Wizemann

Founder @shopigniter, @eventspace • Intrepenuer at @target-corporation • Advisor and Mentor

ID 196412

Tim Schwab


Never-ending-wellspring of optimism and ideas, previously CEO @sales-beach and sales, ops, BD, product @life360 @safe-shepherd @aig @travel-guard

ID 46890

Marshall Kirkpatrick

CEO of @little-bird, social data mining for targeted marketing and market intelligence. Formerly one of the world's most successful data journalists.

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 54266

Jon Frisby

Technical Co-founder of @netblue ($20MM Series A). Founder of @mrjoy (casual gaming). Technical Co-founder at @cloudability.

ID 454594

Carlos Quintana


I currently serve as a Vice President at a large imaging firm and have 20+ years of electrical engineering and systems design experience.

ID 81728

Don Spear

President & CEO, @opensesame Inc.

ID 25782

Angela Jackson


Managing Dir./Fund Manager Bridge City Ventures-Portland Seed Fund

ID 191202

Eli Tucker

Co-Founder of @vizify and alumni of @techstars & @PDXSeedFund. Software developer, entrepreneur, and amateur photographer.

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 104534

Jim Huston


Early Stage Seed Investor at Portland Seed Fund

ID 96532

Gino Zahnd

Co-founder & CEO of Cozy. Previously founded Seabright Studios, led UX at @flickr, @splunk, and @kosmix.

ID 50369

Chris Teso

CEO & Founder of @chirpify

ID 6910

Tom Turnbull


Co-founder of @opensesame. Start-up veteran. JD/MBA. Business development, legal, marketing, and sales.

ID 517206

Andrew Miller


Advanced medical degree. Current Department Director. Interested in unique ideas.

ID 35661

Todd Silverstein

CEO/cofounder of Vizify. Former cofounder of @gemkitty. I make things. Then I make them better.

ID 8351

Joshua Blank


Co-Founder @opensesame, previously co-founded @bluevolt, @elevenwireless, @popart.

ID 4998

Chris Williams

Founder & CTO @creative-market. Self-employed at 18, LAMP stack expert, musician, and lover of all things tech.

ID 40363

Wade Brooks


Exec. Dir. Willamette Angel Fund, Prof. at Willamette MBA, serial entrepreneur. My mission is to make entrepreneurs.

ID 8182

Peter Kirwan


CEO of Collexion, Inc., Entrepreneur in Res. at @neustar. CSO of @webmetrics, sold to @neustar. Founder @servercast, Sold to CMGi/Navisite, CTO through IPO.

ID 6272

Pat McCarthy

SVP @appnexus • Founder @fantuition • Former VP at @yahoo, @right-media • Studied at University of Oregon

ID 19930

Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath


CTO of Neo.com - First employee & lead engineer at Odeo.com (Created twitter)

ID 152590

Tore C. Steen


Co-founder and CEO at CrowdStreet. Worked at @janrain @earthlink, @webtrends • Studied at @duke-university, @Notre Dame

ID 208182

Ted Timmons

Devops, team and project management, software engineering.

ID 23545

Matt Wallington

Founder & CTO @cargo. Previously cofounded @cpusage & @gridvid-me-1, launched distributed cloud compute platform at TechCrunch Disrupt. Worked @intel.

ID 48436

Homer Strong

CTO at @lucky-sort

ID 278933

Raven Zachary

Created apps for Obama, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. Founder of iPhoneDevCamp. Sold my company to Walmart and am now doing mobile product management for ‘Fortune 1’.

ID 43887

Nancy King

Hiring management for startups Based in Portland, Oregon.

ID 154173

Darin Glatt

CTO and co-founder @mobilerq

ID 17695

Aaron Parecki

Co-founder of @geoloqi, acquired by Esri. Now CTO of @esri R&D Center, Portland

ID 20229

Kris Wallsmith

Founder of Cairns, long-time jack-of-all-trades on the tech side. Open source advocate, international speaker.

ID 107891

Andrew Berkowitz

Founder and Vice President, Product Management at @teamsnap. Strong ability to set and execute product vision across the enterprise. BA @stanford-university University.

ID 42734

Roberto Tagliabue


Founded AWAKE, CCO @hale-health, ECD Product Experience @jawbone. Founded @visere-inc @clibe (sold to Jawbone), Innovation Director @nike , CD @motorola

ID 11671

Noah Pepper


Currently Ads @twitter -- Formerly CEO @lucky-sort (Acq. 2013). Love to look at data, build teams, understand markets, iterate on products.

ID 175942

Ryan Fink

CEO, Founder of @onthego-platforms; @fg-angels @portlandseedfund @startup-pdx-challenge-1 company • Studied @azusa-pacific-university

ID 633668

Erik Benson


Ran digital media software startup Mimix until 1998 when i began investing in first rounds for tech startups in Seattle, Portland and Southern California.

ID 10894

Nick Farina


Founder, @meridian and @spotlightmobile. Webby Award-winning designer/developer of mobile apps. Computer Science+HCI, Cornell.

ID 78399

Greg Rau


COO @chirpify, Founder of @upstart-labs.

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 227761

Daniel Weller


20 Yr Silicon Valley veteran, Founder / Cofounder of Lean Startups - Remedy Corporation ($1.5M to $1B), Helpstream/Pathworks. Founding CEO Concept to Series A (4 on 6M) with top-tier VC, Deep Engineering Background with Startup Executive Experience.

ID 173239

Darren Powderly


Founder CrowdStreet • Worked at @atg-art-technology-group, @teksystems • Investor @manzama • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 40154

David Moser

Retired high tech executive (Tektronix, ESI, @axian). @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Aerospace 1972. Market analysis and angel investing.

ID 260936

Gary Peck

CTO & Founder @onthego-platforms, Founder Local Plate • Worked at @google, @goldman-sachs • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 126352

Tyler Gillies

Technical co-founder of @little-bird; social graph hacker.

ID 168223

Ty Frackiewicz

C3PO, Co-Founder @onthego-platforms • Studied at @montana-state-university University Technology is my life!

ID 212060

Gregg Cochran

At Techstars building Powered By Accelerators with Nike/Disney/Barclays/Sprint/RGA/Kaplan.

ID 45791

John Stromquist

11-year CFO in the tech industry. CPA.

ID 163655

Maciej Skierkowski

Founder of @factor-io, @launcher-io, Worked at @microsoft, @appfog

ID 637813

Allen Alley


We spend our lives turning dreams into memories. At the end, we will audit our lives based on the memories we make. We help you make memories.

ID 212995

Kevin McCloskey

Founder & CEO at @househappy. A serial entrepreneur and seasoned broker with over 28 years of experience in the real estate industry.

ID 82133

Eli Rubel


Co-Founder & CEO @glider-acquired-by-fpx (Acq., Feb. 2014). Coffee enthusiast, motorcyclist. Now VP of Products and Innovation at FPX.

ID 129306

David Liebreich


Founded @imobile-inc, @ehealthcare-inc. Owner @imobile, President @ehealthcare, Brand Manager @procter-gamble

ID 79765

Brad Heller

Co-founder of @revisu. Engineering Lead @cloudability. Love design, business strategy, and innovation. Worked at @webmd, AboutUs, and @jive-software.

ID 285592

Jon Maroney


Managing Partner at Amplify United. Founded FreeRange and StoryCode (sold to TigerLogic). Investor and board member at Beam Dynamics (sold to Coherent).

ID 135106

Henry Nothhaft, Jr.


Founder, Board Director & Chief Product Officer @ Trapit

ID 170781

Bernie Albers

Head of Sales & BD @opal-labs, held senior sales roles with @thismoment, @federated-media, @saymedia and @six-apart • Studied at @gonzaga-university lives in @portland

ID 104026

Michael Taus


VP Marketing @abodo. Founder + advisor @crowdstreet @cinephiled @founderspad @aquo @rent.com. Aspiring polymath. Ciderist. Hiker. Skier. Diver. Husband + dad.

ID 251251

Courtney Couch

Experienced with big data and high availability infrastructure. Notable companies: PersolvoDataSystems, Flowplayer

ID 54952

Deacon Johnson

Dad, entrepreneur, @pixelgarde founder. Worked at @intel, @divx and Musicmatch/Yahoo!

ID 2723

Jeff Martens

Former Co-fouder & CEO @cpusage, Product Manager @new-relic , Analyst @nike, Strategic Planning @synopsys. Mentor and Advisor.

ID 115469

Mikalina Kirkpatrick

Co-founder @getlittlebird. Experience in startup operations, product management, strategic planning, staff management

ID 98671

Nino Marchetti

Editor-in-Chief/Co-Founder at @earthtechling; 15+year Internet veteran; One of first 20 employees at @yahoo.

ID 10371

Kiyo Kubo

Founder, @spotlight-mobile and @meridian. Webby Award-winning designer of mobile apps. Computer Science+HCI, Economics, Cornell.

ID 54115

Justin Thiele

Founder @glider-acquired-by-fpx, @mugasha • Worked at @appsumo, @gadgettrak

ID 16881

Bob Greenberg

@pixelworks co-founder and former CTO [NASDAQ: PXLW]. Angel investor with Oregon Angel Fund (OAF) and Tech Coast Angels.

ID 418073

Aaron Ilika

Experienced customer support advocate and manager. Writing, editing, and community management expertise.

ID 283047

Robert Haydock


CEO of Scratch-it. Angel Investor and previous startup founder. Performance Marketing consultant. Founded Scratch-it based on insight made while ad buying.

ID 187572

Justin Abrahms

Code shipper who understands the value of business.

ID 390279

Cuong Nguyen

ID 4972

Bernd Petak

Consultant. Investment Professional. Advisor. Mentor. Opportunities Evaluated, Innovation Managed, Problems Solved, Ideas Developed Into Businesses.

ID 50105

John Donmoyer

Director of UX at @edmodo

ID 81695

Jamie Beckland


Digital Roustabout

ID 85362

Kyle Banuelos

CEO @stublisher-inc

ID 174283

Jason Grigsby, ☁4

Mobile Strategist, Co-Founder of CloudFour.com and MobilePortland.com, Co-Author of Head First Mobile Web http://bit.ly/hf-mw, reality-based community member

ID 47116

Dennis Yu

Killer Facebook ROI for you.

ID 221113

Peat Bakke

Interim CTO and Advisor for early stage tech startups.

ID 149185

Dayn Wilberding

Creative Lead, UX @jawbone. Former Digital Creative Director @grady-britton. Co-founded @twuffer tweet scheduler.

ID 150868

Daina Lightfoot

Designer at @hootsuite | snowboarding, coffee, pixels & pens

ID 219551

Anarghya Vardhana


Shifting paradigms, building & providing access to socially responsible tech, helping startups grow. Product manager, investor, entrepreneur.

ID 158402

Dathan Montes

Worked at @yahoo, @goto-com

ID 3599

Kevin Steger

2 X Tech Founder/CTO, Ex-hedge fund manager, Founder of StartupReport.com - 150k subscribers and growing, Available for Advisor Stuff.

ID 245981

Lateef Jackson


Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-charlotte

ID 103735

Tim Elliott

Founder at @savvr. Software Engineer.

ID 205533

Mike Lee

Founder FinderLabs, @silver-key-headhunters, Promed Search Firm • Worked at @jivaro

ID 129313

Rodrigo Franco

I am a problem solver. Either predicting and modeling systems to avoid future problems or analyzing and improving existing systems - that's what makes me tick.

ID 67923

Koesmanto Bong

Founder @salemarked • Work at @kontagent • Worked at @vidoop, @instantaction

ID 61505

Lauren M Wolff

Creative Director and Studio Director at The Mobile Majority, Co-founder spotsi, MFA Design as Entrepreneur SVA, worked in adverting, tech, social, mobile.

ID 59251

Ken Brown

Investor in @hygeia-personal-care-products.

ID 141910

Danielle Alexander

Growth and Innovation Consultant

ID 4807

Ken Westin

Founder of @gadgettrak the innovator of mobile tracking and data protection software for laptops, smartphones and other devices.

ID 67409

Patrick Lightbody

Founder of @browsermob (acquired by @neustar) and @hostedqa (acquired by Compuware/Gomez). Eye towards enterprise and productivity software. CS @ @university-of-california-san-diego.

ID 193478

Drew Sing

Growth Engineer - Bugcrowd

ID 50572

Jeff Allen


CEO. Entrepreneur. Product Manager/Engineer. Investor. M&A. 20+ yrs in product management and venture capital. 19 investments, $300m+ raised, $17b value.

ID 115646

Vidya Spandana


Founder, Principal at Neppalli

ID 2461

Daniel Reeves


Investor in @appjet aka Etherpad. Cofounder of @beeminder (Portland Seed Fund company).

ID 48466

David Morrow

Web developer, use Rails as well as previously MVC PHP frameworks. Love client side applications such as JSON driven Backbone applications.

ID 76203



HTML5 is a jewel that we need to cut into a weapon @dalmaer

ID 14092

Andrew D. Nystrom

Nike Global Digital Platform lead, Partnerships & Innovation. Nike Football (Soccer), Red Bull, LA Times/Tribune Co., Lonely Planet alum. Award winning author.

ID 285142

Julie Zisman

Proven marketing leader. I accelerate business growth for companies that deliver robust, action-oriented analytics and exceptional customer experiences. 

ID 149744

James McDermott

Co-Founder @lytics. CEO @storycode; VP Business Development @webtrends. Corporate attorney at Brobeck Phleger & Harrison.

ID 327967

Gavin McQuillan


ID 244788

Josh Liss

Head of Product at Raise.com. Former Strategy consultant for fortune 50 then built a company of my own. Web and mobile background. University of Chicago grad.

ID 231187

Dan Fearing

Worked at @demand-media, @activision-blizzard, @velocify • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 257778

Bill Piwonka

CMO @exterro Founding Employee at MeasureCast • Studied at @stanford-university, @wharton-school

ID 424328

Scott J. Tamosunas

Ruby on Rails/AWS Lead Engineer guy

ID 205072

Tamsen Galloway

Indomitable sense of adventure. Serial innovator. Philanthropreneur. Digital Marketing Strategist. My mind is a giant 3D whiteboard full of ideas. And bacon.

ID 442251

Zack Manning

All around love of software engineering and technology. Self-motivated, team-player with a passion for new technologies and design methodologies. Expertise lies in scalable, reliable, back-end services and architecture.

ID 511754


Worked at @heroku, @red-gate-software • Studied at @university-of-glasgow

ID 402160

Troy Howard

Founder Riak On!, Coinpunk • Worked at @appfog

ID 39205

Diego Mariño

Founded @abiquo and @ducksboard (acquired by @new-relic)

ID 396681

Jason Grlicky

ID 124309

Kyle Morrow

Product Operations @lytics. Business Operations @cozy. Director of Sales and Marketing @coachbase. Founder of ThirstTees. TechStars @Nike+ Accelerator.

ID 90489

Jake Olsen

Engineer. Technologist. Portland native. Co-founder and CTO of Smart Mocha. Co-founded @platial. Fmr VP of Eng @appfog. Big data @motorola-mobility-inc.

ID 212797

Richard W. Kotulski

Founder Clear Day Creative; VP of Ops at AppFog; Director of Communications at CTL Innovations Lab; BD at Savvis/CenturyLink; Studied at Reed College

ID 349150

Sasha Mace

Product Leader and iOS Developer

ID 95692

Brad Berens

Super Connector, Consultant, Event Specialist; Sr. Research Fellow at USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future, EarthLink & Dotpocalypse Startup Veteran.

ID 734611

Mike Herrick

ID 269838

Grant Garrett

Designer at @sprint-ly. Previously at @appfog.

ID 183665

R. Scott Doan


Accomplished sales leader. Worked at @janrain, @knowledgeadvisors @skillsoft • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 210665

Steve Giannini


Software executive & entrepreneur • President @opal-1 • Founder @alliance-network-group, @alliance-pr • Worked at @cnet-networks, @kpmg, @kpmg Consulting LLC

ID 113751

Rob McGarty


Customer service freak. Previously Director @redfin and Director @energysavvy-com. Electrical Engineering @university-of-washington

ID 353906

Andrew Spittle

Happiness Engineer at Automattic. Previously Hosting Director at CoPress.

ID 594215

Alison Harmon

Recent Columbia graduate pursuing a technical job. Bachelors degrees in both mathematics and applied physics.

ID 68096

Trent Peterson

Founder of AppThwack. Spent 7 years designing and building large-scale system automation frameworks for testing @intel's wireless offerings.

ID 198114

Matt McIlwain


Investor @tastemaker

ID 70421

Matt Hixson

CEO of Tellagence. 8+ years in enterprise software (@tripwire) marketing, operations, strategy, finance. MBA + recovering CPA (@pwc-1)

ID 212557

Justin George

Ruby engineer with experience building, scaling, and maintaining top-class applications, working with, rearchitecting, and rebuilding legacy applications.

ID 90905

Nick James

Software Engineer @riviera-partners

ID 57414

Graham McFarland

A practicing entrepreneur, knee deep in his fifth start-up. Successfully built, funded and exited multiple companies ranging from $10K to over $10M in sales.

ID 139763

Tom Rice

Astronomy PhD student at Michigan & Harvard Astrophysics graduate. I had a software engineering internship @ LiveRamp in SF. https://github.com/tomr-stargazer/

ID 66474

Tyler Benner

COO—Conscious Box. Physicist—Peregrine Semiconductor—IPO. Founder/CEO—Astra Archery. Author/Publisher—Inside the Archer. '08 Olympic Archery Team—Semifinalist.

ID 257124

Yvette Bohanan

On leadership teams at a variety of start-ups. Strong payments and fraud management background.

ID 150164

Elea Chang

Currently: @upworthy , UX Happy Hour in Portland. Previously: @okcupid Labs + @billshrink. Product design, user experiences, front-end coding.

ID 50674

Kathryn Hough

Going to Epidocus for full stack development, seeking contract marketing / strategy work to help make startups awesome.

ID 142087

Lauren Wallace


Worked at @apple, @microsoft • Investor @glider-acquired-by-fpx

ID 468969

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

Software Psychologist and VP of Engineering for @new-relic; previously Amazon among other startups; PhD from UW Seattle

ID 169303

Thubten Comerford


Founding Ambassador @Trusted Team. Co-Founder and Publisher of Startup Weekly. Founder & CEO @WePost Media

ID 5696

Aaron Gray

Entrepreneur, Product Guy, Team Builder. Founder/CEO @deconstructed. Former VP of User Experience at Thunderhead, Director of Biz Dev at Webtrends.

ID 611961

Jeremy Voorhis

Portland, Startups, Tech, DevOps

ID 98299

Katie Pietrowski

Co-Founder of @highfive (@nike-accelerator powered by @techstars )

ID 144181

Aaron Raddon

Founder Lytics • Worked at @intel, @the-apollo-group • Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 177490

Ben Turner

Worked at @gist, @jobster • Studied at @university-of-washington, @university-of-san-francisco

ID 316673

Kevin Collins

Worked at @cozy, @slack @flickr

ID 237260

Alex Scarborough

Founder & CTO @teak • Worked at @cloudability, @garagegames-instant-action, @instantaction. Developer and publisher of social games.

ID 302778

Lawrence Whiteside

14 years of co-founding startups from concept to reality. One man band.

ID 133083

Nicholas Asch

Founder @gliph, @caravan • Studied at @concordia-university. Fluent in web infrastructure, MongoDB, Redis, Python, Web front-end and Android.

ID 420298

Mark Hayden

ID 590913

Rob Galanakis

ID 150553

Matt Heitzenroder

Founder @orchestrate

ID 110000

Patrick Kelly

CEO of Conscious Box. Yogi. Fmr cleantech PE investor and i-banker. Echoing Green Social Investment Council. Competitive amateur golfer.

ID 316771

Anne Nichols

Founder @favery • Worked at Norm Thompson Outfitters, @oracle-corporation, @looksmart • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 25831

Ryan Williams

Software Developer @teamsnap. Co-founded @networthiq (acquired by @strands in 2008), Founded @lazytweet (sold in 2010).

ID 170000

Marcus Estes

CEO at Chroma.

ID 70629

Tyler Phillipi

Business Co-Founder @cargo, Co-founder & CMO @onthego-platforms, Founded and bootstrapped @cocollage • First startup job employee #28 at @strands

ID 709298

Matt Greensmith

ID 141474

Darick Dang

With a technical front-end background and a keen eye for design, I provide art direction that makes things look good and function right.

ID 274259

Nathan Sasaki


Real Estate Broker and Investor

ID 143104

Nick Silhacek

Founder @nextstep-io Founder @recbob • Worked at @monica-correia, @daily-iowan, @u-of-i-carver-college-of-medicine • Studied at @university-of-iowa, @university-of-nebraska-lincoln

ID 518566

Boris Palanov

Founder @the-telco-brokers, @nyc-reit • Worked at @merchant-atlas, @cisco • Studied at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo, @san-francisco-state-university

ID 203700

Brian Vierra


Founder @phat-tire-ventures, @embers-asia • Investor @netriver

ID 84922

Robert Banagale

Founder @gliph • Worked at @bermind, @mentor-graphics • Studied at @babson-college, @oregon-state-university

ID 308266

Danish Aziz

Internet athlete, online since 1988. @google & @BrownUniversity alum. Product Manager at Little Bird

ID 336063

Dave Caliger

Hiring management for startups Based in Portland, OR

ID 290806

Alex J. Frazier

Founder at @nextstep-io a @techstars, @nike-accelerator company. Founder at @recbob.

ID 5322

Bradley Joyce

If it needs doing, I can get it done. Design / Code / UI / UX / Marketing / Sales

ID 216588

Robert Berdahl

Worked at Association of American Universities (President 06-11) @uc-berkeley (Chancellor 97-04), @university-of-texas-at-austin (President 93-97) •

ID 602834

Spencer Miles

Co-founder and CTO at Dropcountr, and prior to that, Showyou. Full stack engineer specializing in iOS, Ruby, PostgreSQL.

ID 788236

Jason Zeiber

Startup Product Design + UX Strategy. First and co-founding member of Jive Product Design. Lean/Agile Product Owner specializing in Business Software platforms.

ID 214740

Joshua Sams


Founder @geniusly (500 Startups) • Investor @engager • CTO @collegefrog • CEO @sprowtt-marketplace (TechCrunch 50) • @harvard-university University

ID 39558

Mike Oliver

ID 485157

Nathan Nifong

Masters thesis in on Deep Nets at PSU, Worked on Topic Watch at Lucky Sort, Participated in Blender development.

ID 27109

Richard Sass


Founder/CEO iSense (sold to Bayer), Founder/CEO MicroHelix (sold to St. Jude), Founder CWF

ID 276328

Jesse Cooke

Founder Watsi • Studied math at @washington-university-in-saint-louis • Contributes to the Rubinius & MagLev Ruby implementations

ID 26160

Misty Denson

Co Founder @nameyourrentnow

ID 120377

Dave Savage


Working hard to innovate with mobile technology. Founded SmartReply and solid it to Soundbite + Purchased mSnap and solid to Marketron and now reinventing the mortgage experience with Mortgage Coach

ID 429494

Eric Semon

Strong sales/support experience in SaaS applications, primarily in the HR Services space.

ID 477714

Tony Rieker

Founder @pbnation (acquired) • Senior Dev at @cloudability • Early Engineer @cloudengage-1

ID 416596

Terry St. Marie

I'm an Entrepreneur & Startup Investor, who loves to write about & practice more human leadership. Co-founder of @sobcon, Prez of @socialmediapdx

ID 291285

K. Mike Merrill

Most famously a publicly-traded person, less famously a project minded creator.

ID 141901

Elliot Swan

Creating delightful experiences one byte at a time. Fan of awesome things. Co-founder of @vadio

ID 121571

Anselm Hook


ID 788937

Jessica Rickson

Head of Sales at @getlittlebird, social data mining for targeted market and marketing intelligence.

ID 96612

Scott Grout


Scott is former Pres. & CEO of RadiSys, a $400M, 1,200 person, publicly traded co. that develops SW/HW platforms for telecom and mil/aero mkts. MBA MIT Sloan.

ID 103990

Patrick Stein

Senior developer at Vizify. Entrepreneur, product guy.

ID 82162

Joseph Jager

Specialist in service-oriented architecture and design for scalable web and mobile applications. Past clients include: ESPN, NBC, @hookit, @blackbaud, JWT.

ID 30620

Anthony Carroll

Co-founder + CTO, @spotsi. Spend my time with @project-529. Spent last decade in startups.

ID 224384

Kevin Tate


General Partner @upstart-labs Founder @stepchange-group • Investor @second-porch @buuteeq Worked @shopigniter, @dachis-group • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 64675

Rod Bauer

I excel in helping clients gain traction, earn customers, launch businesses and products, and communicate with influencers, investors, users, and the press.

ID 286775

Mauhan M. Zonoozy

Founded @bubbl-3 | @collegecraig | @RangeProductions Invested @YASCapitalPartners | @insite Fellow Studied @GeorgetownLaw @StanfordIgnite Avoids @socks

ID 333843

Robert H Grayson II

Data Science Engineering @ahalogy

ID 38026

Kit Cody

CMO @chinook-book • Founder @concrete-media, @trustys-com • VP product @bolt-com • Advisor @aarp, @huddlebot • MS @columbia-university, BA @hampshire-college

ID 71815

Erik Stromquist


Experienced computer and consumer products professional

ID 295150

Michael Long

Serial Entrepreneur

ID 80964

Pinky Gonzales


Founder and investor in multiple tech startups ranging from entertainment industry to education. Advisor @ LinkedIn and multi-year mentor at PIE PDX.

ID 141693

Jonathan Evans

Geeky Pilot. Three-time startup founder. Technologist. Trusted Veteran.

ID 12198

Nate DiNiro

Founder VivaPhi, HIBCtv, @code-for-health • Worked at @earth-class-mail, @visual-networks • Studied at @life-university

ID 384988

Ryerson Schwark


Experienced communication executive with high tech background. Currently working in a Portland startup.

ID 55660

David Dyer

Founder and CEO of @proxy. Co-Founder and Chief Strategist for Manifesto. Former clients include @apple, Gap, @microsoft, and Chevron.

ID 8180

Mark Garrison

With over 30 years experience in financial services and high technology companies, Mark has consistently led companies to high growth levels and increased profitability. In both CFO and COO roles, Mark managed the financial and HR functions for three prev

ID 67810

Scott Krager


Competitive SEO for 7 years. Speaker at SMX, Affiliate Summit. Contributor to Search Engine Journal.

ID 610748

Joel Luxenberg


Worked at @invested-in, Serial Entrepreneur, 18 months in China financing startups, Non Profit Development Director

ID 374914

Jessica Frankel

You might call me a fully functioning human being. No baggage or BS. Driven to learn a lot, collaborate, work hard, and make waves. I am motivated by what is yet to be discovered and created, especially in the digital realm.

ID 349427

Christopher Calder


VC at @epic-ventures • Founding team @xydo

ID 184021

Huston Hedinger


Founder Wikisway • Studied at @university-of-oregon, @monterey-institute-of-international-studies, background in Private Equity. Active Angel investor @ newworldinnovation.com

ID 184052

Samuel Hulick

I design for results.

ID 339193

Joshua Lifton

ID 67339

Ryan Tinker

I've been building websites since I was 9. I can rapidly prototype anything, and I have a good eye for design. I like things that help people live happier and healthier lives.

ID 100025

Jim Harrer


Founder Mustang Software, @eventmingle. Past President of Starbase, @web-associates, @alchemy-solutions. InvestMentor at @venturebox.

ID 30742

Justin Smith

http://about.me/JustinColeSmith http://www.linkedin.com/in/smithjustin http://www.EfficiencyInteractive.com http://www.PayPerOffer.com

ID 210134

George Huff

Founder Opal Labs • Studied at @oregon-state-university, @university-of-nottingham

ID 283909

Steve Wyshywaniuk

Founder @shotlist. Founder @small-world-news. Filmmaker and technologist. Steve's building more effective tools to help people share their stories.

ID 44180

Alexis Peterka

Co-founder of @stayhound, launched Pitch Club Portland, UI/UX professional since 1996 (@webmd, @snapnames, Xerox)

ID 548896

Josh Davis

Founder and CEO @viirt . Founded @loqey and @think-roofing. I've done every job possible in the roofing industry, now I'm disrupting it.

ID 409278

Andrew Briggs

Co-founder Sportsy, Engineering

ID 24945

Joshua Smibert

Director of Content & Growth @roadtrippers Previous: Founder @carbon-ads (acquired by BSA) & @fuel-brand-network (acquired by Design Crowd).

ID 90863

Michael Kaiser-Nyman

I teach people how to code and help them get jobs.

ID 222150

Alex Rosati


ID 61481

Dan Hon

Interactive Creative Director at Wieden + Kennedy

ID 283934

Brian Conley

Founder @shotlist and @small-world-news. Creator of Alive in Baghdad. Trainer Storyteller Entrepreneur Simplifier InfoSec Arabic Spanish

ID 396612

Beau Buck


Solid entrepreneur with mobile, Internet, gaming, and social experience. Co-founder Pricegrabber, Founder mFlix, Founder Bingo.com, Founder Wiith.met, Founder Ultrashortmedia

ID 74544

John Koenig

Founder of Measureful (@measureful), SwellPath (@swellpath) and Warm Current (@awarmcurrent). Analytics & data viz background. Made in Portland.

ID 466409

Jason Falone

Last led product/growth for Discogs, where I grew sales 6,149% in 7 years.

ID 258797

Sean Lerner

Founder @switchboard-1 • Studied at @reed-college • Builder & Problem Solver

ID 265247

Mara Zepeda

Founder @switchboard-1 Studied at @columbia-university and @reed-college-1. Class of 2103 @piepdx Connector. Maker. Storyteller. Extrovert.

ID 210646

David Gorman

Founder + VP of Engineering at Opal Labs

ID 821828

Chad Barker


ID 126400

Greg Passmore

music, internet, mobile, education, sports, science, portland, coffee, beer, bikes. cofounder of celly

ID 359580

Ralph Leftwich



ID 62056

Lynsey Smith

Insatiable Curiosity + Untamed Passion. Ideas + innovation fanatic.

ID 518739

David Nelsen


Entrepreneur and investor out of Portland, OR. Last venture was Giftango (Digital Gift Cards) which sold to InComm December 2012.

ID 627520

Shawn Bernard

Expert iOS Developer; Lead Engineer; launched numerous iOS apps; extensive backend dev experience; built several Android apps; experience in home automation

ID 237214

Pat Wilson

Founder & CEO @teak • Worked at @garagegames-instant-action, @instantaction • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 7529

Ricky Engelberg


Sr. Experience Director for Nike+

ID 19076

Tyesha Snow

Experience Design Consultant - CoFounder and Head of Product at WÜF - The World's Smartest Dog Collar

ID 228853

Cameron Stitt

I craft things for the web. I love technology, sport, food and my wife.

ID 187498

Tyson Malchow

Software Architect, Learner, Engineer, Developer, Optimizer, Manager, Planner, Implementor, Dreamer, Student (of life), Teamworker.

ID 23842

Jennifer Jordan


Managing Director @golden-seeds. Founded @reed-college-start-up-lab. Worked at @massventures

ID 197653

Scott Torborg

Founder Crowd Supply, @cart-logic. Hardware engineering and online retail background. MIT EECS 2007.

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 61349

Scotty Iseri

Founder of FUNDA, Critically acclaimed producer and game designer.

ID 279033

Shashi Jain

Experienced Product Manager and Lean Startup advisor. Community Builder. Looking for opportunities in IoT and 3D Printing.

ID 188116

Alex Howell

Co-Founder and CEO @incomparable-things • @techstars @nike-accelerator • Dual Masters at University of Texas

ID 506648

Nick LaFond


Connecting great Ideas with Money.. @WasteLessLiving @Empress_Secret VC @nlfventures | Investor | Entrepreneur | Startup Advisor | War Veteran | Thought Leader

ID 236600

Drew Lanenga

Data Scientist at @highfive, @nike-accelerator Accelerator Alum, @qualtrics Alum

ID 251773

Richard Little

Growth hacker with @streamup and Partner Manager at @fullscreen. Previously @vokle. Increased client traffic by 15x. Managed 50+ person barracks in the Navy.

ID 290772

Nick Park

Co-Founder of @IncomparableCo - Nike+ / TechStars Accelerator Fellow - Wisconsinite - Explorer

ID 128496

Bryan Sims

Founder of Lendalytics. Chairman at brass MEDIA Inc.

ID 167864

Charles Smith

Founder & President @dlvr-it. Experienced start-up executive and entrepreneur. Founder Pheedo, Email Shopping Network (acquired by eUniverse / News Corp.)

ID 151882

Billy Vinton

Co-Founder / Creative Director @stublisher-inc Founder, Mammoth Game Studios. Designer, Blackjacket Studios. Designer, Will Vinton Studios.

ID 133109

Ian Lyman

CEO of Parkt. Founded @sonique (Sold to @lycos). Went to @new-york-university Film. Directed Music Videos. Produced Indie Films. Designed Sonifi App (bought by iZotope).

ID 182350

Michelle Rowley

Chief Culture Strategist at Cultivate & Co. Founder of Code Scouts. Passionate community organizer. 1 of 7 Entrepreneur Mag Women to Watch 2014.

ID 278026

Aaron Hockley

Photographer (small business + startups: people & stories). Writer. Founder of WP Photographers. Founded WordCamp Portland.

ID 110639

Andy Rosic

Founder of @player-01. Team lead for @apple retail's EasyPay solution. Led tech team to NAS:GOAM merger with Verizon/Hands-On to form NAS:PRPL ($100M+).

ID 131639

Remington Robertson

Product guru; design enthusiast; gentleman scoundrel. Founded two former startups with just under 1M in private angel investment.

ID 37997

John Wolosek

Founder of @brickstr. 25+ years of business.

ID 229919

JoAnn Huff


ID 263168

Dan Lipert

Founded Techno Garden, The Ministry of Apps, and currently Hyperlayer. Web and mobile developer with focus on next-gen technologies. Former DoD.

ID 71498

Adam Ware

CEO at @swellpath. Board member at @measureful. Analytics geek turned CEO.

ID 80339

Lucas Manfield

Worked at @xatori, @recargo • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 118856

Steven Wagner

CEO of @dealer-ignition and Dealy, Strong sales and Marketing, Product Development and Architecture.

ID 276982

Logan Merriam

UI/UX designer and developer ninja. Able to quickly learn anything and be useful anywhere. www.loganmerriam.com

ID 10216

Rory Reiff

Founder @fleck-the-bigger-picture • Worked at @chapman-university-2, @pomona-college-2 • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 150121

Helga Waage

Co-Founder and CTO of Mobilitus. Strong technical skills. Extensive Entrepreneurial experience.

ID 549955

Celeste Mora

Freelance communicator and signal booster with Portland-area art galleries and GoodData. Previously worked with theNewerYork and Bustle. Grad of Northwestern.

ID 25392

Louis Doctor


CEO and founder of Golfclubs.com, a fast growing specialty retailer. Company revenues will reach $8M in 2012, the second full year of operation.

ID 11192

Rakshith Krishnappa

Designs & Builds Web and Mobile Apps, works at @intel, MSEE from Illinois Tech.

ID 331554

Kevin Eagan


Serial corporate entrepreneur, advisor, investor. Co-founder Sidewalk.com (sold to Ticketmaster), eHome (merged with Windows Division), MS Online Stores.

ID 200261

MacKenzie Stout

Founder @ConnectCannabis, @OrganicsDeliver, @GridWideNews & @OpenTechSource ⁞ Business Intelligence | Online Community Development // Crowdsourcing

ID 137377

Trevor Dryer

Entrepreneur in Residence, Vesta Corp. Previously Head of Product, Mobile Payments & POS @ Intuit, Practicing Attorney, Bain & Company.

ID 284962

Elliot Chong

Designer / Developer hybrid. Full stack developer. Fortune 500 marketing agency veteran. Nike+ alumni.

ID 262986

Laura Andrews

Founded The Ministry of Apps, Techno Garden and Hyperlayer. UI/UX designer focused on creating beautiful apps while bridging the gap between art and technology.

ID 286526

Jeff Burchett

Business Development Bigleaf, Sales/bus dev pro in the telecom space at Qwest and Freewire. Expert at managing channel relationships.

ID 610404

Alexis Kennedy

ID 647765

Kacy Kizer

ID 338504

Kris Pennella

Product strategy & business operations consultant. Fmr COO OSS B2B tools & services co. Built, boot-strapped & sold manufacturing co. Entrepreneur. Fearless.

ID 38801

Stephen McLaughry

From @ibm-research to European banking software to international prediction markets, I've been building high-profile software systems for 15 years.

ID 214304

Josiah Tullis

Co-Founder of Canary, Ambassador of Seasteading Institute, CSO of Aqua Terra Planetary Holdings, Licensee at Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies.

ID 184291

Rodney Trepess


Investor @vemm • Studied at @university-of-washington, @bastyr-university

ID 363864

Adam Lane

CFO / COO @ecotrust. Worked at @intel, @pwc. Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @pomona-college. Former board chair of @opal Creek Ancient Forest Center.

ID 492271

Carl Thorner

Founder Scratch-it • Worked at @novacoast, @uc-santa-barbara • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 180495

Nate Angell

Doorman leading growth Little Bird. Raised by wolves. Friend to cheese.

ID 79925

Steve Davis


Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

ID 342727

Michael Walczyk

Designer / Android Engineer @stublisher-inc, Interned at @zoic-studios, Worked at @id-tech-camps

ID 283995

Laura Temel

ID 363832

Nik Blosser


CEO/Co-founder of Chinook Book (Celilo Group Media). Experienced media executive. Chairman of Sokol Blosser Winery.

ID 678798

Evan Clough

Finance fanatic based in Portland, OR. Experienced excel developer, experience in accounting, business, economics, finance, valuation, projections, and modeling

ID 279718

Kiel Dowlin


Interested in healthcare tech and tech enabled service companies. Stage and location agnostic.

ID 61596

Justin Lewis

Partner/ Director of Digital, @instrument

ID 824659

Andrew Akers

Junior developer currently working with @factor_io. I like space games, #Ruby, and my son talking like Batman. Seeking sweet gig November 2014.

ID 184140

Grace Andrews

Cofounder & Communications Lead @wikisway • Studied at @monterey-institute-of-international-studies, @washington-lee-university

ID 30921

Leslie Hawthorn

Ex-Google, Oregon State University, now at Red Hat. Open Source community guru with a great knack for project and program management, marketing, PR and people.

ID 287357

Mickey Slater

Creator of http://letsforage.com, real world scavenger hunts Face at http://its.verymickey.com

ID 478977

MacKenzie Place

Sweet Briar College '12, B.A. Business. Currently working at a seed-stage investment fund. Looking for startup opportunities within sales/business development.

ID 259837

Rob Perkins IV

Co-Founder and Operations @bubbl, Entertainment Background @paramount-pictures + @Act V Theaters, User Relationship @collegecraig

ID 388686

Chad Fister

Accountant and Entrepreneur, Founder of Trisef Book, www.trisefbook.com

ID 278467

Nathan Loveless

Marketing/sales executive @kryptiq. Strong experience in enterprise B2B sales, healthcare start-ups. Technology enthusiast and weekend non-profit comedian.

ID 131081

Brian Batchelder


Technology geek. One of first 5000 iOS developers. 30 years of software development experience.

ID 403165

Trent Bigelow

Co-Founder @forsure-labs • Worked at @hp, @windstream-technologies-2 • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 346802

Phil Newman

Experienced product manager with cross product platforms, new channel development, revenue generation, & upsell/cross-sell with a strong customer focus.

ID 258576

Akili King

The Hustle Never Stops Only the Language Changes......Always Hustle for Results

ID 324162

Mandy Schuler

Founder Tater Tot Designs, Dado Labs • Worked at Digital Blue, FCI Electronics, Scientific-Atlanta • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 20569

Ron Groenendaal

Founder of Bridge9, COO of Ionx, COO of Zfone, co-founder of Yonja, COO of Everyday, and COO of Get2Net.

ID 324150

Thomas Worley

Founder @DADO Labs • @Tater Tot Designs • Worked at @digital Blue, @intel • Studied at @oregon State

ID 534727

Scott A Dedon

Founder @american-leaseback • Worked at @applied-materials, @fluor-corporation • Studied at @university-of-the-pacific

ID 264672

Jason Champion

Cofounder and CTO of Theme Dragon.

ID 118090

Nicholas Wilson

I am a student at @lewis-clark-college College looking to kick off a career in software engineering.

ID 677681

Jakob Knightly


founded rikimu

ID 473646

Victor Nguyen-Long

PDX transplant by way of LA and DC. Pop culture glutton. 72andsunny / Red Bull / Cartier / Coca-Cola ex-pat. Global Digital Brand Manager for Nike Sportswear.

ID 188391

Rachel Nabors

Award-winning cartoonist turned interactive developer, traveling the world speaking about web animation.

ID 94261


A Non-Profit lab that provides data-centric models and tools for research, publication, and cultural production on the Middle East.

ID 42593

Hal Newton

Founder of PageMutant and WholeBrain. Balance business skills and technical knowledge.

ID 212943

Tory Adams

Founder Game Clash • Worked at @portland-state-university-1

ID 58640

Nathan Taggart

@launchside builds web-based businesses. They underwrite the projects they work on by providing deeply reduced development costs in exchange for royalties.

ID 467014

Robby Russell


Founding partner of Planet Argon, a web design and development agency in Portland, Oregon.

ID 110099

Charles Radley

Trying to save civilization before it is too late

ID 754545

Tom Dale

ID 328347

Dawn Foster

Community Lead at Puppet Labs. Worked at Intel, Jive Software, others. Co-founder of Shizzow. BS in CS & MBA. Expertise in open source, community, management.

ID 755478

Milan Loveless

Web developer, graphics programmer, math/science nerd, artist, cyclist, gamer, feminist, and adventurer. Node.js, Ruby, and C++

ID 144366

Lynn Le

Associate, @portlandseedfund

ID 39797

Chad Kruse

Creator of products & new markets. Sideline hacker. BizDev/product/COO @ @greengoose, @cloudengage-1, @bonanza. Early career @intuit and @saic in CorpDev & strategy.

ID 306859

Alan Cassinelli

creative marketer immersed into Tech world by being in the Techstars Nike+ Accelerator, loving it

ID 31758

Vitaly Rizhkov


CEO & Founder of Finic Inc.

ID 140158

Michael J.J. Tiffany


Gentleman hacker

ID 34805

Gene Anderson


Gene brings 10+ years of experience as CEO, team leader, and digital strategist, as well as high level management expertise.

ID 488075

Brandon CS Sanders

Founder of Serene Machine. Former CTO of @aboutus-org. Studied at @university-of-rochester.

ID 259969

Andrew Mui

Startup Technologist, Tech Advocate and Tech Mentor for SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program.

ID 596774

Mike Hansen

Designer - I help companies and startups design user experiences for web and mobile. Notable companies include @tesla-motors @nike @coca-cola @apple & Indiegogo

ID 317959

Kevin Murphy

Digital marketing geek and aspiring creative type working with technology brands to help them tell their stories online.

ID 257420

Gavin White


Big, playful presence. Clarity. Purpose. Vision. Well-connected. Knows things about stuff. Solves problems.

ID 47000

Ted Sindzinski

Experienced digital marketer (brand / social / ecommerce). Past founder.

ID 165064

Marisa Guerrero

Worked at @dachis-group, @stepchange-group • Studied at @willamette-university

ID 67611

Jesse von Doom

Co-Executive Director at @cash-music

ID 316909


Using Business for Good. Communications Expert, Tech Employee, Start-Up Enthusiast, Whitewater Kayaker, Hood River Resident.

ID 184033

Toby Craig

Cofounder and Tech Lead at @wikisway • Studied AI & CS at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 316910

Stanley Hainsworth

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Tether, Inc., a full service creative company - branding, advertising, retail, products, entertainment, packaging.

ID 12161

Chris Dawson

2 startup exits. @university-of-washington Comp Sci and Japanese dual degree. Family first. Love personal growth, meditation, and self-awareness. @realnetworks

ID 665257

Nimit Jain

Growth @YahooInc

ID 151002

Lou Jaffe


Retired former CFO/GM with start up, early stage, and high growth experience in a variety of industries, including B2B SAAS and B2C web based services.

ID 329098

Antonio Tatum

Creative Director at Thug Design

ID 97181

J. David Morris

Marketing Professional

ID 286124

Travis Feldman

Founder @ Molecule Synth. UW PhD. Electrical engineer, game designer, code writer. Educator, author, and musician.

ID 253503

Karen Bonner

Founder @red-duck-foods • Worked at @intel, @ernst-young • Studied at @pomona-college, @university-of-oregon

ID 136894

Bethany Londyn

Catalyst & CEO of @fitaddikt. Founder @shopaddikt • Studied at @portland-state-university

ID 85168

Rob Elam

Energy, tech and sustainability entrepreneur & executive. CEO Propel Fuels.

ID 34223

Tim Barkow

Product-focused, entrepreneurial UI/UX designer and front-end developer. Co-founder @smith-magazine storytelling communities. Currently at @goldstar helping to improve our members happiness.

ID 44477

Maggie Vail

Co-Executive Director at @cash-music. A nonprofit building open source digital tools for artists.

ID 64169

Dean Dowd

Persistent Entrepreneur.

ID 112354

Joel Bradshaw

An engineer first and foremost, trained in CS & EE. I like solving problems and building things. Interned at Fluke, now lead dev at @serps .

ID 858407

Noah Koff

Digitally-centered brand builder focussed on product and service launches; Strong agency background (AKQA, Ogilvy) and Global brands (Nike, Google, Red Bull)

ID 21858

Michael Poythress

CTO of BRICKSTR • 3 Years Bootstrapping @company-52 • Won $3mm Worth of Web Dev. Business • Released 25 Web Products • @proven Executive and Team Leader

ID 54447

Greg Hughes

Security and technology executive with @proven experience in technical and business management.

ID 151340

Liz Reaves Walker

ID 9843

Christopher Comella

Software Engineering & Management + MBA + Startup & VC Experience. Dual US/Swedish citizen. Looking for next project to join in US or Europe. Georgetown Hoya.

ID 8459

Adam Arthur Bier

Founder of Bier Legal, P.C. High-touch, efficient corporate and IP counseling and deal execution for entrepreneurs, technology companies, investors, and foreign businesses in the U.S.

ID 623902

Jason Goetz

Full-stack Web Application Developer

ID 500391

David Richards


Founder SpinRiot • Founder e-Mersion• Worked at @novell, @kaiser-permanente • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @brigham-young-university-hawaii

ID 165031

Scott Edwards

Director of Customer Acquisition @simple . Love startups, design, space, and aviation! Founder of @pdxdrones.

ID 130991

Karin McKercher

CEO, Indie Vinos. Serial intra-/entrepreneur. Strong business/marketing/legal background. Creative, solutions-oriented, fiercely determined, committed. MBA/JD.

ID 107490

Dan Coe

Founder and CEO of BlkDot. Leading through design and product vision. Background in e-commerce and UX for category-leading brands.

ID 657069

Niko Hughes

Student @PSU | Marketing & Creative Strategy @cargo

ID 498940

Tim Rasmussen

Co-Founder and CTO @outdoor-project • Founder at @eclipse-media-solutions • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 422139

Steff Eiter

Studied at @skidmore-college, @london-school-of-economics

ID 283778

Kieran Hanrahan

ID 185820

Jason Leighton

Founder Respondesign, @treehouse-games • Worked at @thq, @interplay

ID 9017

Jeremy Krall

Co-Founder @fling (@socialblend) Previously: @dachis-group, @cisco, @pure-digital-technologies, @razorfish (@microsoft), @symantec, @langoo (acq @verisign)

ID 98868

John Bergquist

Director of Communications and founding member of Soma Games & Code-Monkeys and owner of Flurry Creations and Interactive. I help companies find their voice and tell their stories.

ID 198972

Jim Cahill

Founder @ingrid-solutions • Worked at @air-advice, @gensco-inc • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 136306

Luke Hristou

A little bit of everything @bondsy. Previously an Associate at @techstars NYC.

ID 273465

Tyler Bel

Founded @thereisnosky Venture Catalyst, Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Jetsetter. Turning dreams into reality one connection at a time.

ID 119290

Josh Aller

CEO, co-founder at @spot-metrix

ID 67184

Travis Cannon

An engineer with an MBA and a passion for entrepreneurship.

ID 276254

Sean Thorne

Founder, Hallspot

ID 27997

Trent Nevills

Founder of Amplifier Capital. Hedge Fund manager of $6b+ in assets and two top ranking tech funds. Now private equity, start-up funding and strategic advisory.

ID 540712

Andrew Vy

Summary: 3 years of web development experience from the entire spectrum. Highly motivated individual with start-up and government experience.

ID 118052

Jeff Curl


CFO / COO at Summit Benefit & Actuarial Services, Inc.

ID 67933

Emanuele Tozzato

Someone once said I am a very competent Ruby Artisan

ID 101228

Edwin Tofslie

Product Design Lead at Snapguide. Tofslie Inc. Gif.tv. Gasoline Caps. Creative Direction, Design, Strategy, Montana, Oregon, Fishing, Family, Films, Sports

ID 337877

Rian Schmidt

ID 476155

Jeff Bunch

Veteran branding and digital marketing strategist.

ID 163079

Daniel Bachhuber

Founder at Hand Built

ID 592014

Daniel Wise

Founder Revcaster • Worked at @best-western-international, @extended-stay-hotels • Studied at @university-of-oregon, @arizona-state-university

ID 117938

Garrick Schmitt

Managing Director, Experience & Platforms and Razorfish San Francisco Office. Pragmatic futurist; design strategist; ; sporadic AdAge contributor.

ID 717873

Matthew Wesley Burnard

Programmer @cargo, previously Game Programmer @nosebleed-interactive

ID 522097

Isaac Woodrow Schild

Founder @scion-staffing, @s-f-frozen-film-festival-501c3

ID 514262

Tyler M. Fields

Demand gen expert, experienced developing and marketing SaaS solutions and acquiring and converting new customers. Worked at @ibm, @autodesk and @evault.

ID 119299

P. Mark Anderson

I'm the CTO of @spot-metrix, makers of SpinCam and 3DAR

ID 346657

Kat Bobbitt

Founder @stand-in . Mobile UI/UX & Art Direction. @piepdx '13. @savannah-college-of-art-and-design '07.

ID 257560

Asa Miller

Founder @stand-in

ID 404977

Christian Bundy

Co-Founder @shopgab • Worked at @sprint, @pureadds

ID 197057

Noah Rahman

Worked at @university-of-pennsylvania-1, @california-institute-of-technology-2 • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 128445

Jeff Nadler

Cofounder / CTO at SmarterMe, former Cofounder / CTO at Attensa, software development leader in both large companies and multiple tech startups.

ID 107474

Jameson Morris

Founder of @organic-soul and @conscious-box

ID 54452

Chris Skaggs

Founder of @myreplaylive. Business development and investment manager for a start-up hedge fund & @morgan-stanley. Avid soccer fan, competitive coach & player.

ID 117976

Carter Truong

Founder Tabrific • Brand, Consumer and Market Strategist. Big Brand (Nike, Microsoft, Coke, Unilever) and Start-Up (Umbria - sold to McGraw Hill) experience.

ID 305892

Naveen Valeti


Founded and managing VRN JOBS LLC, a technology & management consulting firm based in Portland Oregon. I bring around 9 years of tech & mgmt consulting experience.

ID 732082

Rian Van Der Merwe

Product strategy and design

ID 102347

Sarena Regazzoni

Director of Marketing and Communications at OEN

ID 531959

Brian Ostrovsky

Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur who has launched successful businesses inside a Fortune 500 company and independently

ID 716826

Blake Brinker


ID 631059

Agnes Chu

MIT Sloan MBA 2013, background in Finance, Non-profits, and Operations, worked at Wells Fargo, Liberty Mutual, Nike, Kiva

ID 386923

Hank O.

Privacy and Data Protection Specialist with over 5 years technology start-up experience ✪ B2B + D2C + Star Trek ✪

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 521699

Wendie L. Kellington

Attorney with strong administrative law background emphasizing unmanned systems, UAS integration and, as part of RTCA SC-228, writing MOPS for UAS integration.

ID 80360

Eli Lamb

Experienced system software development executive with broad business experience and leadership skills. Specialize in helping organizations become efficient and reliable in executing products and projects. Strategic thinker and hands-on operational manage

ID 39992

Nicole A. Zdeb

Content Specialist w/Northwest Evaluation Association | Writer | Assessment Designer with interest in games

ID 345283

Andrei Stephens

Product team @urban-airship, MBA @said-business-school-1 @oxford, advised or worked for startups on 3 continents.

ID 643943

Jeff Bonnington

VP of Operations. Sourcing and Manufacturing Execution. Worked at Intel, LSI, Nike and multiple technology start ups. Strong Negotiator.

ID 298211

Ben Redman

ID 211436

Chase Douglas

Founder mailr.io • Worked at @ibm, @canonical-ltd-makers-of-ubuntu • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 83270

Ken Keiter

Founder of Foxing; former CTO of @glider-acquired-by-fpx; previously Sr. Software Engineer at RedHat (cloud-related); coding since age 10; distributed systems/data geek.

ID 259878

Rhea Anderson

Creative Resourceful Training Manager. Can code and communicate.

ID 470782

Nick Woods

Specialties: Art direction, Interaction design (visual and UX), animation, video production & photography. I'm a big picture guy with lots of production chops.

ID 89045


Startup Founder

ID 510903

Mohitdeep Singh

Machine Learning expert, worked with TB's worth of data, make yellow elephants cry

ID 5324

Erik Howard

ID 79272

lee muhl

CEO of @bonzerdarg. Co-founded 4 funded startups. Worked at Growthink, Pollock, Bloom & Dekom, LLP and @icm in media financing. @university-of-california-los-angeles Law, JD.

ID 785175

Dawn Moothart

ID 75248

Alyson Jones

Visual + Web Designer; Co-founder of Stone Table LLC; Co-founder of @cucune, @forrage.

ID 489493

Ben Hoskins

ID 502316

Devin Richards

Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 305792

Melissa Brandao

CEO of Rogue Rovers. EV veteran. Ag tech and Ag data geek. Strong Sales and Marketing background, launched more than 10 businesses globally.

ID 61204

Jimmy Douglas

Co-founder @trakt-tv

ID 410369

Randall A. Gordon

My blood bleeds web.

ID 38659

Jason White


Managing Director, Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai. Former Nike Global Account Director at W+K Portland.

ID 623874

Calvin Cheung

MIT MBA, Amazon Product Management and NIKE strategy; worked at 2 startups; failed at one; love the tech space

ID 215252

Dan Revel

Linux/Java developer. Web apps and The Internet of Things.

ID 882187

Carl Strecker

Sales Leader

ID 140103

John Watson

Expert Java programmer. Machine learning engineer. Extensive experience leading successful teams. PhD in Astronomy, @northwestern-university University

ID 56773

David Heller

Founder SupplierView, FullUp • Worked at @hewlett-packard, @us-army • Studied at @university-of-colorado-system

ID 480024

Stephen A. Ridley

Founder Tally • Worked at @simple, @mcafee-inc • Studied at @tennessee-state-university

ID 140938

Håvard Stjernen

Studied at University of Oregon

ID 536127

Diana L. Bartolotta

Attorney, Writer & Business Consultant

ID 86330

Mike Mitchell

Architect, Engineer, Developer - Startup Veteran in Multimedia, Sensors, & Wireless

ID 113989

Scott Fouser

CEO at @gruntworks Inc. Co-founder and Advisor at LeaseEasy. 20+ years in the real estate business. Built @realnet to $70M/yr. Inc. 500 twice #298 & #89. YPO

ID 261097

Ryan Cooper


Proven leader in the interactive entertainment space. Executive Producer at Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft. Adviser to @dash.

ID 116252


Keep it Simple: Mobile, Social, & Cloud. I am the Founder of @tourizing, a Brand Engagement Company that is strongly aligned with @salesforce & @marketingcloud

ID 94387

David Officer


Investor, HR Leader, and talent scout.

ID 287462

Damon Slye


Founded Dynamix, sold to Sierra. Founded Mad Otter Games, where I am currently the President.

ID 42780

Robin Weirich

Branch Manager at Cascade Pacific Home Loans a division of Pinnacle Capital Mtg

ID 764960

Christopher Wildman

ID 508885

Jonah Edelman

As CEO and co-founder of Stand for Children, an education advocacy organization, Jonah Edelman leads a nationwide community of staff and volunteers who work together to promote success for all children.

ID 82270

Don Park

maker, builder, dreamer

ID 579428

Scott Fish

Owner of a digital marketing agency that works with hotels and resorts to improve their business intelligence and marketing.

ID 363476

Renee Butler

Business Consultant, Financial Analyst, CFO, Strategy Consultant, @exeter MBA, Over 12 Years Experience in Financial Management and Business Planning

ID 350825

Nathan Grey

Web developer & public health advocate. Ruby, Rails, Javascript, SQL. Currently developing at Spendwell Health.

ID 113316

Jon Coon

Building Loyalty at Perka

ID 30453

Sergei Malovanyi

CEO of @re-mondes Inc, team of web and mobile developers, front-end engineers and designers.

ID 165520

William Hoang

Worked at @microsoft, @blackberry, Studied at @McGill- University

ID 311075

Christopher Swenson

Backend engineer at simple.com; former software engineer at Google; Ph.D in CS, BS in Math/CS; wrote book on crypto

ID 326793

Jeff Nicol

Experienced senior management professional with a strong track record of delivering results while managing complex matrix organizations and global programs.

ID 308781

Aaron Hanson

Founder of @startuplister & @growthlist, Previous Exygy • Net Impact • GreenMark

ID 639416

Shari Rose

Director of Business Development at Find Wellness • @university-of-michigan grad

ID 215611

Steve E. Tice

COO EVDrive, 31 years, 3 tech start-ups, c-level exec, key tech, marketing & operations skills honed in aerospace, powersports, advertzing, simulation to gaming

ID 391031

Islam Morsi

Founder/Lead Developer Scratch-it

ID 129121

Jeff Katz

Web Strategy/Analytics. Product Lead @Twitalyzer. Oregon Beer/Coffee/Wine - Red Sox Nation

ID 481889

Edgar Navas

Founder CLIQA, @disashop-usa • Worked at @the-nafta-group • Studied at @sda-bocconi-school-of-management, @texas-state-university-san-marcos

ID 18302

Anatoly Geyfman

Chief Architect @dicom-grid. Engineer and hustler.

ID 108731

Lynn Le

Associate, Portland Seed Fund.

ID 243406

Laura E. Nelson

Strategic Marketing Leader / MBA with creative background

ID 122444

Jacob Irwin

Co-founder and CEO @kimerick-technologies

ID 264588

Barnaby Sheridan

A management executive in the technology sector, Barnaby Sheridan holds expertise in information technology and software development, sales, and marketing.

ID 481166

Isaac Chepkwony

Stanford EE who just loves aviation and embedded systems

ID 806466

Prabhaav Bhardwaj

Software Engineer @xilinx-inc Marketing @mentor-graphics M.Sc @virginia-tech B.Sc @tulane-university Passion for Finance & Technology Venture Capital

ID 66672

Marc Lamoureux

Entrepreneur. Serial startup enthusiast in the Mobile Software/Telephony space, as employee, executive and founder: Microcell, Clearnet, WordLogic Systems, SAI.

ID 90339

Tripp Millican

Founder of Gabzooks.15 years of development, leading teams and social media development on web and mobile. Dedicated to building passionate communities online.

ID 163078

Matt Gorski

Sales and Business Development. Founder @the-retail-specialists Strong retail and e-commerce background.

ID 102615

Ben Peek

Vice President Engineering at Data Center Rebates, Inc.

ID 325547

Corey Long

Digital Producer at Modus Operandi; Social Media Coordinator for NinersNation. Independent Musician, Marketing and Social Media Guru.

ID 92489

Ian White

1st employee at @sprint-ly. Handcrafted web development with attention to detail from frontend to backend.

ID 36790

Steve Gray

Founder @pacific-emotion-telegen-systems • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 69593

Imuetinya Teddy Okonokhua

Founder Statisma • Worked at @intel Capital, @intel • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university-of-notre-dame

ID 168099

Jay Rossiter

Develop and maintain systems to support highly scalable web applications. Engineering roles at @microsoft, @intel, @symantec, Pheedo.

ID 46151

Mark Tishenko

CEO of @edge-it-group. Founded @celestial-products (Acquired by Anlekus Investments), Killing the baby monitor.

ID 866713

Avtar Singh

ID 122429

Allison Deverman Vietor

Babson MBA, design ethnographer, IP and business strategist, extensive experience in international development and entrepreneurship in emerging economies

ID 221712

Rick Campfield

Founder akatal. GM @siemens, Director @johnson-controls. CEO consulting firm. COO US Digital. BSME @university-of-washington, MBA @willamette-university. 26 years global experience.

ID 808875

Emily C. Youatt


Founder BOT Systems Micro Venture Fund; M.A., University of Chicago; development finance; bridging global financial and cultural gaps

ID 385011

Aaron Matzkin

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at SOAR Therapy • Worked at @BAE Systems, @FLIR Systems • Studied at @colorado State

ID 586431

Joshua Enders

disrupting enterprise e-commerce @cloudcraze

ID 550424

Dennis Fioravanti


Founder @essential-wholesale, @essential-labs • Investor @essential-wholesale, @essential-labs • Studied at @montana-state-university, @oklahoma-christian-university @Multnom

ID 166086

J.D. Mooney

ID 557356

Emily Bachelder

Stanford 2010, Portland native, and Jill-of-all-trades; your customers will love me.

ID 147989

John Scadden

CFO: High-tech experience from Digital Research to @novell to FEI. Startups include OpMaxx (sold to Credence) and @medicalogic (IPO)• MBA from Thunderbird.

ID 568124

Shawn Paulson

You don't search for Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris finds you.

ID 489504

Dr. Timothy Clark


Entrepreneur, NEXT-certified entrepreneurship trainer, and author whose books have sold half a million copies in 26 languages.

ID 679392

Oscar Godson

Co-founder of Piggybank • Previously an engineer at @simple and before that @yammer. Long time open source contributor and creator of EpicEditor.

ID 746632

Taran Nadler

International lawyer, photographer, and mediator.

ID 765398

Mary Senatori

Co-founder of mediaQuant. 20+ years marketing experience at established and start-up companies, including Legato Systems, Keynote Systems, British Telecom.

ID 261937

Katherine An

Head of marketing: go-to-market, competitive analysis, communications, marketing strategy; UCLA MBA 2012 and UC Berkeley

ID 529041

Derek Blum

Studied at @stanford-university

ID 501564

Zachary Spears

Heralding in the new era of business

ID 551775

Todd Sbarro


ID 223283

heather carleton


Worked at @keen-healthcare • Investor @journey-gym, @pagatim • Studied at @university-of-portland, @portland-state-university

ID 451062

Jonathan Marcel

Designer. Developer. Athlete. Innovator.

ID 637146

Emily Jordan

Brand Manager at Nike. Disruptive brand thinker. Balance of Marketing and Strategy. Duke Fuqua MBA 2012. Worked at Deloitte Consulting, Prophet, Hasbro.

ID 448393

Joe Bartolucci

Creativization. Foodologist. Outdoorism. Fatherizer. Funkdefier. Rockmageddon. Surreal-Relatavist. Tweetin' u in ur earhole.

ID 679405

Adam Bickford

Co-founder and CTO of Piggybank.

ID 144240

Douglas Perednia

VP at Asta Ltd. Entrepreneur, author and physician with considerable experience with for- and non-profit start-ups. Former researcher for the NIH.

ID 16717

Victor C. Otley

Investor in @certify, @aiko-biotechnology, @intellicare, @telcare.

ID 495020

Dot Williams


Worked at @unilever, @jonathan-product-llc • Investor @brickstr • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 223754

Trux Dole

Healthcare transparency & patient advocacy guru w/proven product, channel & software marketing plus business development & sales. Duke + UO MBA plus deep insights into healthcare.

ID 494362

Murtaza Navsariwala

Self starter, driven Business Developer and Attorney with exceptional communication skills and international and Startup experience.

ID 352481

Lane Musgrave

Founder @launch-society • Worked at @wieden-kennedy, @nike • Studied at @syracuse-university

ID 279659

Megan Bradford

Co-Founder of Paper Krane and Theme Dragon. Self-motivated Client Success Manager, creative problem solver and critical thinker.

ID 431176

Shawn MacArthur

Online Marketplace Technology Professional • Founder at @inkba • Founder @the-marketing-oyster • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @Rutgers Engineering

ID 183622

Michael Medaglia

Filmmaker. Director of short horror film Kitty Kitty. Web Technology Director of Filmmaker Magazine.

ID 119653

Bryan Geraldo

COO at @bitharvest

ID 49622

Brian Robards

Developing a new ultra fuel efficient internal combustion engine. Mechanical engineering, @university-of-california-berkeley Poly. MBA @washington-state-university University.

ID 74747


OrigoTerra provides international consulting services for the software industry, industrial equipment, and energy sectors.

ID 496384

Razaik Singh

Founder @survis • Works at @intel • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 877843

Dan Oranen

My passion resides in Front-End technologies. I get things done quickly, accurately, and of exceptional quality. Housebroken, plays nice with others.

ID 219742

Sunil Jain


Sr Mgr @ Intel, Co-Chair @ NFC Forum SIG, ex-Founder/CEO Span. Innovation & passion drive me. To me action is eloquence and perseverance is genius

ID 558268

Matt McLaughlin

Founder @konsiderate

ID 186258

Nicholas Gilman

Founder @kimera-systems; Founder @TessComm, Inc.; Executive @kimera-systems; Int'l Business Development @instantiations

ID 469856

Sarah Spring

MBA|JD. Finance @oregonmba and Biz/Tax Law @Oregon_Law. Licensed WA attorney. Passionate about tech, strategy, building relationships, sport, and good coffee.

ID 567466

Erik Wolf, CCTP

Founder the food tourism industry, founded World Food Travel Association & SavorSearch. Innovator, trendspotter.

ID 275567

Fuzz Leonard

Coding since nine, former Internet backbone engineer and startup CTO--there is not much in tech I have not done.

ID 259226

Will Glasson

Owner, VireVim. Strong legal, technology, business background (outside and in-house counsel; Fortune 500 to start-ups). JD that talks, walks business.

ID 592830

Al Lee


ID 374310

Todd Meyer

ID 713750

Schahram Rezai

Experience in Fortune Global 500 company & Consultant/Advisor for various start-up companies.

ID 271078

Justyn Baker

Founder Vonsor. Seasoned intrepreneur with Expertise in online content licensing, delivery technology with over $15mil in revenue from long term partnerships.

ID 795902

Brett Bottorff

Ecommerce expert with ability to develop and implement marketing strategy to lead a best in class customer experience that drives sales and increase profits.

ID 107853

Jesse Richardson

CCO and Co Founder of @conscious-box. Editor in Chief of Organic Soul; @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 164625

Robert Zinda

ID 131107

Dennis Powers


ID 192123

Jared Mees

Founder @generous, Founder Tender Loving Empire, Music Industry + Project Management background.

ID 839889

Deepak Sharma

MBA Brand Marketer | Sports, Gaming & Tech | Worked @wieden-kennedy , @jwt | New Business Consultant @rabbithole | Advisor @zipcar , @the B Team

ID 465180

Patrick Triato

Founder @carbon-audio, @bnd • Studied at @case-western-reserve-university, @cleveland-institute-of-art

ID 111141

Ben McMaster

UX/UI designer and developer and co-founder @vimify. Previously: development lead at Hooky Interactive, lead front-end developer for NikeTeam.com

ID 611880

Lance Gilbert

IT and Operations generalist, with sales, marketing, and customer service skills.

ID 703602

Megha Doshi

Digital strategy and product management at the worlds leading brands (Starbucks, Nike)

ID 392559

Travis Rush

Founder Sightbox

ID 596295

Andrew Smith

Founder Kneto • Worked at @yahoo, @webmd • Studied at @tufts-university, @school-of-the-museum-of-fine-arts

ID 109062

Sutton Stern

Founder: @policros & @mirror-realms. Mgmt experience at PeopleSoft. Consulting Clients: Nikeid, NIKERUNNING.com, Nikestore.com, TurboTax.com, Starbucks, Sybase.

ID 588122

Winnie Pei Xia

Analytical Bilingual (Chinese) marketer; 3 yrs digital marketing targeting B2B & B2C clients.

ID 96467

Tucker S. Meager, ND

Founder of NaturaeSoft. Naturopathic Physician, @bastyr-university 2001, Owner @two-rivers-natural-health Clinic. Treasurer of the COAND

ID 768345

John Collins

Harvard BA. Professional Athlete and corporate professional.

ID 580022

John Lyons

• Studied at @university-of-michigan; Worked at @rhythm-hues-studios; @image-engine-design; ZGF Architects LLC; LTL Architects

ID 367611

Emily Delgado Gray

MAT University of Portland; JD Loyola University Chicago

ID 541812

Jeff Mills

ID 567848

Daniel Agee

A recovering photographer focusing on community. Exploring with Last.

ID 131385

Lindsey Austinson

Freelance User Experience Consultant • Formerly Senior Product Designer @chirpify, UX Designer @dachis-group

ID 732407

Matt Wangler

Motivated to apply diverse start-up and corporate experience as executive management team member for emerging growth company.

ID 61423

Susan Clare

Founded @longshot-apparel-2. Entrepreneurially bombastic & insightful. Devoted to connecting the dots between companies, consumers and the real world.

ID 83603

Thomas Rheingans

ID 560350

Ryan Henderson

PhD Theoretical Chemist, Industry experience in Semiconductor manufacturing, avocational interest in data mining

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/sr.dev on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 789795

Chris Gueits

ID 219734

Punya Jain

Founded 2 startups • Worked at @intel • Studied at @portland-state-university • Solid grasp of embedded design, SW/HW interfacing, and several prog languages

ID 529572

Karmel Ungerleider-Abrams

Founder Progressive Nectar • Worked at @starbucks Coffee Company, @maher & Tolleson, LLC

ID 342327

Ryan Golec

User focused web developer, interested in rapid delivery via agile methods.

ID 864051

Helin Shiah

Constantly contemplating the logic underlying ideas, people, and life.

ID 261250

Derrick Yu

Experienced in ground and aerial robotics. Fluent in C++/C, with embedded dev experience. UI/UX guru. DARPA Urban Challenge team member. Princeton BSE EE 2010

ID 499455

Salih Waritu

Founder @appstyr , @seenuu • Worked at @navex-global • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 538026

Halley Theodore

Experienced project manager and global marketing professional with a strong background in developing and overseeing multimedia initiatives for retail brands.

ID 507235

Elliott Dale

Attorney @immix-law-group. Willamette MBA. Background in Biz Dev, HR, General Mgmt.

ID 417388

Robert Casteel

Undergraduate Mathematics and Computer Science major at @UofO • Works at @onthego-platforms

ID 372557

Jenna Christine Cooper

Degree in Psychology; Passionate writer and editor; Excellence in communication; Certificate of Completion from the prestigious Joanne Baron D.W. Brown Studio; Fierce, creative, outgoing, genuine; Lover of people and life.

ID 102113

Jeff Brown

Worked at @marriott-international, @kimpton-group • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 322024

Thursday Bram

Content marketing consultant. Work has appeared on CNET, GigaOM and OpenForum. Specializes in B2B.

ID 145410

Troy Ylitalo

Co-Founder, CEO of Period Paper. Founder, former CEO UXIBIT, Inc.

ID 347934

amelia abreu

data scientist interested in experience and context, aka small data

ID 146626

Clint Carlos

Founder @gearfive llc, @garage-mahal, @junto-partners • Worked at @gallup-organization • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 564868

James Lawrence, CEO

SME Auto Dealer CRM • Founder DealerEFX.com -> Email-based Vehicle Merchandising • Prdt Mgr at @ 5Square & Compli • MBA at @case-western-reserve-university

ID 467658

Nyah Zarate

Worked at @intel, @abbott-laboratories • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 768146

Kevin Phuong

Studied CS/Econ @Penn, Hacker w/Finance knowledge

ID 101894

Tyler Foreman

Founder and co-CEO/CTO at @mojalink-1. First startup was angel funded and successfully exited. Product showcased by Obama. Worked at @intel and Agilent.

ID 719510

Jonah Luke Geil-Neufeld

ID 489076

Nathan Ward

ID 122666

Anthony Bertolo

I engineer things nobody else wants to.

ID 518867

Andrew Tang


Founded Night Owls Press. Working on various startups.

ID 426386

Brian Adamovich

Team leadership, strategic planning, business development, marketing with a focus on analytics, risk analysis, win-win negotiation and conflict resolution.

ID 199028

Dan Evans

ID 596186

Genevieve Morganstern

CEO and Co-Founder @sadie, and @nayariva • Experienced entrepreneur, strong business background, @university-of-washington MBA, VC/accelerator consultant.

ID 656256

Alexander Iliev

ID 414094

Brent Kitts


Worked at @graham-allen-partners • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame, @university-of-oregon

ID 142368

Michael Deal

Founder @sketch-io, Rainbow Technology

ID 278443

Derek Wyatt

Copywriter & Digital Marketing Strategist to startups and early stage entrepreneurs encouraging growth through marketing.

ID 577737

Alexis Wittman, LEED-AP

Michigan BS, product manager, problem solver, creative

ID 184302

Kate Bagoy

UX Lead @graphalchemist. Design & Marketing experience with Nike, Ricoh, HP, GENWI & Microsoft.

ID 580620

Todd Rinker

Master UI Designer. Worked with IDEO, Nokia, Avaya, AT&T, among many others.

ID 720288

Ralph Risch


Founded TechTracker, sold to CNET (now CBS Interactive) in 2007. Founded Astrobyte, sold to Extensis in 1998.

ID 326021

Gene Ehrbar

Managing Partner, Emerging Technology at @ISITE_Design. A curious child with a full head of hair and a thriving business.

ID 395766

Manish Singh

University of Chicago CS MS. Initiator. Efficient and algorithmic coding. Quick learner. Worked at Bitstream. Ability to work independently and in team.

ID 342510

Spicer T. Matthews

Highly accomplished software engineer and product manager experienced working with a range of clients, from large organizations to early stage start-ups.

ID 218298

Janice Levenhagen-Seeley

MBA Willamette University, Computer Engr Oregon State. Founder of trovi, ChickTech. Passionate about making a difference.

ID 214494

Rick Sheinin

Co-Founder @fomo-media • Studied at @claremont-graduate-university, @chapman-university Professional Wanderer

ID 551182

Brian Kowalski

Finance Expert. Strong business and finance background.

ID 180477

Dr. Linda Muir

Experienced physician Dr. Linda Muir currently leads Oregon Health & Science University's pediatric gastroenterology department.

ID 842776

Morgan Woodhouse

Bowdoin College graduate; strong education background; worked with the National Audubon Society; strong experience working and catering to the local community

ID 812047

Ambarish De

Expert Software Engineer, versatile with Agile Methodologies, Led 5-7 people projects to help Intel deliver microchips across four process generations

ID 801026

Suhas Gaddam

Berkeley EECS, Engineer at heart

ID 362034

Abhishek Das

Northwestern Ph.D. in Computer Engineering; 3 years experience at Intel building Enterprise Security Software; published 10+ research papers, patents in related areas.

ID 676348

Greg Mills


Intel, Xerox, InFocus. Ecommerce GM and Marketing Strategy.

ID 256615

Gino Reyes Borges

Senior Account Executive for a major advertising agency. Have digital experience and interest in the global accounts Strong communication skills, ability to multitask and great energy International Business from UW

ID 208669

Sam Beck

Founder and designer @blueshift • Fake engineer • Studied art and math @columbia-university

ID 98023

Sean Rudford

ID 502476

Oonagh Morgan Hurst

16 yr PR vet; international experience; big brand gaming/consumer history; strong press connections & social media skills; top PR agency & in-house creds

ID 75554

Christian G. Warden

Doing force.com and mobile development right now. Previously built CMS, spam filtering, CRM, and BI systems.

ID 215170

Nicholas Aliabadi

First tech startup in high school. Computer Science WWU, iTunes U. MeowTime Founder.

ID 332496

Donato Perconti

My name is Donato Perconti. I am an aspiring security architect. I am currently an Application Security Engineer at Urban Airship in the lovely Portland, OR.

ID 507699

Robert Klonoff

A respected legal author and teacher, Robert Klonoff has traveled extensively to speak at numerous conferences and events for institutions and organizations.

ID 277010

Jaime R. Wood

Taught for 14 years at the middle school, university, and community college level. Founded a charter school in Colorado at age 24. Passionate about education.

ID 283869

Matthew Mangus


ID 179721

Nick Kassab

Experienced real estate professional Nick Kassab acts as Senior Associate Broker at Portland, Oregon-based Capacity Commercial Group, LLC.

ID 640702

Recep Özgün

Ph.D. @johns-hopkins-university-1 • Worked @sionyx on NIR CMOS Image Sensors • Organic Electronics, Micro-fabrication, CMOS Image Sensors, Bio-inspired ICs

ID 74455

Stephen Johnson

President of @illinois-clean-fuels, a plant that will make diesel and jet fuel from biomass & coal; Founded hedge fund (327.84% return net of fees in 5 yrs)

ID 357976

William "Will" Grubb - - - - - - - ☛(503) 512-7543


ID 352904

Justin Boucher

Angel Investor

ID 559746

Caitlin Reese

Innovative team leader, motivator and driver. Powerhouse project manager. Interdisciplinary communications master. MBA.

ID 527367

Sejal Patel

Illinois Alum. Former Employer Marketing and Branding Rockstar at Intel. Taking a leap of faith to travel the world and share stories.

ID 61744

Stephen Saltzman


Investor in @jajah, @aeroscout, @ozmo-devices, @invisage, @airmagnet.

ID 726968

Stephanie Brown

Marketing Analyst at Nike, Advertising/PR background, I'm good with numbers.

ID 156712

Burk Jackson

I'm a creator connector and curator. I believe that Disruptive Innovation is the best way to shift our thinking and address our needs in a new way.

ID 616691

Kate Kiehl

Marketing, PR, social campaigns for over a dozen app launches; managed marketing/advertising for 130 retail locations; partnered with WB & Sesame Workshop

ID 452453

Jack Cowan

Founder of Cliq • Portland, OR

ID 206237

Jack Desert

Ruby Developer who asks the right questions to ensure efficient progress is made toward the correct end.

ID 262369

Serena Hsi

Chaos monkey seeking excitement and curiosity. Strong business and marketing background. Pepperdine MBA.

ID 744578

Apple Capital Group

Co-Founder Apple Capital Group.com • Worked at @autonation • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame, @friends-university

ID 320019

Beth Mercante


Founder Over 40 Females, @ludian-llc • Worked at @grubb-ellis, @aig-investments • Investor @over-40-females • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 562526

Hunter Meyer

Software Engineer, Co-Founder @jr-devjobs

ID 76122

Michelle Kerkstra

Co-Founder @biocentric-developments • Built amazing products at @2nd-md, @insignia-health • Studied at @rice-university

ID 3624


We are here to help startups refine their business plan and get valuable information!

ID 180365

Jon Raasch

Smashing WebKit author + Smashing Magazine writer + front end web developer + JavaScript ♡r + CSS champ + performance freak + jQuery pimp + Sealand royalty

ID 199645

Clayton Mathewson

Clayton Mathewson, Ph.D., is a skilled professional in the mental health industry in Portland, Oregon.

ID 396548

Falin Jensen

Energetic MBA and 3l law student with ten years of management and customer service experience.

ID 629655

Adam Carstens

Educational game design expert

ID 400548

Philip Krain

ID 735724

Christian Kent Pedersen

International Student, Working at IBM, Started own Investment Company, Volunteer as Financial Advisor for Startups

ID 161302

Jake Hobart

Studied at @colby-college, @central-st-martins-college-of-art-and-design

ID 529800

Bhargav Sethuram

Worked at @sandisk, @ittiam-systems-pvt-ltd • Studied at @columbia-university, @r-v-c-e-bangalore, Strong background in Embedded Systems.

ID 446905

Anna Walsh

Asia-fluent, travel savvy, forward facing professional with advanced communication and networking skills

ID 472113


Renewable Energy Passionate with a great international experience in several fields and several ideas to develop. Strong business background. Problem solver .

ID 706217

logan jaffe

Founded my own concessions company in 8th grade, work for 60 billion dollar investment advisory firm.

ID 498862

Christine Ellsworth

Independent designer and strategist with over 7 years of experience, which facilitates a creative process that caters to a clients' digital design needs.

ID 133602

Darren Stowell

CEO ActivEd. Strong background in business and impacting lives through K-12 education.

ID 475118

Scott Chamberlain

Co-Founded a developer collective called rOpenSci, with $160K funding from the Sloan Foundation

ID 308163

Zia Word

Co-founder Lialina, Fewe.st, AFTR & Guerrilla Gameshow. Worked with large brands bringing digital to life. Tech, Creative, Growth hacking, Marketing & business

ID 639584

Jeremy Turner

Increased client base from 10 to 1000+ student organizations for startup website company.

ID 681178

Xander Taylor

Aspiring web developer, former HS chemistry teacher, seeks junior developer job

ID 443461

Dina Moy

Founder Inkba • Studied at @rutgers-university-new-brunswick, @university-of-manchester

ID 241391

Balki Kodarapu

Founder DreamPath • Built online banking sites at @fiserv • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 375579

Tom Heckmann

Founder Fitugo. Health and Fitness startup. Finance background (Relational Investors, LaBranche and Co.,Heckmann Corp., PCI Partners)

ID 384239

Peter Mellman

ID 561494

Tina Morgan

Writing, editing, publishing, and (occasional) marketing professional. Interested in transmedia.

ID 582279

Steven Schnorr

Functional Software Consultant with Interdisciplinary background.

ID 67941

Hannes Schmied

Founder of IIS New Media Labs, Co-Founder of CardSkid

ID 697245

Leonid Fishler

Columbia Applied Math, recently finished coding school + software engineering internship, learning the latest and the greatest technology every day.

ID 392182

Ryan Rabideau

Founder @rentstory • Worked at @fisher-investments • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 48282

Chris Zelenka

CoFounder @free-range-labs-inc - Previous operations at TENSV a start up incubator - consulting for mobile, health, and retail companies

ID 230190

Dusti Arab

Writer + Speaker. Coffee shop owner. Successfully Kickstarted a book. Overcame PPD, suicide attempt, and more to change the way moms connect to each other.

ID 304911

Andrew Wood

Worked at @blkdot

ID 139881


Official Twitalyzer @twitter account. Visit Twitalyzer at http://twitalyzer.com

ID 375714

Jon Madden

ID 422098

Bibek Kafle

Worked at @reed-college College - Computer User Services and @open-learning-exchange-nepal • Studied at @reed-college College • Co-founder @project-connect-hungi

ID 409772

Mel Marquez

Startup executive with proven track record in sales, management, operations, advertising, marketing and business partnerships.

ID 452458

Jesse Garrison

University of Washington, Full-Stack Developer; Working as a developer since high school

ID 372903

Bruce Kerr


A founder of The Partners Group, Bruce exemplifies dedication to clients, employees, family and community. His leadership extends beyond The Partners Group into many worthwhile organizations. He is president of the Down Syndrome Network Oregon Board and s

ID 349430

Roheet Kakaday

MD Candidate at OHSU; Interdisciplinarian and tech enthusiast; Author of The Biopsy; UCSD Chuao Scholar; Always looking to make a difference.

ID 279795

True North

Recovering Army NCO, Military Recruiter and Personal Trainer. Co-Founder & CEO of BeFit Portland, Partner & Public Figure of Mrs. Britt's Soup, Thru-Hike Junkie

ID 267242

Ben-Neb McMurray

A recent graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology in Computational Media. Strong technology, business, and marketing background. Large pool of skills.

ID 343455

Sanford Heis

ID 165965

Daniel Etra

Worked at @renewable-funding, @ecotrust • Studied at @reed-college, MBA from @bainbridge-graduate-institute

ID 507160

Leigh Gill

Attorney at Immix Law Group • Worked at @kronos-incorporated, @mullintbg-a-prudential-financial-company • Studied at @lewis&Clark

ID 375459

Travis Castillo

Android developer

ID 305425

Skylr Chamberlin

3D graphics pipeline development, Computer vision implementations in film, Team leading, Commercials

ID 42289

Jen Fong-Adwent

Creator of https://chat.meatspac.es and https://facespac.es

ID 564511

Leah North

Recent Northwestern grad and former paralegal looking for a new challenge in the startup world.

ID 384279

Lisa Orr

Fulbright and NSF fellow. Decoded the communicative gestures of bonobos for my PhD. Founder of @Vegetable Watch.

ID 34988

John Thorbeck

Founder for Lead Time Optimization (LTO)™ for global speed-to-market capabilities for retailers and brands. CEO, entrepreneur and Harvard MBA.

ID 140193

Trevor Whitlock

Code Monkey

ID 765487

Nabyl Bennouri

CTO of Ultra, inc. 17 years working as an engineer on sensors for the automotive industry, simulation software for IC design, and implantable medical devices.

ID 133939

Lauren Lin

Founder & web/mobile producer @flikdate by day, world explorer by night (and most weekends). My advice? Eat well, travel often.

ID 669972

Lizzie Keenan

ID 277011

Mike Bijon

Programmer, technologist, applied math, open source contributor & founder.

ID 189207

Jonas Jones

English and Politics Major Ithaca College, Restructured Basis Inc. 2M-120M, Founded Boys to Men Mentoring Group, CEO Bear Brewing Inc.

ID 346979

Dan Cooper

Sr. Front End Developer - worked at Trapit, AppFog, Nike, and PlayHaven on exciting, cutting-edge projects. Looking for Portland or remote-from-Portland projects.

ID 555934

Don Cheney

Versatile and adaptable marketing communications strategist with an array of skills and the drive to turn potential into success.

ID 533494

Brian Harris

Founder EnviJet • Worked at @grant-thornton-llp • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @boise-state-university

ID 421291

Philip Kolba

ID 719429

Minseon Song

Fullstack Web Developer

ID 134501

Colin Son

Resident neurosurgeon, blogger. Previously Medscape. Interested in mobile health and social media in healthcare.

ID 357243

John Martin

Designer and co founder at Fiender • Worked at @nike as Global Creative Director of Nike SB (Skateboarding) and Nike Snowboarding.

ID 451459

Raymond Goeser

Founder S.U.I.T.S Initiative • Studied at @oregon-institute-of-technology, and is currently running a music production company.

ID 414242

Stephen Hodges

Technical Entrepreneur and Social Business Enthusiast

ID 511179

Eileen Offer

Experience in technology and communications consulting and project execution

ID 771128

Minh Ha

ID 493320

Jason Gershenson

Founder Gershenson Law • Studied at @willamette-university, @university-of-miami

ID 156124

Tommy Jedrzejczyk

ID 507109

J-P Voilleque

Attorney @lawduck. Focus on startups, corporate growth & governance, & M&A. Worked at @looksmart.

ID 490555

Nate Ankenbrandt

Sr. Analyst at Salesforce.com, strong operations background with focus on process improvement and team development.

ID 359630

Ben Andrew

Business & Product Operations. Previously Fundamental Investing.

ID 466442

Ian Copp

Software and web developer with strong client-facing and customer service background and broad technical experience.

ID 538313

Ajit Kumar

Founder @distill-2 • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-bombay.

ID 838294

Shaelyn Watson

After studying computer science at UT Austin for the past four years, I have made my way into marketing and fullstack web development.

ID 362673

Jim Rickards, MD

Physician/Board Certified Radiologist with MBA. Executive Board Member of a Risk Based Health Plan - Yamhill CCO.

ID 153781

Austin Ramsland

Work at R/GA. Formerly @cozy , @walmart-labs , @small-society • Studied at @grinnell-college

ID 742949

Ana Proehl

PR & Marketing Director @hallspot

ID 827628

Jay Huh

ID 212481

Nick "Loki" Jacobsen

software, security, and data analytics/dataviz techie; founder of @brainsilopdx; other interests include photography, transhumanism, and moral philosophy.

ID 834196

Victoria Crankson, PHR

Senior Recruiter with experience in all business areas. Worked in higher education and retail.

ID 173185

Balaji Vasudevan

CTO of DreamPath. Go to guy. Technical Leader. Chaos controller. Excellent communicator. Code wrangler. Aiming to create real change.

ID 202196

Marco Buhlmann

Dedicated, internationally-educated entrepreneur and business developer specialized in high growth, technology driven companies.

ID 487634

Marvin Kau


Real estate executive with financial and accounting background. Always looking for the next opportunity.

ID 180559

Justin Paladino

Product Dev. Engineer @intel, Former Co-op @landis-gyr • Studied Electrical, Computer, Wireless and Software Engineering at @auburn-university

ID 700732

Britt Hermanski

MBA, advanced experience in leadership roles, grew start up by $55M in 2 years, enjoys environments with dynamic growth and rapid change.

ID 26846

Michkael Baker

Cultural Systems Engineer-Celebrating Social Entrepreneurship,Creative Innovation, Promoting Business, Building Community.

ID 306748

Jon Losey

web analytics focused, model creator, macro builder - frees up time for valuable ad-hoc analysis, data wrangler, want something created - just ask!

ID 123111

Locke Bielefeldt

Finance Manager at Audigy Group. Recent graduate of University of Portland.

ID 199551

Joe King

ID 266985

Candace Terry

Founder Breaking Language Selvedge Solution • Worked at @united-states-navy • Studied at @university-of-kentucky

ID 361421

Collin Ruffenach

Mobile Engineer @simplify. I specialize in iOS. In love with @CaitlinAcker. My opinions are my own.

ID 375529

Scott K. Crabtree

We all deserve to be happy at work. Happier people do better work. I am a student and teacher of the science of happy brains. I offer workshops and coaching.

ID 506015

Scott Ostby PMP

Top Producer in start up mode. Self Contained Unit

ID 160901


Social Media + Community Manager, Blogger, Digital Content Strategist

ID 524051

Michal Nakashimada

Currently at Orchestrate IO. I enjoy creating incredible products that solve real problems.

ID 389818

Jason R Higbee

I enjoy solving great business challenges and championing outcomes with diverse stakeholder groups: Smarter Faster Stronger

ID 571258

Ten Mutunhire

Founder HackishWord • Worked at @the-nature-conservancy, @idexx-laboratories-inc • Studied at @colby-college

ID 397786

Alden Jole

Prodigiously Pragmatic Programmer

ID 366524

Carrie Carter

Artist, Designer, Developer with business sense and excellent people skills.

ID 285558

Amelia Pape

It's the least I can do, to see the world with open eyes.

ID 327514

Brendan Ward

Social good extraordinaire, looking to work for and with exceptional, idealistic startups.

ID 27132

Colleen M. Crary, M.A.

Team member of @fearless-nation-ptsd-support.

ID 362211

Jim Rickards

Physician Health Care Innovator and Community Health Stretegiest

ID 831306

Josh Holloran

Design Director, Senior Experience & Interface Designer, Frontend Developer, Brand Builder & Evolver.

ID 832397

Tim Tischler

ID 122117

Tyler Morrison

Apple Mac Software developer since 1988. iOS Developer. Software Development Management. Project Management. First Software engineer at 2 successful startups.

ID 437058

Paul Burdick

Former CTO, current web developer and outdoor guide. Wants to be Batman.

ID 417215

Beau Michael Bohanan

Designer, Leader, Brand Advocate and motivator

ID 474575

Bruke Getachew

Customer Relations Representative at Simple Finance

ID 439368

Katharine Chen

Event Planner and Office Manager

ID 503298

Shannon Paine

Founder CuddleUp • Studied at @university-of-oregon and now pursuing MFA in Collaborative Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art

ID 468566

Danielle McRae

Founder @rentstory • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 636942

Smith Freeman

Reed College graduate 2014. Aspiring person of relevance. I like algorithms.

ID 205637

Aman Dhaliwal

Co-Founder Skillgaroo • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia

ID 459737

Scott Baker

Self-taught graphic and designer, writer, advertiser, consistent innovator. Degree in Marketing, specializing in exceeding expectations.

ID 226629

Clint Bowers

Marketing consultant at STRIPE Marketing. Other: Project manager, national spokesperson, video producer, race car driver, engineer, photographer, filmmaker.

ID 604666

Jeremy Scheuer

Writer, editor, teacher, blogger; worked in publishing, teaching part time.

ID 666587

Marc Priebe

International business development professional focused on growth, to tactical sales planning & strategic partnerships, to profitability.

ID 197327

Todd Worthley

A Portland, Oregon-area attorney with 20 years of experience, Todd Worthley represents clients pursuing a variety of social security disability-related claims.

ID 762818

Nathan Taggart

Founder Inflection, @launchside • Worked at @New Relic • Speaker at Fluent, FutureStack, PyOhio

ID 366457

Steve Gerken

Delivers projects. Communicates with stakeholders in all departments to build consensus on achievable and useful SW projects. Implements and manages.

ID 397430

Alexandra Saavedra

American Peruvian, B.S. Political Science at Santa Clara University, Marketing Programs Manager, social media enthusiast

ID 38837

Joshua Knotts

Marketing Director - Sage Harbor Investments. MBA - @liberty-university University. B.A. Advertising/PR University of S. Indiana. Founder JRK - Properties (bubble burst).

ID 151109

Aarti Vashisht

Worked at @cks • Studied at @art-center-college-of-design, @srishti-school-of-art-design-and-technology

ID 560407

Tim Taylor

Founder Spork Catering

ID 579242

Jeff Arnim

ID 11808

Jonathan Mann

Founder @sublime-learning • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 486701

Andy Miller

Founder Tally • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 679474

Patricia Koenigs

ID 463490

Zoe Landon

RIT -> Portland web developer + musician + writer + trans woman. Founder @rcrdbox. Self-proclaimed Blue Mage. Mildly obsessed with rabbits.

ID 857679


ID 450584

Kathryn R

Diverse background spanning start-up, corporate & nonprofit environments; Worked @google; Food & health enthusiast.

ID 261838

Didip Kerabat

Co-founder On the Plates. Senior developer and DevOps. • Worked at @kongregate, @goldstar • Studied at @UO

ID 188770

Eric James

Creatively build useful things for the public good. Master of Urban Planning. Currently building wireless telecom for AT&T.

ID 262334


Co-Founder and COO of @on-the-plates • Portland Foodie • Studied at University of Oregon.

ID 778515

Adam Edgerton

Projects & operations @metaltoad. @PDXdigitalPM founder. Exploring the outdoors and the Internet - usually not at the same time.

ID 350077


Just checking out the site.

ID 361832

Sri Hari Haran Seenivasan

ID 586374

Robert Raleigh

#SocEnt @LogCamp: Bridging Oregon's technology education divide. Web Developer. Slide Guitarist. Alaskan-Native (Tlingit). Foster child. Man of God.

ID 219609

Shams Barnhart

Founder @fomo-media • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 578024

Taylor J. Allison (TJ)

University of Washington senior looking to take on a business development/sales role at a startup. Previous experience includes Amazon.com, Morgan Stanley, etc

ID 690031

Mitch J. Katzer

Finance professional with well-rounded experience motivated to add value and continue growth and learning in an industry outside of wealth management.

ID 212764

Brett Hyland Portland

Brett Hyland currently works in Portland, Oregon as Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at Morrison Street Capital.

ID 232591

Geoff Granum

Just looking

ID 154824

Jeffrey Fenesy

As V.P of Creative Services and Creative Director for the Portland, Oregon @r2c-group for 12 years, Jeffrey Fenesy was instrumental in the company's growth.

ID 173902

Karlo Kilayko

Founder @wolfko-productions-llc consulting for mobile and online games • Worked at @thq, @cloudengage-1, @3do

ID 399449

Sean Baroody

Worked at @trinet-group-inc-deleted • Studied at @hofstra-university, @appalachian-state-university

ID 323317

Kyle Alan Hale

Creating is who I am. Software, music, literature, art, etc.

ID 58006

Brett Perkins

CEO Of @powder-puff-extreme; NFL Free Agent; 2x Minor League Football 1st Team All-American & Tight End of the Year; Team USA Football Captain.

ID 424194

Ross Berger

Founded Best Friends, Past: Founded The Humble Bumble, Worked at Duggal Media Solutions, Progressive Solutions

ID 437524

Nam Hoang

software product manager: growth, eCommerce, UX, design, data nerd, finance, a lot of everything...snowboarder, rotary engines, music, explorer.

ID 124885

Nat West

Hard cider geek, recovering IT/software director. I attended the most prestigious cidermaking class in the US, made cider for six years and sold a tech company.

ID 739031

Chase Jepson

Oregon State University Merchandising Management and Business Entrepreneurship. Have worked in multiple small office environments.

ID 490822

Caelan Huntress

Digital producer of websites, content marketing campaigns, and videos that help businesses connect dramatically with their audience. I make things happen.

ID 466551

Jake Cable

I have built products for some of the biggest and smallest companies on the planet. Worked at @ibm, @emma-inc • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 144748

Kai Wang

Worked at @tecace-software, @nintendo, @indiana-university • Studied at @indiana-university, Bloomington

ID 698633

Sandhya Bhasker

Kenyon College graduate with majors in Neuroscience and History - Looking for research, marketing and operations experience.

ID 319759

Vikas Aditya


Led partnership for Mobilian that led to its acquisition by Intel. Incubated and Launched Hybrid Cloud business for Intel.

ID 556371

Nitin Khanna

For five years, Nitin Khanna has served as chief executive officer of MergerTech.

ID 744140

Si Robins

Content manager, editor, writer and strategist

ID 528472

Travis Spanu

Founder of Priority Outfitter

ID 363816

Olena Anoshchenko

ID 264018

Nicholas Erler

15 years of sales and marketing experience. Worked at Google, Ricoh and Océ.

ID 207804

Jordan Reimer

Into product development, product innovation, new technologies/ideas.

ID 104691

Zac Parker

Front-End Engineer at Peerlyst. Previously at @shopigniter, @bloodhound and @viadeo.

ID 281357

Monica Mira Bordoloi

ID 363702

Tamara (Tami) Wood

Marketing and events are my thing, writing headlines aren't. Luckily I'm good at what I can do - and can prove it.

ID 472814

Philip Catudal

Founder of Zoned Nutrition. Profitable from inception and growing over 250% quarterly. Professional speaker, presenter, and listening-ear. Always learning.

ID 640875

Neil Lundin

Technical writer specializing in template design and eLearning

ID 406141

Jon Barnes

BS Geology Student at PSU; Google Summer of Code 2013; Forest Service Intern aerial photography orthorectification 2011; Founder of Geology-Programming PSU club

ID 300207

Sean Samuelson

Founder, CTO @uxibit

ID 417599

Paul Peterson

Founder Volta Volare' Corp. • Worked at @merrill-lynch • Studied at @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities

ID 29513

Scott Dinwiddie

Two decades of IT, business management and customer satisfaction experience. Now expanding into Java, C#/.NET, C++, and Game Programming.

ID 325449

Angel Adrian Almendarez Bautista

Bilingual Professional

ID 193791

Marc Charbonneau

Founder @downtown-software-house • Worked at @elc-technologies, @showyou • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 14279

Avi Sahi

ID 847840

Robin Rayno

Worked @nike Fashionista. Curator. Designer. Stylist. Blogger. Culture & Music freak. Runner. Loves digital. Amerikaanse-Nederlander. Fueled by experiences.

ID 148199

Carissa Wodehouse

Founder @content-hunting • Worked at @celilo-group, @social-media-today • Studied at @lewis-clark-college

ID 152053

Erik Tylek Kettenburg

CTO of Vacasa - web startup meets vacation rentals. Creator of the Digispark (founder of Digistump), PHP expert, history of leadership, business sense, bridging physical and digital.

ID 387303

Henry Leineweber

Marketing and sustainability professional. MBA graduate. I create and manage meaningful, engaging content.

ID 465297

Jennifer Rana

Co-Founder and front end developer at Come Trippin'. I have a solid background in front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

ID 436386

Kyle Evensen

Marylhurst MBA, Associate Analyst at Waggener Edstrom for Microsoft Windows Phone and other Microsoft divisions

ID 198721

Jessica Glendinning

Writer, activist & organizer, social media queen.

ID 316171

Christopher Torstenson

Full Stack Web Developer, iOS Developer, Paramedic, & Founder of Sandspit Designs.

ID 475216

Wayne Pritzker

Strategic Planner, Client Relations Expert, Man-of-the-People. Background in system and program design, looking to break into the Portland tech community.

ID 495947

Rajesh Krishnan

Founder/ CTO @belTowr-financial. Founder @survis, Worked at Intel. Full stack development engineer with management experience

ID 257444

Max Aguirre

Co-Founder of Know eSports. Studied Philosophy and ECE at Portland State University.

ID 619312

Henya Kamesar

Recent University of Oregon Communications graduate, Media enthusiast, and Travel-Lover

ID 281583

David Pollard

front-end developer and designer, with back-end know how. my passions are the web and soccer, if i have both i am happy.

ID 565027

Grant Lemons

Strategist at Fansource and advertising student at the University of Oregon.

ID 672021

Matthew Swindells

University of Oregon graduate with a background in advertising, marketing, and sales.

ID 702411

Anthony Dotson

ID 498996

Daniel White

Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 541356

Laura O'Clair

Designer and MBA candidate with more than four years of experience in the apparel and graphic design industry.

ID 692714

Hiro Minami

Swiss Army Knife - MBA, Public Presentation Extraordinaire, Technical Experience with Soft Skills, Start-up Experience as an Entrepreneur and Investor.

ID 548651

Dr. Robert Perry Campbell

Dr. Robert Perry Campbell possesses more than 15 years of experience in occupational and environmental medicine.

ID 559372

Tim Germer

Marketing strategist in Portland, OR: Search, Social, Mobile, Analytics.

ID 403175

Aaron Simon

UT Knoxville, Phi Beta Kappa; experience in a high-pressure literary agency environment; experience with Kickstarter, social media, and web development

ID 298125

Sarah Lubna Neyaz

Founder @fundchange, User Experience Designer @the-advisory-board-company

ID 319022

Brent Stevenson

Full-stack generalist; analytical, high level design and problem solving skills. Works well under pressure and maintains a high level of professionalism.

ID 358660


I do lots of science. Such as bioinformatics, biotech, laboratory based, and computer based science.

ID 539879

Outhorn (oo∙tahn) Keophila

Director of Business Development - In search of awesome, meaningful and innovative product ideas that disrupts the norm. Discover. Envision. Create. Realize. Twitter - @Carbon_Design

ID 556606

Robert Crabtree

Senior C++ developer; 9 years experience; B.S. in computer science; Seeking part-time entry level Ruby or iOS opportunity

ID 210883

Evan Christopher Dean

Evan Christopher Dean is a paramedic, currently serving on a medical team with Interagency Incident Medical Specialists.

ID 388831

Henry Nevue

Freelance Software Developer & Product Designer

ID 558462

Nate Waldron

University of Oregon coursework completed towards Economics Degree. Completed Business Minor. Managed an auto parts business online store and sales.

ID 451414

Kenneth Weed

Ambitious individual, seeking for a position where I can utilize creative strategy, project management and analytical.

ID 687711

Ana Proehl

ID 779242

Keagen Edwards

ID 155508

JB Fearn

Studied at University of Oregon

ID 504153

Grant Sanders

Graduated from the University of Oregon in 2013 and got a degree in business and a minor in economics. Very passionate about sales and marketing.

ID 361408

James Pozdena

Addicted to making wonderful products with technology.

ID 483467

Chad Wilbur

Soon to be graduate at the University of Oregon. Eager and ready to contribute however I can to a company in need of my skill set.

ID 560536

Jenafer Matthews

Talented and Strategic Manager of Projects, Products, Marketing, and Operations. Passionate about start-ups.

ID 122784

Michael Wienick


COO at SwellPath Advisor at BlueShift Previously: EVP Reply! Inc President QualitySmith Inc

ID 224919

Terry Bean

Terry Bean studied at @university-of-oregon --- President and CEO of Bean Investment Real Estate --- Human Rights Activist

ID 360641

Alan McNulty

Sales Manager of Nation's largest, privately held investment firm that caters to high net worth clients. Experience in sales, marketing, HR and recruiting. Obtained Series 65 and previously worked for a small startup in Cape Town, South Africa.

ID 666950

Robert Blumenfeld

Live in Israel, tweeting to stay in touch and about the day to day

ID 455821

Isamu Jarman

Recent graduate from University of Oregon. B.F.A. degree in Industrial/ Product Design '13. Fast-learner. Hard-worker. Team-player. Great-attitude.

ID 648626

Nader Darabi

UO Finance, numbers guru, hungry to learn, background in analysis and wealth management

ID 677460

Alexander Morin

Physics graduate with diverse background including physics instruction, nanotechnology research, software development and hardware troubleshooting.

ID 670892

Alexandra Weston

UO CS Grad. Current Web Developer.

ID 411289

David Bloom

ID 230327

Jeremy Knudson

Key contributor, strong work ethic, excitement for emerging technology, proven leader and performer in sales and engineering. A true... hybrid!

ID 872661

Brett Scantlebury

ID 866913

Andrea Kelly

ID 296029

Dal Adamson


ID 590670

Jennifer Kronstain

Forward-thinking PR / marketing pro with extensive experience in start-up / early stage environments

ID 681058

Vishesh Jain

ID 610606

Matt Olenski

Currently VP Global Business Development at Postano. Twenty-plus years with hardware, software and services companies, mostly start-ups, driving growth.

ID 121129

Bart Herron

Best and Most client appreciated DUII Attorney in Portland, Oregon

ID 508003

Charley Zheng

It's all in the personality--an effective communicator with a talent for building trust and relationships. Avid visual storyteller; strong analytic thinker.

ID 346750

Scott Rawlings

Computer Engineer + MBA, successfully launched 20+ hardware and software solutions (incl. iOS & Android app), individual performance and team development/leadership, entrepreneurial energy and orientation to achieve objectives.

ID 80152

Paris Vega

UX Designer/Product Manager at a handful of startups. On a mission to find heroes and help them change the world. Let's talk over coffee and bacon.

ID 534001

Hasan Adil

iOS & Python developer. Builder of http://t.co/YxVcJYuO3X & http://t.co/do4AnSdPke

ID 855588

Molly Hetz

ID 517123

Hai Huynh

Mover, shaker, driver

ID 129180

K. Anne Harper

Creative Director & UI Designer - Experienced in Mobile Application Design, Visual Design, Adobe Creative Suite, UI/UX Design, Typography and User Flows for Fortune 500 clients and tech startups.

ID 129688

Mark Rawlins

Creative Director/Designer available for freelance work. Living in Portland, Oregon.

ID 378188

Craig Watkins

Over ten years experience helping businesses, governments and NGOs achieve unique solutions through design, user testing, analytics and front end development.

ID 612488

Abhi Sivasailam

Management consultant and entrepreneur with deep experience in business operations, strategy, and analytics.

ID 324750

Eli Madrone

Community Manager, Strategist, Communications and Content Creator

ID 1514

David Molina

CEO of @bilingualhire; Former @USArmy Captain; Amateur programmer.

ID 572769

James Desmarais

Founder Model Me • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 368092

Graham Kaplan

ID 634670

David Inman, MBA

Entrepreneurial Business Leader

ID 315030

Chad Reed

Seasoned manager, Javscript Junkie, UI/UX, data visualization, and rich multimedia apps

ID 258542

Mark Dilson

Producer/Editor of The Portland Pick. New Media Communications major from Oregon State University.

ID 295992

Robyn Woodman

Worked at @househappy • Studied at @western-washington-university, @illinois-state-university

ID 539102

Kelley Sivits

Wants to teach English via Colingo.

ID 154683

Hank Crawford

Expert in professional services outsourcing management. Can leverage best talent from around the world at low-cost as well as manufacturing.

ID 204701

Maziar Mahboubian


MBA @willamette-university University

ID 424527

Hunter Marcks

I offer clear and effective interactive design solutions.

ID 421696

Alexis Harris

Experienced in PR, Social Media and Event Management. Newbie to development. Passionate about tech and design.

ID 191975

Zach Pilchen

A third-year law student at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, Zach Pilchen has already played a key role in several environmental law initiatives.

ID 193490

Alissa Sobo


ID 487543

Kyle Patterson

ID 296576

Satish Kumaar Ponnusmy

MEng at Oregon State, n-tier experience

ID 61458

Jonathan Chadwick

Global Managing Partner-MindShare. @brickstr's closest advisor has developed campaigns and media strategy across 5 continents for the worlds largest brands.

ID 135172

Joel Serino

Founder at @sproutcamp Accelerator (now Focal Shift). Editor at Large at @Thinq4Yourself. Growth Hacker at @Simflofy. Hacking the planet.

ID 165534

Ryan Snyder

I help companies ship product. Worked at @mozilla, Simple. Founded Shizzow, Cram Session.

ID 343183

Emma Chandler

ID 502505

Charley McGowan

Founder @cuddleup • Worked at @nlight-photonics, @oregon-state-university University • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 59759

Satish Santhakumar

Worked at @autodesk • Studied at @illinois-institute-of-technology

ID 593221

Luda Feitser

Experienced front end developer working under LAMP stack. Utilize trending frameworks Twitter Bootstrap 3, LESS, SASS, jQuery, Sencha Ext JS, Symfony 2, Laravel

ID 184551

Chris Aplin

Web Designer @ Seattle Pacific University  • Worked at @placefull-inc

ID 658611

Maxwell Folley

Current Technical Director & Entrepreneur. Former lead engineer. Over 7 years of engineering experience and 5 years of experience managing teams.

ID 503233

Nick Wichman

Worked at Razorfish • Freelance Art Director • Studied at Colorado State University • CuddleUp Co-Founder

ID 507525

Carol Jones

I’m a junior developer with a background in marketing and customer service. I hope to collaborate and solve problems in an inspiring creative environment.

ID 462738

Jake Krishnan

ID 753533

A.V. Jones

Technical Translator, Adventurous Introvert, a Writer, and a Random Citizen.

ID 53821

Kevin Savetz

CEO of Savetz Publishing. Been online since 300 baud, baby.

ID 365910

Mink Ette

Maker of playful experiences.

ID 493194

Benoît Barberousse

Founder @skillsesh • Worked at @real-leather-design, @lane-technical-college-preparatory-debate-team • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 538186

Ben Munson

Strategist & Designer of digital experiences. Experience designing for Nike, Microsoft, Dell, startups, nonprofits, and anyone needing functional beauty.

ID 486712

Will Yee

Worked at @digimarc, @diamler-trucks-north-america • Studied at @oregon-state-university. Experienced with C, C++, Python, Asm, reverse engineering, software engineering

ID 261979

Jason King

User experience designer and strategist with more than 9 years of experience across a variety of industries and platforms.

ID 496605

Joshua S. Weinstein

Early employee in an internet startup that went IPO and was subsequently acquired by Microsoft, 10 years experience doing business in China as an expat, currently working at a Big Data startup in Silicon Valley.

ID 330661

Melissa Wilmot

Founder & CEO of WedBrilliant. Self-funded my 1st tech start-up and launched in February 2014! Also tweeting at https://twitter.com/MelissaWilmot.

ID 571576

Tony Marostica

Founder Vote Over It • Senior Regional Procurement Specialist for AtlasResell.com • Operated Reliable Tile throughout college @boise-state-university - 2008 Comm / Anthro

ID 299543

Randall Coston

Accomplished studio leader and development team manager, with experience in web, social and mobile applications.

ID 381483

Kristie Aurora Donnellan

Analysis, Operations, Program Management

ID 244053

Larry McKenzie

Android Developer @globant, @ebay, Founder @my-world-news . Broadcast Professional & Self-taught Developer. Android, iOS, RoR, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3.

ID 497312

Joe Novello

Experienced nurse; experienced entrepreneur; experienced nurse entrepreneur. Led his last startup to exit and is on to the next.

ID 605929

Alex Heinen

ID 141293


ID 738557

Sean Parker

Software Engineer/Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player. Interested in Machine Learning and AI. 

ID 478906

Mr Kyle Mac

Australian designer —by way of London —en route to San Francisco. Looking for full time opportunities.

ID 474178

Nichole Shannon

Seasoned Front-End Engineer and Architect. Graphic Designer and Musician

ID 675670

Shane Sahnow

University of Portland Graduate in Operations and Technology Management with a CS minor, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Nerd.

ID 262962

Jena Graham

ID 541255

Sarah Fortson, CPA

Accounting Consultant; VC experience and regulatory experience. Strong working knowledge of GAAP and GAAS.

ID 660172

Triska Lee

Nike/Swoosher, University of Portland BBA, Ops and Tech Management, Worked RapidMade/Frito-Lay, seeking fast-paced/challenging work in startup world.

ID 452459

Monica Solano Molina

Marketing Student at University of Portland; Strong communication skills; Worked at Wieden + Kennedy

ID 442625

Joshua Hadder

Key experience with community planning and assessments, self-sustainable projects nationally and internationally, and budgets. Consistently produces results.

ID 26251

Adam Harris

COO of FoodTrekker.com 11 years commercial experience, including with McCann Erikson and Publicis Groupe. BA Hons Business, PostGrad Diploma Business

ID 776469

Craig Reichelt

Recent Electrical Engineering Graduate

ID 342663

Rachael Herb-Neterer

Illustrator at RainyIsle. Focused on colorful, detail-intense quirky illustrations for billion-dollar companies (KU) and single freelance clients.

ID 598173

Kaelin Brewster

Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience research, Product Dev. & Design experience. B.A. Biological Psychology

ID 231740

Nathan Wittstock

Once IT professional, now technical overseer. Able to take the big picture, and tell you how to build it right.

ID 229469

Monica Down

Marketing Communications at Urban Airship. 1st startup out of college. Strong business background with a passion for writing, editing and all things creative.

ID 325648

Eric Nettleton

BA student at University of Portland; Worked at Leader Creek Fisheries and interned at Free Geek.

ID 58649

Jason Collingwood

CTO at @launchside.com connecting users to cool new websites and apps.

ID 728557


Apparel Entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs get to market.

ID 674865

DJ Moxley

Experienced recruiter and manager with experience in strategic partnerships, workforce planning, workforce management and relationship building.

ID 858451

Jordan Shuey

Student looking for an internship

ID 466986

Aaren Esplin

I am attracted to projects that challenge my mind and seek elegant solutions

ID 216664

Levi Bilbrey

Art director, project manager, photographer, graphic/web designer. Worked at FLIR Systems and OSU Foundation. Lead designer on M&A and grassroots initiatives.

ID 313945

Jeremy Myrland

ID 324715

Benjamin Linn

Product and policy specialist. Managed large and small user user bases with physical and software assets. Worked at Yahoo! Inc.

ID 487722

Colin Gardner

ID 452429

Zaid Hisham

Interaction Designer interested in improving peoples' lives.

ID 299331

Austen Price

Just browsing

ID 533717

David Boyd

ID 281644

Kidus Yared

There is nothing worse than a good idea that never reaches those who make it possible.

ID 685599

Katie Snowbarger

ID 484108

Kevin Kirkemo

Driven Biotechnology M.S. graduate searching for Business Development opportunities at healthcare and biotechnology focused companies.

ID 766677

Marc Crowl

Founder talentHAMMER • Worked at @microsoft, @hitachi-consulting

ID 821551

Terry Crandall

Sales, sales, and more sales. Armed with just a telephone and a virtual sales staff, took a company from 6 customers to over 600 in 2years.

ID 535322

Jennifer Peck

Worked at @nike, @susan-g-komen • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 677331

Joel Christiansen

ID 623327

Justan Plumlee

BS in Business Admin.

ID 62037

JB Beyer

Lead Consultant

ID 499599

Paul Childs

Brand Evangelist, Rainmaker, Strong Sales and Marketing Background. Ability to work with diverse teams across wide networks.

ID 491824

Ivan von Nagy

Technical lead focused on building high performance distributed systems using a variety of technologies across multiple platforms. Over 20 years of experience.

ID 711548

Chris Conkey

Hunter / Gatherer, I bring food to the table! Qualcomm/Baxa/Abbott

ID 367786

James Cooper

Recent MBA graduate with mechanical engineering background

ID 653300

Joshua Richey

Interaction Designer

ID 606871

Jason Ganub

Worked at @daimler, @intel , @oregon-state-university University • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 616693

Farbodd Ganjifard

ID 470399

Josh Gates

Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 548211

Ben Lambert

Full-stack web developer looking for full-time position.

ID 91189

Amit Jain

CTO of GammaPoint. Created my first computer game at age of 13. Vast experience in software industry. Started with Unix/C, moved to Smalltalk and later worked in architecting storage area networking solutions. Started GammaPoint in 2010. Biker, love woodw

ID 430981

Andy Cade Mccuistion

Oregon State BS-Economics, Sales Wiz, Outreach Specialist, Customer focused, Looking to make a mark.

ID 75139

Jesse Lenney

Software Engineer intern at @intel. Web Development for @osuosl.

ID 812219

Jason Kuhafkan

ID 871325

Spencer Olson

ID 188390


Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 374632

Chris Palmer

Accomplished Philosophy MA student, Strong Project Management skills, Advanced analytic and writing abilites.

ID 639935

Curtis Mills

ID 366408

Mitchell Harris

ID 696799

Matthew Pennock

Founder The Edge Climbing, The Edge Bouldering Gym • Studied at @portland-state-university

ID 386755

Jennie Fitzhugh

Director of Digital, Social and Mobile App Strategy

ID 520649

Megan Ward

Experience designer and strategist

ID 653478

Levi Younger

Sr. Recruiter @awesome-job

ID 666428

Sean Donovan

Revenue Creator with Sales/Sales Leadership experience selling SaaS, Social Media and Marketing products. Lead distributed teams with $5M to $25M/ARR.

ID 635068

David Goularte

Sales and Operations Management Pro

ID 99653

Sarah Tripp Stephan


Be Good. Do Good. SVP at @pyramid-communications.

ID 466612

Samuel Thornton

Front end developer and UX designer, primarily in Ruby on Rails environments; worked at Barclay Card. In love with responsive design.

ID 771108

Matthew Gross

Co-Founder @setastic President's List Honor Student All-State Performer

ID 343462

Richard Flosi

ID 584550

John Ragozzine

UX Passion. UI Mastery.

ID 359736

Inuka Gunawardana

Enthusastic software immagineer looking for exciting oppertunities

ID 343447

Chad T Clark


ID 240959

Dusti Arab

Disruptor, trendspotter, brand strategist. Works with brands who wreck the status quo and create meaningful rebellion. CEO of PrincessPartiesNW.com

ID 795571

Brian Perk

Worked with multiple creative tech startups. Enjoy building team atmosphere and completing high end projects.

ID 257446

Eric Johnson

Rookie frontend developer in PDX with a passion for coding, user interfaces, Blazers basketball, and eSports.

ID 140879

Matt Murphy

Founder/CEO of Proper Course & Co. • Studied at @florida-state-university • Heavy advertising background (automotive)

ID 495523

Jonathan Rand

Developer, Architect, Solves Problems with gumption

ID 190331

Ryan J MacPherson

Founder and CEO of Ealasaid Interactive, storyteller, husband & father, coffee snob, STEAMpunk

ID 626196

Jacob Stetson

Experienced Government Analyst looking to branch out!

ID 6029

Clement James

Founder of Skyslip

ID 717902

Clint Im

Co-Founder @setastic Winner's Circle recipient of Pacific Northwest region for @tmobile Founder Owner Operator @NorthwestAutomotive

ID 431829

Jenifer Wills

MBA Student at Marylhurst University, projected graduation spring 2014, Facilties and Events Coordinator at First Unitarian Church, manage team of 13 employees.

ID 73063

John Rabkin

ID 114473


Game Designer and Minister of Propaganda for Trenches and more mobile games.

ID 629752

Devin Daniels

Current Portland State University student in Computer Engineering with Sales and Management experience

ID 570476

Ed Bisquera

Digital Marketing Consultant @webfor. I speak SEO/Search, social media, video marketing. Father, B2B matchmaker, foodie, wine/beer fan, musician.

ID 474584

Jami Dwyer

Widget wizard.

ID 397844


Educator for fourteen years, global citizen, leadership skills

ID 666384

Aaron Phillip Hambleton

The person who says something is impossible, should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

ID 124803

Adam Koller

Principal Director at @marah-creative. Design and develop digital projects as an integrated team member for startups.

ID 439429

Eddie Kollar

Studied at @stevens-institute-of-technology

ID 184819

Nathan Roe

Kraft Foods, Nautilus. Variety of campaigns and strategies. BA Carleton, MBA Cornell.

ID 260965

Casey Zumwalt

Creative Director at Simple Focus, a boutique user experience agency. UI/UX designer, front-end developer, and Rails enthusiast.

ID 471807

Jie Gou

ID 432322

Cydney Anderson

Manager of Strategic Partnership at growing FinTech start-up PitchBook Data. Committed to relationship building and meeting client/partner needs.

ID 606775

Varsha Radhakrishnan

Graduate student at Portland State University. One year experience as a software developer. Interested in software development internships.

ID 546519

Johnathan Pierce

ID 406563

Eric Wiler

Founder @martell-tv • Studied at @western-michigan-university I've worked at Republic Pictures, Golden Girls, Castle Rock, Happy Madison, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rue McClanahan

ID 322329

Mark Fox

Art school scientist, humanist, digital draftsmen. Developing future tense software solutions, up and down the stack.

ID 159838

David Sexton

Founder @david-sexton-consulting • Worked at @united-states-marine-corps, @dealer-spike • @self-taught • Programming since 12

ID 767369

Casey Harper

Designer, data nerd and social media lover.

ID 47805

Minot Frye

Founder/CEO, E|CON Building Systems; inventor 49F Energy Investment System; founder Anthem Partners; former SVP Global Strategy, Zurich; I'm always right.

ID 44499

Rhyan Reid

I work hard, play hard, and am entertained by the oddities of life. Dropped out of college to start a company, finished college, back at the startup fountain.

ID 357676

Peter W

Open source developer and environmental advocate. Chair of @bikewalkvote and independent web/mobile designer.

ID 381801

Alexander Kipling

Coding bootcamp graduate. Background in real estate and education sectors.

ID 801024

Claudiu Lodromanean

Users are the life of anything so make them happy.

ID 860096

Olivia Raymer

Email marketing consultant, lifestyle (food, travel, outdoor) & tech space; MBA 2007

ID 811813

Lauren Moos

Intrepid and results-oriented software engineer credited with working in demanding enterprise and academic environments.

ID 406089

Shafiq Rehman

Worked at Intel. Lauched several web products. Interested in working with big/cutting edge ideas related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

ID 860216

Willem Larsen

ID 684304

Ven Gist

Founder & COO of LandApart. Designer and Problem Solver by nature.

ID 851286

Patricia Kirsch

UX designer and I/A at Roboboogie. Specializing in user-centered design, information architecture. Educated in fine art, design, web development and psychology.

ID 401558

Liza Tapp

Founder, Soul Collaborative, Portland, OR.

ID 219153

Andrew Clayton

Founder @fomo-media • Studied at @chapman-university

ID 552910

Jake Cheek

ID 283846

Daniel Coffman

Computer science, modern single-page web application design and implementation.

ID 536356

GuruNiveditha Singathala

Masters student looking for hardware internship

ID 255904

Austin Buell

MBA in Sustainability and Certified in Sustainable Enterprise

ID 497331

Zach Smith

Worked at @providence-health-and-services • Studied at @washington-state-university

ID 806407

Jill Tuleya

ID 802075

Travis Brumet

Event Management and Marketing whiz!

ID 466379


Portland Code School Grad. Mechanical Engineering BS. Full Stack Javscript.

ID 230061

Cory Angell

Studied at @portland-state-university

ID 429532

Dennis Mai

Research Analyst with experience in Data Analysis and Computer Modeling in the energy sector seeking opportunities.

ID 363361

Jason Raymond Werner

Aspiring Innovator With A Heart For Branding & A Mind For Strategy.

ID 860598

Tara Molina

Experienced MBA who eats, sleeps & breathes the customer experience! Fosters strong partnerships w/Product for delightful user experiences. Social media savvy!

ID 462778

Megan Ross

Currently in Marketing and Freelance Design. Recent graduate, Portland State Design and Business Degrees. Sustainability is a must. Social Media Marketeer.

ID 136038

Jonathan Harker

Linux hacker from the age of 14. Systems Administrator at @portland-state-university-1.

ID 577120

Sam Khalil

Technology savvy learner of business processes with the flexibility to think abstractly or concretely about a wide variety of IT and business related issues.

ID 315781

Gerowe Simmons

ID 771509

Jake Dockter

Creative development professional. PR, marketing, and communications with an emphasis in creative. Years of experience in nonprofit and cause marketing.

ID 559761

Audrey Rose Goldfarb

Hyper-social & ultra-rational. Adventure is key.

ID 588377

Micha Sinclair

Owned and Operated Rejuvenation Artisans for over 9 years. Exceptional critical thinker. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Portland State University.

ID 770664

Zach Entenmann

BS in Mathematics from Portland State University Some familiarity with C++, Python, Javascript In progress of learning SQL Eager to work hard and learn.

ID 292276

Lindsay Hofer

Enthusiastic young mind who is dreaming to change the world.

ID 816801

Peter Sugura

Young entrepreneurial mind looking be surrounded by like minded individuals

ID 343445

Jake Fagan

Senior Development Operations Engineer for househappy.org. Ruby Engineer.

ID 244366

Will Baab

Graphic Designer, BA Portland State, Cofounded internet prowrestling company, Launched analog service review product.

ID 145830

Heather Noddings

ID 838039

Michael Duddington

Highly Competitive Salesperson with over a decade of experience in growing a company from the ground up.

ID 281783

Scott Leonard

VP of Engineering, BSEE & MBA

ID 498833

B. Scott Taylor

Founder Green Endeavor Inc. • Worked at @3m, @mfs-communications

ID 802088

Jack Rubinger

Constantly refreshes the message.

ID 327278

Tim David


ID 809712

Rian Long

Portland State Graphics Design Major; Filmed Sacramento Kings and Elk Grove School District promotional material; 4 years of graphics design experience
http://[email protected]

ID 331836

Kemp G. Pile


Worked in the insurance industry since 2001. Have been fortunate to work with great people that have led to exposure and opportunities.

ID 706164

Iris Blackburn

ID 848059

Alex Christof

University of Ottawa. Creative problem solver. Recently assembled first team for startup idea. Received Scotiabank's Best of the Best designation.

ID 580681

Ruth Harrison Fuller

ID 353378

Steve Alexander

Designer, Artist and Musician.

ID 303713

Shawn Kelley

I'm curious and I love helping build things. Strong background in design, business development and operations.

ID 193211

Brad Steward

ID 376313

Angelica Mendoza

Graphic designer specializing in print design. Prides in having a diverse and versatile design style. Enjoys collaboration and delving into the design process. Graduated from Portland State University and worked at One Economy Corporation.

ID 810615

Derek Carlson

Founder TreeJoy

ID 771655

Guy Halperin

ID 473458

Reese Wilson

PHP and MySQL programmer. Developed full CRM LAMP stack, heart monitor data processing and analysis service, and a sales reports and RMA system for our intranet

ID 517608

Frankie Smith

BA student, Russian. Strong customer service background and social media marketing expertise.

ID 684280

Joseph Mack

Athlete at Nike. Strong sales and customer service background (Nike, Purple Box Printing).

ID 81489

Mark Pitman

Co-Founder - VP Sales and Marketing. My main motivation is to bring new solutions to people who need them. I love entreprenuership, and building businesses.

ID 718441

Marina Rose Martinez

Founder Marina Martinez Consulting • Full service digital marketing specializing in small non-profits • @Chapman Alum • Portland, OR

ID 347658

Adam Parry

Design Founder @gift-gather

ID 848055

Carolyn Juergens

Twitter campaign garnered $50k worth of brand awareness, Upped small business's sales by $8k with one ad, Competitive analysis and market research guru

ID 580230

Rob Burton

CFO at Stoel Rives, LLP

ID 427814

Tram Nguyen

Highly proficient in MS Office Suite, MS SharePoint, Worked at US Peace Corps Volunteer.

ID 81132

Jason Frank

Top Sales Team in the United States

ID 637495

Ryan Kingsmith

I manage technical accounts and support as the Director of Client Services working remotely in Portland, OR specializing in display advertising technology.

ID 627430

Anna Karen Wellborn

Worked at @hoodoo-antiques-and-design • Studied at @southern-oregon-university

ID 223520

Drew Anderson

Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas. I'm an idea developer, I build user experiences. I work on a variety of interesting projects at different capacities.

ID 340169

Sunil Mohan

ID 675309

James Cooper

Cavalry Scout Intel Analyst, Community Developer, Market Intelligence, Sales, and Marketing Administration.

ID 585205

Mark Proden

ID 766995

Joel Mulkey

Founder and CEO Bigleaf Networks, Built an ISP as the CIO at Freewire, a regional ISP. Expert network architect and strong leader.

ID 364763

Ryan Rebo

I make things from scratch, with code, pixels, color and sound. Developer // Designer // Musician

ID 647154

Loren Sheets

Founder at @socialsaver Worked at @road-runner-sports • Studied at @george-fox-university University

ID 385953

Jala Smith-Huys

Social Media Strategist | Digital Relationship Cultivator | Fearless Community Manager

ID 816113

Adam Ross Russell

Entrepreneurship degree from Bryant University; Worked for The Hershey Comapany; Co-founder and Business Manager for R2E LLC.

ID 140096

Tim Weaver

ASIC/FPGA digital logic designer (Bit Mechanic) who also gets to write Python apps and AVR micro-controller code. Stickler for form+function in all design.

ID 347874

Dylan Dechant

Masters in Achitecture. First software startup in high school. Jack of all trades, problem solving, logistics. I'll get it done. I live to learn. I live to work.

ID 323985

Karen Hellweg

ID 531735

Zachary Allan

Sales/Contractor: Residential Painting; Built branch from scratch to gross $120k in only 8 months.

ID 387495

Andrew Hallberg

ID 626188

Sarah Dalton

Business development and operations extraordinaire. Culture enthusiast. Real world experience asking the right questions to solve the right problems.

ID 804048

Bryan Donovan

ID 37766

Steve Donatelli

Creative Director and Senior Brand Designer @DONATELLI; Strong business acumen; Worked at ID Branding, Beeline Group, Berkley Systems, MIndscape Software.

ID 193387

Jeremy Johnson

Mobile Project Manager @forix & Freelance writer. Interested in mobile, music, photography, frisbee & food. As well as many other things.

ID 778607

美坤 汪

Currently pursue CS master at OHSU, interested in Large Scale Ruby on Rails Dev Internship.

ID 774893

Kelly Watermeyer

CS undergrad student at Regis University. Strong engineering educational foundation (studied first two-years of engineering degree at Cal Poly). Language: C++

ID 531243

Corey Rust

Founder & CEO of EnviJet, @envi-footwear • Worked at @intel, @horizon-air • Studied at @eastern-oregon-university

ID 690008

Santosh Chandavaram

ID 362474

Paul Wyss

Web/Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer designing, creating and developing Web sites and graphics. Resonsive design, HTML(5), CSS3, JQuery, Media Queries .

ID 315852

Rob Shields

Coming soon

ID 297979

brian walsh

15 years of entrepreneurship Effective Cross-functional Leadership Technical leadership with business focus Software architect, hands-on engineer

ID 18984

Glenn Smith


Portland Venture Group

ID 752533

Sanjeev Sekar

Junior Developer at SBI. Google Summer of Code participant. Polyglot. Quantitative Economics background. Avid Musician.

ID 640259

Cameron Thomas

Mobile dev generalist. Published 2 apps (solo) to play, and 2 as team leader. Broad architectural skills. Agile and word decomposition mentor.

ID 339734

Arthur Ice

Developed and deployed two high availability networked services, one of which has 5 successful plugins. Both used by Fortune 50 companies as key infrastructure.

ID 277488

Thor Prichard

I lead a team of folks with blended expertise in education and technology to transform the process and practice of teaching in a global society.

ID 4471

Nels Paine


ID 304234

Matthew Goshman

I am a Portland based developer who is passionate about using technology, code and design to create meaningful and memorable experiences.

ID 189425

Lars Jorgensen

Founder @collaboratepdx, @green-house-framing • Studied at @life-university

ID 723036

Derek Walker

Production Artist @nike, Freelance Graphic & Web Designer. Previous: Graphic Designer at Tour Design Creative @ball-state-university BFA

ID 734163

Nick Snyder

Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer who believes in the marriage of clean design and the latest technology.

ID 623971

Jim Simmermon

ID 450950


Business blog writer with a passion for creation and management of web content and building online brand presence.

ID 220659

Erik Chevalier

Publisher & Founder at The Forking Path, Alumni of Joystick Labs in 2010 with Inari. Ran successful Kickstarter campaign with 350% of funding goal.

ID 547625

Pete Bunke

Responsive web designer/developer. Worked at @people-power, @webstract-marketing • Studied at @the-art-institute-of-california-san-diego

ID 494328

Pat Slocom

Founder of Riptide. Developer and Project Manager at Calltacular. Previously a developer at TenentFlo

ID 472116

Sterling Rector

Accomplished sales executive with financial services and enterprise SaaS

ID 619225

Matt Mendelsohn

ID 208368

Peter Herring

trovi is my 3rd company; very strong marketing/branding background. Given today's social world, I now believe that companies guided by a multi-stakeholder operating system are best positioned to thrive in the new marketplace reality

ID 562791

Adrienne Smith

Studied at @dixie-state-college, I recently worked at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center as a Surgical Technologist. Over the course of my professional life, I developed and practiced many valuable skills which serve my capacity as an advisor.

ID 663351

Colby Viola

Full lifecycle developer. BS at FSU 2014. Strong Mobile Dev.

ID 378717

Charlene Foote

Designer + front-end developer with in-house and agency experience. Mentor @designlab.

ID 343453

Taurie Davis

ID 500211

Devan Nichole Edwards

PNCA BFA Graduate, Entrepreneur, eBay UX Employee, Wedding Invitation Designer, Blogger, Crafter

ID 548435

Riley Fritsch

Tenacious Account and Sales Manager, who has focused on being a "hunter" for new clients.

ID 380140

Sydney Leigh

aspiring to make an awesome impact in the arts for artists 1/4 social l 1/4 tech l 1/4 economics l 1/4 creative

ID 800786

Jessica Spiegel

Freelance travel writer, community manager, gelato enthusiast. Founded Italy Explained. Current: Plansify, Viator. Former: TBEX, WhyGo Italy, BootsnAll.

ID 146212

alison bates

Director of Programming and Web Development at @LVD Media, LLC • Software Engineer @General Dynamics Land Systems • Founder @Bates Photographic, LLC

ID 718120

Alan Eckert

Seasoned Production Specialist; Proven Leader; Vendor Relations; Jack of All Trades; Quality Control and Product Safety

ID 744383

Tom Williams


Based in the US, with dual US/ UKcitizenship. Serial startups, now looking for a higher level view.

ID 284088

Zach Henkin

Organized, motivated, results driven leader with a flair for marketing and professional communication. Business background and MBA education.

ID 23572

Graham Keavney

Founder: @itsybid (launched Sept 2010). Co-Founder: Surftix. B.S. - Marketing & Ad Management

ID 463538

Cody Cox

Founder / CEO of SkyJuke • Former Human Intelligence Collector in US Army • Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan • Worked at US Consulate in Iraq

ID 257863

Jesse Scott

Over a decade of web development experience including custom e-commerce, large scale content management, and business infrastructure projects.

ID 834627

medulla skyline

ID 497231

Catherine Nikolovski

Founder of Hack Oregon. Founder of CuddleUp. Market Development Director at Portland Code School.

ID 170164

Brandon Boyd

Global marketing professional focused on software, growth strategies and content marketing.

ID 644518

Randall Shane, PhD

Talented Data Scientist with skills in Python, R, MongoDB, Redis, algorithms, machine learning, predictive analytics using supervised or unsupervised learning.

ID 45668

Dan Wakefield

E-Commerce Entrepreneur. Founder & Managing Partner at @yardrents. Enterprise E-Commerce Consultant (Hasbro, PetSmart, Kroger/FredMeyer, Kohls & Nike).

ID 703289

Ryan Newman

Pacific University Computer Science major, many applications written on my own, looking to get my start in the professional IT field

ID 362670

Ryan Hicke

Full stack generalist, capable of working with any technology, currently works for Intel.

ID 489306

Duane Bietz


Retired Cardio Thoracic surgeon. Consultant to Regence Blue Cross, Holland America Line and Portlandd Adventist Medical Center.

ID 304085

Kerry Nehil

Worked at @hot-studio

ID 627222

Bob Tischendorf

Hybrid graphics guy and programmer.

ID 230502

Rod Cook

Founder and owner of Alpine Auto Body, Rod Cook now has three thriving locations in the city across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

ID 135123

Michael McTiernan

Principal of McTiernan Software Services, LLC; Formerly Chief Architect of Loyalize and Director of Engineering at Viggle.

ID 404104

Rachel Siegfried

ID 418283

Megan Jumago

Conceptualizing, developing and executing social media strategy and plans for NFL China and SHOKAY.

ID 45162

Sergey Kuzminskiy

Marketing Director at Finic Inc

ID 702405

Valerie Yermal

ID 873458

Sam McGonigal

Dismantler - bike builder - urban farmer

ID 690527

Justine Eister

Outstanding customer service agent looking to develop and grow new media skills

ID 337693

danny sperry

Jr. Rails dev smoothing out my edges through professional experience. Passionate with deep desire to learn development from 30000 ft down to the nitty gritty.

ID 540789

Thomas Ring

Fortune favors the bold.

ID 704293

Adrian Otero Vila

Full stack generalist focused on Mobile Development (iOS & Android).

ID 295991

Emily Kellett

ID 439303

Jason Rodriguez

Full Stack Web Developer. Willing to relocate anywhere. Ready for a challenge and looking to grow with a forward thinking organization

ID 711671

Lindsay Pak

Aspiring programmer, currently studying Computer Science at Khan Academy. Quality Assurance at GetRinger.com.

ID 666591

Mariya Barnes

Global Communications. Strategic Doer. Effective B2B comms programs. iGaming. Partner @ Ogilvy PR Central Asia. Worked at IGT, Ogilvy, Alcatel-Lucent.

ID 546051

Mehdi Mojtabavi

Mehdi Mojtabavi is an award winning industrial designer with 14+ years of experience in design and brand strategy fields. He worked at Ziba Design one of the most sought after design consultancies in the world.

ID 696087

Vanessa Ditto

ID 359524

Jenny Greenleaf

Versatile writer, from Twitter to APIs—hardware, software, and marcom. Independent professional. Worked at Apple, ParcPlace Systems, and several startups.

ID 9856

Rami Kassab

ID 646468

Jordan Nickerson

ID 108143

Bjorn Borstelmann

Creative Director @conscious-box. Miami Ad School Europe; Art Direction, Copywriting, Strategic Planning. Invented the Tie T-shirt.

ID 807834

Timothy McGowan

Founder Royal Parking Management • Worked at @wells-fargo, @united-technologies-corp-supporting-many-tech-start-ups • Studied at @pensacola-christian-college

ID 756993

Jose Gonzalez

ID 494513

Chris Weber

Major excitements are new technology, pop culture, sustainable development, music and movies.

ID 527685

Jeremy Silver

Jack-of-all-trades learning approach to design theory, web development, technology, art, and life in general. Whitespace doesn't have to be white...

ID 616873

Tina Tena

20 years entrepreneur, 3 startups, 2 successes

ID 286400

Mark Grimes

find me @neddotcom

ID 763817

Layton Rosencrance


Retired from SYSCO, President and CEO of Operating Company in Spokane, WA

ID 277894

Jill Scott

Jill Scott Founder - Professor Sam, Experience in sales, social media marketing, web and app design, e-commerce

ID 786097

Christa Collins

Worked at Squarespace for 7.5 years building an award winning customer-focused team from the ground up.

ID 773569

Allan Gu

ID 781242

Brent Baltzer

ID 781463

Alexander Bertotto

ID 765059

Erin Kennedy

Client and user satisfaction guru

ID 771002

Federico Carthy

Launched an iOS app, worked at a 100+ million hits/month property.

ID 868463

Kyle Smith

Newly graduated web developer. 

ID 552440

Jen Stanton

ID 782607

Gregg Rathbone

ID 282642

Dan Robertson

Dropped out with two terms left of my BS (whoops, sorry Mom!). Spent last 10 yrs bootstrapping a company. Now ready to focus on product & problem solving.

ID 425482

Karina Weber

Digital artist and illustrator that occassionally dabbles in 3D modeling and animation with Blender. I enjoy writing and doodling with friends in my down time.

ID 117318

andy idsinga

software dev - embedded to web apps, electronics tinkerer, DIYer, home brewer, wantrepreneur, amtr motorcycle mechanic, amtr carpenter/electrician/plumber

ID 451316

Jon Tanner

Front End Web Developer, UI/UX designer, work at Barclaycard on Bespoke Offers

ID 184731

Robert Scott

ID 785956

Paula Cooley

ID 774315

Sandy Chan

ID 664830

Andrew Mechow

Sales Master looking for the ultamate product.

ID 741354

Matt Ranostay

Obtaining challenging position as Software Engineer that has a focus in embedded systems, and has rapid career advancement based on performance.

ID 797489

Ty Frith

ID 736899

Josh Vaughn

17 + years experience in complete systems solutions. 4+ years expeience in driving scalable, secure, and stable cloud based solutions.

ID 733467

Kathy Markwalder

ID 737505

Laura Allen

ID 732587

olivier palta

Junior full stack developer, loves to work hard and learn.

ID 748400

Amanda Anderson Meyer

ID 799050

Aaron Wangugi

Ohio State CS and Math, Software Security Researcher, able to wear many hats. Interested in user experience.

ID 719754

Kyle Lagendyk

ID 739398

Colby Callahan

More than 8 years developer experience with a track record of solving unique problems in multiple industries. Lots of languages with a specialty in javascript.

ID 731623

Judd Higgins

ID 727003

O'Koyea Huff-Boone

I write ruby & javascript, background in marketing & advertising, works at @quick-left / @sprint-ly

ID 808057

Allyson Burk


ID 745974

Sarah Willson

ID 791334

Thomas Jung

Full Stack Specialist coding/hacking since 10, since 13 for profit. Architected and lead teams building anything from one page site to enterprise systems.

ID 787668

Peter Bexelius

ID 747581

Rachel stockton

Co-own graphic and web design company, great customer service/sales experince

ID 802601

Jarod Nickerson

ID 803989

S Hustoles

ID 811921

William A. Morrison, MBA, CEM

ID 845618

Vineela Danthuluri

ID 704257

huy le


ID 674304

Barry Delcambre


I am new to start-ups, but it is an area I want to explore.

ID 842006

Dana Miller

ID 673375

Munir Randall

Marketing specialist

ID 687595

Mary Mack

ID 697754

Matthew Hoover

Experienced operations manager from Apple interested in Portland startups.

ID 706666

Xiaolong Cheng

ID 694204

Wai Manalo

Continuous sales growth 6 years in a row.

ID 696967

Jordan Butler

ID 694414

Marshall Rogers

PSU computer science & mathematics focused on statistics. Excited about web and mobile possibilities.

ID 715768

Chris Ball

ID 679280

Mark Reyer

ID 826498

Emily Grigone

ID 688584

Pamela K. Santos

ID 818176

Frank Johnson

CS enthusiast, beginning web designer, general polyglot dabbler.

ID 709878

Ryan Terpening


ID 700876

Jake Horn

Never stop learning. Specialties: A combination of creativity and strategic thinking.

ID 718196

David Torbeck

Junior-level rails and ios developer.

ID 695371

Robb Beck

ID 671324

Lindsay C. Terrell

Arts Management and Instigation.

ID 666343

David Allen


Working technologist and consultant to investors and early stage entrepreneurs. 3 successful exits working with one of the hottest startups in the valley.

ID 661696

Paige Bernier

ID 878172

Rose Laughlin


Previous successful tech industry experience.

ID 851469

Ryan Pawling

ID 853049

Dominic Kukla

Unusually Ambitious team player. Proven salesman. Aspiring entrepreneur.

ID 851393

Henry Hiltner

ID 877653

Testaba aBa

Really good

ID 636570

Paul Heffner

Founded Real Estate, Website, and Oil and Gas companies. Worked as a consultant for 6 years and a Finance Executive at Cricket Wireless for 4 years.

ID 635595

Darin Sennett

ID 878002

brent mcd

Exploring;... work hard, play harder

ID 635860

Aerin Wilson Clark

Creative Strategist

ID 662333

Justin Myles Holmes

Founder and Chief Chocobo Breeder of slashRoot tech collective. Python / Django teacher / developer, entrepreneur, musician, acroyogi, friendly fighter, etc.

ID 875488

Michael Marrero

ID 638246

Hunter Young


Worked as a business banker / commercial lender. Started private practice audiology company. Started real estate investment company. Looking to diversify.

ID 655159

Anna Rose Gornbein

BFA Visual Communications from Arizona; Honorable Senior Award; Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Design Intern at Caliber Group

ID 640077

Rodney Wims


Business owner/entrepreneur

ID 675972

Maureen Murphy

Front End Web Developer and Video Game Enthusiast

ID 641966

Elijahu Shapira



ID 869012

Caspar Kim


Just started this and getting to know how it works

ID 603428

Samuel McCree

Habit Master

ID 596572

Michelle Baker

ID 883504

Anthony M Kearns

Artist, Photographer, Upholster, Woodworker here looking for a better life and ways to manage money and time.

ID 885746

John Ve

ID 878047

Christopher Clark

Director of Engineering at a well-funded startup with strong Computer Science background

ID 606047

Allison Nuyen

ID 617986

Mike Grady

ID 602869

Benjamin Moll

Director of University Assessment & Research at Corban University. Doctoral Studies: Higher Ed Leadership, WSU Vancouver.

ID 624259

Dan S Turner

E-commerce specialist making a career transition to software development.

ID 613126

Max Greer


ID 882534

Rob Mac Neal


Middle aged nearly fully liquid male physician looking to invest in new ideas that will change the way we do things.

ID 585997

Nick Reinhart

ID 620252

Nikita Moiseev


Self made acrobat with Cirque du Soleil. Experience in Computer Science, Performance Arts, Electrical Engineering. Have decided to become and investor after saving money my whole life.

ID 611015

Kristine Simmermon

Founder for successful non profit venture. Early team member on several start-up, venture capital companies. Certified Scrum Product Owner.

ID 607713

Thom Shapiro

ID 877293

Brad Troutner

Founder of GrowUnits.com

ID 618530

Taylor Jones

Degrees in Operations and Finance. Analyst across entire supply chain from Development of product until arrival at DC

ID 620001

Katie Oakes Stevens

ID 619994

Khanh Le


Founded BMF Trading, LLC

ID 621383

Jonathan Graham

Rails Engineer

ID 513523

Jennifer Burbano

Bilingual Professional .

ID 579287

Peter Busque

I've been involved in the enterprise tech market for the last 15 years in various sales roles for several organizations.

ID 537102

Jonathan Ortiz-Myers

Wine-Chemist, Particle-Beam Physicist, Entrepreneur, Husband, Son and Friend: I start things–and am currently VP of strategy for enterprise SaaS company.

ID 579564

Isaac Ekblad

Haven't done jack, just checking this site out.

ID 572932

Steffanie Williams

Good Design = Good Business.

ID 532021

Dang Le

ID 518659

Paul Zallar

All new business development was accomplished through email marketing.

ID 565251

Joseph Legaz

Part of team to lead Giants marketing and consumer experience efforts, wildly creative, operates better without limits, knows the power of human relationships

ID 522197

Korvin Szanto

Full stack and then some, native mobile development.

ID 549455

Prashanti Velivela

ID 579368

Sam Cooper

Lewis & Clark 2014 Degree in Political Science. Experience in management, communications, and public policy.

ID 295

Gregory Diharce

ID 534996

Chris Contolini

ID 521183

Francisco Javier Lopez

Founder Western Flyer Chaperas

ID 549342

Alex Trevor Devine

ID 523381

Lars Whelan


Ship's Captain specializing in sub-sea construction in the oil field. Auditor and Adviser to Shell, BP, Chevron, Conoco ect..

ID 582681

Scott Bontempo


Fortune 50 leader, Officer Dex Media IPO, Private Equtiy operations leader in Growth and Distressed assets, CEO/Founder & board governance advisor

ID 513484

Hannah Kane

Accomplished manager of teams, projects, and products. Motivated by a desire to do good. Space Camp alum.

ID 580034

Starr Kazarany

ID 586123

Andrew Hanson

Worked in WebAnalytics, Web Filtering, Image Manip. 23 products over 18 years. cofounded two successful startups.

ID 471268

Rob Boek

Data Architect

ID 499516

Robbie Ferrero

Front-end expert with heavy focus on javascript application architecture. Strong experience with back-end development and mobile as well.

ID 498241

Paula Funatake

Business Systems Analyst, Solutions Architect, SW Quality Assurance, SDLC, Agile, SCRUM

ID 472403

Rodell Razor, MBA

Vice President & Co Founder of Ford Sports Performance.

ID 470614

Eric Grimm


After managing software projects for 30 years at Intel, I am now directing my attention to improving the utilization of network technology for education.

ID 495848

Omni Donutss

ID 498192

Jonathan Lee

ID 518398

Brye Schroeder

ID 499041

Vaughn Aldredge

UX designer with mobile, web & software experience. Current design director @medio-systems. Worked @amazon and Intelligent Results Inc.

ID 469275

Joe Kunin

Traveler, adventurer, artist, designer, human.

ID 464928

Bill Seibert

See LinkedIn Profile - http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=65956328

ID 499556

Dale Pescatore

ID 486152

Chris Wright

Full-stack developer (currently with ruby/rails/js), math background, sports and beverage enthusiast, great team member

ID 504763

Ginger G Pearson

Exceptional Business Development Leader Delivers Results - Your Key to Revenue Growth with a 360° Approach

ID 506137

Jason Trinh

Recent Graduate from Portland State University

ID 473081

Kathleen Mueller

University of Oregon Advertising Student

ID 441801

Brad Gregg

Experienced Operations and Project Manager

ID 453686

Ryan Kirven

ID 487971

Kyle Yang

Speaks 3 languages (Fluent in Mandarin and English, Intermediate Spanish), Studied at the London School of Economics for a year, Interned at a hedge fund.

ID 399794

Paul Reiter


Enterprise SaaS-based IT sales for 8 yrs, former record label owner, marketing/PR agency experience as well.

ID 411407


Creative financial professional with 25 years experience

ID 420003

Erik Sundberg

ID 396792

Sean Wiese

Founder at Nomalicious.co Nomalicious is a subscription box for local artisan makers. Regional food boxes curated and delivered quarterly.

ID 419278

Bill Kirby


Lawyer - Investor - Finra Arbitrator

ID 390101


ID 388713

Patrick Cook

Have worked in extremely stressful and deadline driven work experiences all my life

ID 400248

James Higgins

ID 377393

Ethan Bell

Web Developer

ID 398542

Josh Day

ID 409475

Chris Valaas


Saw powells.com through it's explosive early growth as an online ecommerce pioneer

ID 439776

Jay Peterson


Founder of a quant hedge fund & computer-assisted drug design lab. AI. Making sense of information in a chaotic world. San Francisco, Portland, Seattle.

ID 396560

Mansi Sanghavi

MBA with 3 years of experience in IT, business development, consulting and organizational development

ID 389531

Tom Offermann

Python/Django Developer. Active on Github. Popular repositories include "iphone-sms-backup" and "Minecloud" (on-demand Minecraft server on EC2).

ID 439361

Sarah E. Pool

ID 385318

Ryan Munro

Full stack engineer; builds front end heavy applications; designs backend services; avid open source library maintainer.

ID 414531

DeeAnn Sole

Founder The Cognitive Healthcare Company • Worked at @abbott-vascular

ID 400575

Dakota Gale


Creating change on the boundary of finance and sustainability.

ID 393100

Peter Irby

ID 381910

Chelsea Boyte

ID 369019



ID 343209

David Handlong

Interactive Designer in Portland, OR.

ID 361670

Amy Dubin

Influential Business Development Consultant seeking to help companies expand their market share via strategic business and media planning.

ID 372849

Austin Davis

Treehouse Student; Learned multiple coding languages in four months, dedicated to learning more and contributing to a team;

ID 350031

Brian Felder


Founded CrowdCompass (sold to Cvent in 2012)

ID 380979

Chad Murphy

Software Architect for SaaS, highly successful and looking for next opportunity.

ID 323316

Huan Meng

Founder @civva. CS, CGI, Video Game, Interactive Media Development, Fashion & Luxury.

ID 344107

Adam Khawaja

ID 334057

Butch Clydesdale

I have over 15 years experience designing and developing web and software applications. I am a hard working, self-motivated person who enjoys the work.

ID 368391

Scott Phillipson

User Experience Architect

ID 334614


Aspiring posthuman.

ID 375774

Doug Klucevek


Finance Professional at Intel working with various new ventures and startup efforts for 20 years. University of Michigan MBA.

ID 334084

Johnny Robeson

ID 304843

Patrick Gault

Montana BS; Proven Project Manger; High level of technology knowledge; trend keeper

ID 317751

Grace Vox

ID 313195

Paul Fryer

ID 342795

Amanda Troxler

Senior Stylist at Bishops; Expertise in the beauty industry and sales; Web Development and Design Student with AAS in Multimedia;

ID 336221

Katie Hilgemann

Senior Brand Manager/Project Manager, good at building and maintaining key client relationships, building sales within existing accounts, new business development.

ID 289541

Chris Ingallina

Ingallina providing Lunch Catering & corporate catering including Sandwich Catering, box lunches, breakfast catering in LA, WA, CA and nearest area.

ID 224623

Hasan K

Interactive Art Director / UX Professional / Digital Strategist

ID 260077

Bee Local

Bee Local produces micro-batch artisan honey in unique neighborhood varieties. Like wine each has its own taste profile. Raw, healthy and delicious.

ID 217728

Jackson Gariety

I was a HackStar at TechStars. I like patterns, code, and humans. I can see the future.

ID 218366

TJ Banick

Technical Recruiter at Jobspring Partners. Aspiring Journalist. Freelance Web Developer.

ID 280233

Jason Phillips

Enterprise .net web / database / software developer. I have extensive intranet development and have worked on and with small, large, and off-shore teams.

ID 274845

Christopher Miner, MAI, FRICS, CCIM

President, My Real Estate Department - relationship-based advisory services that benefit owners, users and developers. Every company uses real estate.

ID 273394

Andrew Silvernail

ID 231057

Al Hulaton

ID 221728

Shaven Hippie

Shaven Hippie produces a Do It Yourself Maternity Panel Kit and Maternity Sewing Patterns that save new moms to be hundreds of dollars on maternity clothes.

ID 230319

Glen Myers


ID 277411

Mike Dimeo Portland

For more than 20 years, real estate broker Mike Dimeo of Portland, Oregon, has demonstrated keen industry acumen and a high capacity for sales.

ID 250718

Michael Wilson

ID 213542

Jordan Cole

I sketch; others may color.

ID 287968

Jesse Bray

Founder of Brayhaus, a app/game startup. Art director, animator, and digital designer. Marketing and branding specialist.

ID 216094

David Ambrose


ID 251426

Collin Dunn

ID 209702

Peter Francis MD

Studied at University College London, U. of London. President and Founder of Pacific Ophthalmology Consulting.

ID 212491

Kris Watson

Founder @lumous

ID 119787


Founder @grublits-1 • Worked at @usaf

ID 123341

Jeannine Ritter

A successful entrepreneur and mentor. I am starting a company to help at-risk teens learn first-hand how to build the future of their dreams.

ID 94241

Andrew Chow

MBA student at University of Michigan - Ross School of Business. Previously a management consultant with @accenture. Studied biomedical engineering.

ID 191446

Mandy McClausky

Freelance web and user experience designer.

ID 213927

Hoang Minh Nguyen


ID 157978

Grady Britton

ID 175980

Nate Beeman

ID 105789

Julien Coulon

Co-founder and General Manager at @cedexis-2

ID 131548

Justin Fallon Dollard

Project Manager II, Planning and Asset Management

ID 154374

Katie Schiavo

ID 108787

Cristian Serra

Worked at @microsoft, @mitsubishi-corporation

ID 158633

Yuriy Pochkin

Project manager. 20 years of experience in a scientific research, computer science, project management.

ID 166591


ID 147556

Gary Coe


ID 137300



Funder, Founder and Advisor who loves Innovation, Internet and Entrepreneurship!

ID 122643

Peter Hoffman

ID 190607


All user input is tainted by default.

ID 192455

Umer Ejaz

ID 117120

Haren Myneni


ID 60799

Tauren Mills

Investor in @sportzing-corporation, @writeten-llc, @servlets-net-corporation, @groovee-corporation.

ID 49499

Jen Procter, CHt., M.NLP, HCHI

Owner of Portland Dog Runner, Inc, Oregon's first dog running service. Pet care professional, Hypnotherapist and Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor.

ID 100190

Tom Quick

Highly adaptive and dynamic user experience tactician with 10 years of experience in managing technical projects, platform migrations, and product development.

ID 61014

Jesse Smith

Web Developer

ID 93530

James Dalziel

Co-founded database consulting business 3 years ago, before that was building data warehouse's for major bank, before that it was for @xo-group.

ID 33576

Erick Jorgensen

Founder Mortgage and Boutique Construction companies. Served in US Navy Triathlete

ID 95925

Tim Chereck

Founder of Hintme.com, Vice President of Marketing, Art Director, Small Business Owner. Team Builder and Coach

ID 75871

Milo Winningham

Full-stack web developer and Director of Technology at Artexpo Studio.

ID 48441

Matthew Burke

Marketing, Communications and Research at Lucky Sort.

ID 102103

Muntaz Kaleem

Build multiply frameworks for testing and performance testing.

ID 57322

Will Glass

Founder of Drink Deck LLC. We've created a print and digital media concept for foodies and bar enthusiasts for travel in top food and drink destinations.

ID 79474

Christopher Blair

at @zoogle-media

ID 67307

Dave Barcos

Strategic creative marketing talent with design skills.

ID 71597

Justin Hoey

CEO of @everyday-paradise. Marketer for @autodesk Manufacturing, BMX Film Maker, Self Made.

ID 76675

Gary Walter

Savinglives, one conversation at a time - speaking up for those without a voice.

ID 39938

Dominic Cicero

Actively searching for marketing partners for the IZOD Indy car series

ID 86932

Sylviane Norris

President & Secretary of @hyaqu, Inc. 2011. Malagasy Traveler Extraordinaire

ID 83846

Matt LeGrand

Washed up jogger who enjoys sitting behind a computer and staring off into an oblivion . . . wait what was the question?

ID 62318

Garry Taylor CCTP

Strategist/ Manager at International Culinary Tourism Association

ID 15183

Alan Bazzaz

ID 27096

Rodrigo Franco

I am a problem solver. Either predicting and modeling systems to avoid future problems or analyzing and improving existing systems - that's what makes me tick.

ID 13601

Stephen Layton

@shindakun working on a better e-commerce platform.

ID 889307

Nimesh Patel


ID 4582

Ray Terrill

ID 10043

Dave Savage

ID 14596

Ron Nelson

ID 890250

Peter Mikelsons

ID 11191

David Cameron

Whizbang front-end apps. MVC Javascript. OOCSS.

ID 254923

Nathan McDonald


CEO @keiretsu-capital President @keiretsu-forum-northwest with over 300 angel investor members. Studied @university-of-washington, President @university-of-washington Entre Alumni Net

ID 33467

Alex Salazar

ID 28469

Eric Weymueller

CoFounder @contentai-studios. Successful backstory @ intersection of consumer-facing media and emerging technologies.

ID 16738

jagatjoti Singh Khalsa

ID 6508

Basil Johnson

ID 16252

Linh Phan

ID 19807

Brad Zenger

Investor in @enlighted, @sq-biofuels, @emme, @tuusso-energy.

ID 890021

Ashley Koontz

Hi, I'm a front end developer living in the lovely city of Portland.

ID 3825

Simon King

Current: Founder/CEO of @wordspreadz. Dir of Dev: Portland SW, VP BusDev: NetActive, MD: Renaissance SW, President for Korean consumer company: Treksta.

ID 9123

Jeremiah Kastner

previous experience includes working for companies such as Adobe, @yahoo, HP, Extensis, and Siemens

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