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ID 139763

Tom Rice

Astronomy PhD student at Michigan & Harvard Astrophysics graduate. I had a software engineering internship @ LiveRamp in SF. https://github.com/tomr-stargazer/

ID 184052

Samuel Hulick

I design for results.

ID 150868

Daina Lightfoot

Designer at @hootsuite | snowboarding, coffee, pixels & pens

ID 151882

Billy Vinton

Co-Founder / Creative Director @stublisher-inc Founder, Mammoth Game Studios. Designer, Blackjacket Studios. Designer, Will Vinton Studios.

ID 141474

Darick Dang

With a technical front-end background and a keen eye for design, I provide art direction that makes things look good and function right.

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 133109

Ian Lyman

CEO of Parkt. Founded @sonique (Sold to @lycos). Went to @new-york-university Film. Directed Music Videos. Produced Indie Films. Designed Sonifi App (bought by iZotope).

ID 210134

George Huff

Founder Opal Labs • Studied at @oregon-state-university, @university-of-nottingham

ID 143104

Nick Silhacek

Founder @nextstep-io Founder @recbob • Worked at @monica-correia, @daily-iowan, @u-of-i-carver-college-of-medicine • Studied at @university-of-iowa, @university-of-nebraska-lincoln

ID 50105

John Donmoyer

Director of UX at @edmodo

ID 61505

Lauren M Wolff

Creative Director and Studio Director at The Mobile Majority, Co-founder spotsi, MFA Design as Entrepreneur SVA, worked in adverting, tech, social, mobile.

ID 44180

Alexis Peterka

Co-founder of @stayhound, launched Pitch Club Portland, UI/UX professional since 1996 (@webmd, @snapnames, Xerox)

ID 269838

Grant Garrett

Designer at @sprint-ly. Previously at @appfog.

ID 396681

Jason Grlicky

ID 149185

Dayn Wilberding

Creative Lead, UX @jawbone. Former Digital Creative Director @grady-britton. Co-founded @twuffer tweet scheduler.

ID 150164

Elea Chang

Currently: @upworthy , UX Happy Hour in Portland. Previously: @okcupid Labs + @billshrink. Product design, user experiences, front-end coding.

ID 187498

Tyson Malchow

Software Architect, Learner, Engineer, Developer, Optimizer, Manager, Planner, Implementor, Dreamer, Student (of life), Teamworker.

ID 302778

Lawrence Whiteside

14 years of co-founding startups from concept to reality. One man band.

ID 96532

Gino Zahnd

Co-founder & CEO of Cozy. Previously founded Seabright Studios, led UX at @flickr, @splunk, and @kosmix.

ID 5322

Bradley Joyce

If it needs doing, I can get it done. Design / Code / UI / UX / Marketing / Sales

ID 131639

Remington Robertson

Product guru; design enthusiast; gentleman scoundrel. Founded two former startups with just under 1M in private angel investment.

ID 188391

Rachel Nabors

Award-winning cartoonist turned interactive developer, traveling the world speaking about web animation.

ID 346657

Kat Bobbitt

Founder @stand-in . Mobile UI/UX & Art Direction. @piepdx '13. @savannah-college-of-art-and-design '07.

ID 31758

Vitaly Rizhkov


CEO & Founder of Finic Inc.

ID 214304

Josiah Tullis

Co-Founder of Canary, Ambassador of Seasteading Institute, CSO of Aqua Terra Planetary Holdings, Licensee at Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies.

ID 410369

Randall A. Gordon

My blood bleeds web.

ID 34223

Tim Barkow

Product-focused, entrepreneurial UI/UX designer and front-end developer. Co-founder @smith-magazine storytelling communities. Currently at @goldstar helping to improve our members happiness.

ID 75248

Alyson Jones

Visual + Web Designer; Co-founder of Stone Table LLC; Co-founder of @cucune, @forrage.

ID 39992

Nicole A. Zdeb

Content Specialist w/Northwest Evaluation Association | Writer | Assessment Designer with interest in games

ID 342727

Michael Walczyk

Designer / Android Engineer @stublisher-inc, Interned at @zoic-studios, Worked at @id-tech-camps

ID 732082

Rian Van Der Merwe

Product strategy and design

ID 101228

Edwin Tofslie

Product Design Lead at Snapguide. Tofslie Inc. Gif.tv. Gasoline Caps. Creative Direction, Design, Strategy, Montana, Oregon, Fishing, Family, Films, Sports

ID 316910

Stanley Hainsworth

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Tether, Inc., a full service creative company - branding, advertising, retail, products, entertainment, packaging.

ID 80339

Lucas Manfield

Worked at @xatori, @recargo • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 470782

Nick Woods

Specialties: Art direction, Interaction design (visual and UX), animation, video production & photography. I'm a big picture guy with lots of production chops.

ID 540712

Andrew Vy

Summary: 3 years of web development experience from the entire spectrum. Highly motivated individual with start-up and government experience.

ID 83270

Ken Keiter

Founder of Foxing; former CTO of @glider-acquired-by-fpx; previously Sr. Software Engineer at RedHat (cloud-related); coding since age 10; distributed systems/data geek.

ID 596774

Mike Hansen

Designer - I help companies and startups design user experiences for web and mobile. Notable companies include @tesla-motors @nike @coca-cola @apple & Indiegogo

ID 10216

Rory Reiff

Founder @fleck-the-bigger-picture • Worked at @chapman-university-2, @pomona-college-2 • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 262986

Laura Andrews

Founded The Ministry of Apps, Techno Garden and Hyperlayer. UI/UX designer focused on creating beautiful apps while bridging the gap between art and technology.

ID 276982

Logan Merriam

UI/UX designer and developer ninja. Able to quickly learn anything and be useful anywhere. www.loganmerriam.com

ID 404977

Christian Bundy

Co-Founder @shopgab • Worked at @sprint, @pureadds

ID 466442

Ian Copp

Software and web developer with strong client-facing and customer service background and broad technical experience.

ID 215611

Steve E. Tice

COO EVDrive, 31 years, 3 tech start-ups, c-level exec, key tech, marketing & operations skills honed in aerospace, powersports, advertzing, simulation to gaming

ID 347934

amelia abreu

data scientist interested in experience and context, aka small data

ID 679392

Oscar Godson

Co-founder of Piggybank • Previously an engineer at @simple and before that @yammer. Long time open source contributor and creator of EpicEditor.

ID 56773

David Heller

Founder SupplierView, FullUp • Worked at @hewlett-packard, @us-army • Studied at @university-of-colorado-system

ID 580620

Todd Rinker

Master UI Designer. Worked with IDEO, Nokia, Avaya, AT&T, among many others.

ID 352481

Lane Musgrave

Founder @launch-society • Worked at @wieden-kennedy, @nike • Studied at @syracuse-university

ID 498862

Christine Ellsworth

Independent designer and strategist with over 7 years of experience, which facilitates a creative process that caters to a clients' digital design needs.

ID 465180

Patrick Triato

Founder @carbon-audio, @bnd • Studied at @case-western-reserve-university, @cleveland-institute-of-art

ID 219734

Punya Jain

Founded 2 startups • Worked at @intel • Studied at @portland-state-university • Solid grasp of embedded design, SW/HW interfacing, and several prog languages

ID 131385

Lindsey Austinson

Freelance User Experience Consultant • Formerly Senior Product Designer @chirpify, UX Designer @dachis-group

ID 452458

Jesse Garrison

University of Washington, Full-Stack Developer; Working as a developer since high school

ID 357243

John Martin

Designer and co founder at Fiender • Worked at @nike as Global Creative Director of Nike SB (Skateboarding) and Nike Snowboarding.

ID 451062

Jonathan Marcel

Designer. Developer. Athlete. Innovator.

ID 448393

Joe Bartolucci

Creativization. Foodologist. Outdoorism. Fatherizer. Funkdefier. Rockmageddon. Surreal-Relatavist. Tweetin' u in ur earhole.

ID 267242

Ben-Neb McMurray

A recent graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology in Computational Media. Strong technology, business, and marketing background. Large pool of skills.

ID 499455

Salih Waritu

Founder @appstyr , @seenuu • Worked at @navex-global • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 305425

Skylr Chamberlin

3D graphics pipeline development, Computer vision implementations in film, Team leading, Commercials

ID 184302

Kate Bagoy

UX Lead @graphalchemist. Design & Marketing experience with Nike, Ricoh, HP, GENWI & Microsoft.

ID 161302

Jake Hobart

Studied at @colby-college, @central-st-martins-college-of-art-and-design

ID 208669

Sam Beck

Founder and designer @blueshift • Fake engineer • Studied art and math @columbia-university

ID 437058

Paul Burdick

Former CTO, current web developer and outdoor guide. Wants to be Batman.

ID 300207

Sean Samuelson

Founder, CTO @uxibit

ID 465297

Jennifer Rana

Co-Founder and front end developer at Come Trippin'. I have a solid background in front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

ID 316171

Christopher Torstenson

Full Stack Web Developer, iOS Developer, Paramedic, & Founder of Sandspit Designs.

ID 459737

Scott Baker

Self-taught graphic and designer, writer, advertiser, consistent innovator. Degree in Marketing, specializing in exceeding expectations.

ID 188770

Eric James

Creatively build useful things for the public good. Master of Urban Planning. Currently building wireless telecom for AT&T.

ID 417215

Beau Michael Bohanan

Designer, Leader, Brand Advocate and motivator

ID 528472

Travis Spanu

Founder of Priority Outfitter

ID 144748

Kai Wang

Worked at @tecace-software, @nintendo, @indiana-university • Studied at @indiana-university, Bloomington

ID 524051

Michal Nakashimada

Currently at Orchestrate IO. I enjoy creating incredible products that solve real problems.

ID 463490

Zoe Landon

RIT -> Portland web developer + musician + writer + trans woman. Founder @rcrdbox. Self-proclaimed Blue Mage. Mildly obsessed with rabbits.

ID 180559

Justin Paladino

Product Dev. Engineer @intel, Former Co-op @landis-gyr • Studied Electrical, Computer, Wireless and Software Engineering at @auburn-university

ID 298125

Sarah Lubna Neyaz

Founder @fundchange, User Experience Designer @the-advisory-board-company

ID 541356

Laura O'Clair

Designer and MBA candidate with more than four years of experience in the apparel and graphic design industry.

ID 831306

Josh Holloran

Design Director, Senior Experience & Interface Designer, Frontend Developer, Brand Builder & Evolver.

ID 838294

Shaelyn Watson

After studying computer science at UT Austin for the past four years, I have made my way into marketing and fullstack web development.

ID 151109

Aarti Vashisht

Worked at @cks • Studied at @art-center-college-of-design, @srishti-school-of-art-design-and-technology

ID 847840

Robin Rayno

Worked @nike Fashionista. Curator. Designer. Stylist. Blogger. Culture & Music freak. Runner. Loves digital. Amerikaanse-Nederlander. Fueled by experiences.

ID 640875

Neil Lundin

Technical writer specializing in template design and eLearning

ID 281583

David Pollard

front-end developer and designer, with back-end know how. my passions are the web and soccer, if i have both i am happy.

ID 366524

Carrie Carter

Artist, Designer, Developer with business sense and excellent people skills.

ID 455821

Isamu Jarman

Recent graduate from University of Oregon. B.F.A. degree in Industrial/ Product Design '13. Fast-learner. Hard-worker. Team-player. Great-attitude.

ID 262962

Jena Graham

ID 342663

Rachael Herb-Neterer

Illustrator at RainyIsle. Focused on colorful, detail-intense quirky illustrations for billion-dollar companies (KU) and single freelance clients.

ID 478906

Mr Kyle Mac

Australian designer —by way of London —en route to San Francisco. Looking for full time opportunities.

ID 365910

Mink Ette

Maker of playful experiences.

ID 503233

Nick Wichman

Worked at Razorfish • Freelance Art Director • Studied at Colorado State University • CuddleUp Co-Founder

ID 129180

K. Anne Harper

Creative Director & UI Designer - Experienced in Mobile Application Design, Visual Design, Adobe Creative Suite, UI/UX Design, Typography and User Flows for Fortune 500 clients and tech startups.

ID 80152

Paris Vega

UX Designer/Product Manager at a handful of startups. On a mission to find heroes and help them change the world. Let's talk over coffee and bacon.

ID 129688

Mark Rawlins

Creative Director/Designer available for freelance work. Living in Portland, Oregon.

ID 538186

Ben Munson

Strategist & Designer of digital experiences. Experience designing for Nike, Microsoft, Dell, startups, nonprofits, and anyone needing functional beauty.

ID 424527

Hunter Marcks

I offer clear and effective interactive design solutions.

ID 231740

Nathan Wittstock

Once IT professional, now technical overseer. Able to take the big picture, and tell you how to build it right.

ID 315030

Chad Reed

Seasoned manager, Javscript Junkie, UI/UX, data visualization, and rich multimedia apps

ID 598173

Kaelin Brewster

Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience research, Product Dev. & Design experience. B.A. Biological Psychology

ID 378188

Craig Watkins

Over ten years experience helping businesses, governments and NGOs achieve unique solutions through design, user testing, analytics and front end development.

ID 184551

Chris Aplin

Web Designer @ Seattle Pacific University  • Worked at @placefull-inc

ID 281644

Kidus Yared

There is nothing worse than a good idea that never reaches those who make it possible.

ID 452429

Zaid Hisham

Interaction Designer interested in improving peoples' lives.

ID 388831

Henry Nevue

Freelance Software Developer & Product Designer

ID 466986

Aaren Esplin

I am attracted to projects that challenge my mind and seek elegant solutions

ID 261979

Jason King

User experience designer and strategist with more than 9 years of experience across a variety of industries and platforms.

ID 347658

Adam Parry

Design Founder @gift-gather

ID 809712

Rian Long

Portland State Graphics Design Major; Filmed Sacramento Kings and Elk Grove School District promotional material; 4 years of graphics design experience
http://[email protected]

ID 44499

Rhyan Reid

I work hard, play hard, and am entertained by the oddities of life. Dropped out of college to start a company, finished college, back at the startup fountain.

ID 244366

Will Baab

Graphic Designer, BA Portland State, Cofounded internet prowrestling company, Launched analog service review product.

ID 223520

Drew Anderson

Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas. I'm an idea developer, I build user experiences. I work on a variety of interesting projects at different capacities.

ID 322329

Mark Fox

Art school scientist, humanist, digital draftsmen. Developing future tense software solutions, up and down the stack.

ID 584550

John Ragozzine

UX Passion. UI Mastery.

ID 466612

Samuel Thornton

Front end developer and UX designer, primarily in Ruby on Rails environments; worked at Barclay Card. In love with responsive design.

ID 281783

Scott Leonard

VP of Engineering, BSEE & MBA

ID 653300

Joshua Richey

Interaction Designer

ID 303713

Shawn Kelley

I'm curious and I love helping build things. Strong background in design, business development and operations.

ID 851286

Patricia Kirsch

UX designer and I/A at Roboboogie. Specializing in user-centered design, information architecture. Educated in fine art, design, web development and psychology.

ID 216664

Levi Bilbrey

Art director, project manager, photographer, graphic/web designer. Worked at FLIR Systems and OSU Foundation. Lead designer on M&A and grassroots initiatives.

ID 315781

Gerowe Simmons

ID 353378

Steve Alexander

Designer, Artist and Musician.

ID 684304

Ven Gist

Founder & COO of LandApart. Designer and Problem Solver by nature.

ID 767369

Casey Harper

Designer, data nerd and social media lover.

ID 520649

Megan Ward

Experience designer and strategist

ID 606871

Jason Ganub

Worked at @daimler, @intel , @oregon-state-university University • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 629752

Devin Daniels

Current Portland State University student in Computer Engineering with Sales and Management experience

ID 260965

Casey Zumwalt

Creative Director at Simple Focus, a boutique user experience agency. UI/UX designer, front-end developer, and Rails enthusiast.

ID 378717

Charlene Foote

Designer + front-end developer with in-house and agency experience. Mentor @designlab.

ID 700876

Jake Horn

Never stop learning. Specialties: A combination of creativity and strategic thinking.

ID 500211

Devan Nichole Edwards

PNCA BFA Graduate, Entrepreneur, eBay UX Employee, Wedding Invitation Designer, Blogger, Crafter

ID 451316

Jon Tanner

Front End Web Developer, UI/UX designer, work at Barclaycard on Bespoke Offers

ID 547625

Pete Bunke

Responsive web designer/developer. Worked at @people-power, @webstract-marketing • Studied at @the-art-institute-of-california-san-diego

ID 347874

Dylan Dechant

Masters in Achitecture. First software startup in high school. Jack of all trades, problem solving, logistics. I'll get it done. I live to learn. I live to work.

ID 135123

Michael McTiernan

Principal of McTiernan Software Services, LLC; Formerly Chief Architect of Loyalize and Director of Engineering at Viggle.

ID 627222

Bob Tischendorf

Hybrid graphics guy and programmer.

ID 364763

Ryan Rebo

I make things from scratch, with code, pixels, color and sound. Developer // Designer // Musician

ID 362474

Paul Wyss

Web/Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer designing, creating and developing Web sites and graphics. Resonsive design, HTML(5), CSS3, JQuery, Media Queries .

ID 343453

Taurie Davis

ID 380140

Sydney Leigh

aspiring to make an awesome impact in the arts for artists 1/4 social l 1/4 tech l 1/4 economics l 1/4 creative

ID 37766

Steve Donatelli

Creative Director and Senior Brand Designer @DONATELLI; Strong business acumen; Worked at ID Branding, Beeline Group, Berkley Systems, MIndscape Software.

ID 304234

Matthew Goshman

I am a Portland based developer who is passionate about using technology, code and design to create meaningful and memorable experiences.

ID 304085

Kerry Nehil

Worked at @hot-studio

ID 220659

Erik Chevalier

Publisher & Founder at The Forking Path, Alumni of Joystick Labs in 2010 with Inari. Ran successful Kickstarter campaign with 350% of funding goal.

ID 675972

Maureen Murphy

Front End Web Developer and Video Game Enthusiast

ID 734163

Nick Snyder

Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer who believes in the marriage of clean design and the latest technology.

ID 140096

Tim Weaver

ASIC/FPGA digital logic designer (Bit Mechanic) who also gets to write Python apps and AVR micro-controller code. Stickler for form+function in all design.

ID 527685

Jeremy Silver

Jack-of-all-trades learning approach to design theory, web development, technology, art, and life in general. Whitespace doesn't have to be white...

ID 108143

Bjorn Borstelmann

Creative Director @conscious-box. Miami Ad School Europe; Art Direction, Copywriting, Strategic Planning. Invented the Tie T-shirt.

ID 217728

Jackson Gariety

I was a HackStar at TechStars. I like patterns, code, and humans. I can see the future.

ID 343209

David Handlong

Interactive Designer in Portland, OR.

ID 166591


ID 287968

Jesse Bray

Founder of Brayhaus, a app/game startup. Art director, animator, and digital designer. Marketing and branding specialist.

ID 67307

Dave Barcos

Strategic creative marketing talent with design skills.

ID 83846

Matt LeGrand

Washed up jogger who enjoys sitting behind a computer and staring off into an oblivion . . . wait what was the question?

ID 635860

Aerin Wilson Clark

Creative Strategist

ID 368391

Scott Phillipson

User Experience Architect

ID 190607


All user input is tainted by default.

ID 572932

Steffanie Williams

Good Design = Good Business.

ID 393100

Peter Irby

ID 372849

Austin Davis

Treehouse Student; Learned multiple coding languages in four months, dedicated to learning more and contributing to a team;

ID 342795

Amanda Troxler

Senior Stylist at Bishops; Expertise in the beauty industry and sales; Web Development and Design Student with AAS in Multimedia;

ID 131548

Justin Fallon Dollard

Project Manager II, Planning and Asset Management

ID 655159

Anna Rose Gornbein

BFA Visual Communications from Arizona; Honorable Senior Award; Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Design Intern at Caliber Group

ID 851393

Henry Hiltner

ID 469275

Joe Kunin

Traveler, adventurer, artist, designer, human.

ID 671324

Lindsay C. Terrell

Arts Management and Instigation.

ID 191446

Mandy McClausky

Freelance web and user experience designer.

ID 95925

Tim Chereck

Founder of Hintme.com, Vice President of Marketing, Art Director, Small Business Owner. Team Builder and Coach

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