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ID 101763

John Bragg

Founder/CTO at Cozy

ID 154173

Darin Glatt

CTO and co-founder @mobilerq

ID 126352

Tyler Gillies

Technical co-founder of @little-bird; social graph hacker.

ID 17695

Aaron Parecki

Co-founder of @geoloqi, acquired by Esri. Now CTO of @esri R&D Center, Portland

ID 20229

Kris Wallsmith

Founder of Cairns, long-time jack-of-all-trades on the tech side. Open source advocate, international speaker.

ID 19930

Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath


CTO of Neo.com - First employee & lead engineer at Odeo.com (Created twitter)

ID 129313

Rodrigo Franco

I am a problem solver. Either predicting and modeling systems to avoid future problems or analyzing and improving existing systems - that's what makes me tick.

ID 212509

Steven Osborn

Maker, hacker, tinkerer. Co-Founded @urbanairship

ID 54266

Jon Frisby

Technical Co-founder of @netblue ($20MM Series A). Founder of @mrjoy (casual gaming). Technical Co-founder at @cloudability.

ID 251251

Courtney Couch

Experienced with big data and high availability infrastructure. Notable companies: PersolvoDataSystems, Flowplayer

ID 48436

Homer Strong

CTO at @lucky-sort

ID 50369

Chris Teso

CEO & Founder of @chirpify

ID 208182

Ted Timmons

Devops, team and project management, software engineering.

ID 21536

Alex Payne


Former CTO of @simple, Platform Lead and early employee at @twitter. I do technical consulting for early-stage startups, write, and travel.

ID 79765

Brad Heller

Co-founder of @revisu. Engineering Lead @cloudability. Love design, business strategy, and innovation. Worked at @webmd, AboutUs, and @jive-software.

ID 191202

Eli Tucker

Co-Founder of @vizify and alumni of @techstars & @PDXSeedFund. Software developer, entrepreneur, and amateur photographer.

ID 23545

Matt Wallington

Founder & CTO @cargo. Previously cofounded @cpusage & @gridvid-me-1, launched distributed cloud compute platform at TechCrunch Disrupt. Worked @intel.

ID 260936

Gary Peck

CTO & Founder @onthego-platforms, Founder Local Plate • Worked at @google, @goldman-sachs • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 82292

Alan Wizemann

Founder @shopigniter, @eventspace • Intrepenuer at @target-corporation • Advisor and Mentor

ID 227761

Daniel Weller


20 Yr Silicon Valley veteran, Founder / Cofounder of Lean Startups - Remedy Corporation ($1.5M to $1B), Helpstream/Pathworks. Founding CEO Concept to Series A (4 on 6M) with top-tier VC, Deep Engineering Background with Startup Executive Experience.

ID 67923

Koesmanto Bong

Founder @salemarked • Work at @kontagent • Worked at @vidoop, @instantaction

ID 231187

Dan Fearing

Worked at @demand-media, @activision-blizzard, @velocify • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 237260

Alex Scarborough

Founder & CTO @teak • Worked at @cloudability, @garagegames-instant-action, @instantaction. Developer and publisher of social games.

ID 245981

Lateef Jackson


Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-charlotte

ID 139763

Tom Rice

Astronomy PhD student at Michigan & Harvard Astrophysics graduate. I had a software engineering internship @ LiveRamp in SF. https://github.com/tomr-stargazer/

ID 187572

Justin Abrahms

Code shipper who understands the value of business.

ID 103735

Tim Elliott

Founder at @savvr. Software Engineer.

ID 68096

Trent Peterson

Founder of AppThwack. Spent 7 years designing and building large-scale system automation frameworks for testing @intel's wireless offerings.

ID 177490

Ben Turner

Worked at @gist, @jobster • Studied at @university-of-washington, @university-of-san-francisco

ID 212557

Justin George

Ruby engineer with experience building, scaling, and maintaining top-class applications, working with, rearchitecting, and rebuilding legacy applications.

ID 48466

David Morrow

Web developer, use Rails as well as previously MVC PHP frameworks. Love client side applications such as JSON driven Backbone applications.

ID 221113

Peat Bakke

Interim CTO and Advisor for early stage tech startups.

ID 327967

Gavin McQuillan


ID 511754


Worked at @heroku, @red-gate-software • Studied at @university-of-glasgow

ID 442251

Zack Manning

All around love of software engineering and technology. Self-motivated, team-player with a passion for new technologies and design methodologies. Expertise lies in scalable, reliable, back-end services and architecture.

ID 193478

Drew Sing

Growth Engineer - Bugcrowd

ID 424328

Scott J. Tamosunas

Ruby on Rails/AWS Lead Engineer guy

ID 4807

Ken Westin

Founder of @gadgettrak the innovator of mobile tracking and data protection software for laptops, smartphones and other devices.

ID 90905

Nick James

Software Engineer @riviera-partners

ID 594215

Alison Harmon

Recent Columbia graduate pursuing a technical job. Bachelors degrees in both mathematics and applied physics.

ID 197653

Scott Torborg

Founder Crowd Supply, @cart-logic. Hardware engineering and online retail background. MIT EECS 2007.

ID 103990

Patrick Stein

Senior developer at Vizify. Entrepreneur, product guy.

ID 214740

Joshua Sams


Founder @geniusly (500 Startups) • Investor @engager • CTO @collegefrog • CEO @sprowtt-marketplace (TechCrunch 50) • @harvard-university University

ID 5322

Bradley Joyce

If it needs doing, I can get it done. Design / Code / UI / UX / Marketing / Sales

ID 333843

Robert H Grayson II

Data Science Engineering @ahalogy

ID 25831

Ryan Williams

Software Developer @teamsnap. Co-founded @networthiq (acquired by @strands in 2008), Founded @lazytweet (sold in 2010).

ID 279033

Shashi Jain

Experienced Product Manager and Lean Startup advisor. Community Builder. Looking for opportunities in IoT and 3D Printing.

ID 258797

Sean Lerner

Founder @switchboard-1 • Studied at @reed-college • Builder & Problem Solver

ID 236600

Drew Lanenga

Data Scientist at @highfive, @nike-accelerator Accelerator Alum, @qualtrics Alum

ID 420298

Mark Hayden

ID 82162

Joseph Jager

Specialist in service-oriented architecture and design for scalable web and mobile applications. Past clients include: ESPN, NBC, @hookit, @blackbaud, JWT.

ID 133083

Nicholas Asch

Founder @gliph, @caravan • Studied at @concordia-university. Fluent in web infrastructure, MongoDB, Redis, Python, Web front-end and Android.

ID 90863

Michael Kaiser-Nyman

I teach people how to code and help them get jobs.

ID 30620

Anthony Carroll

Co-founder + CTO, @spotsi. Spend my time with @project-529. Spent last decade in startups.

ID 121571

Anselm Hook


ID 627520

Shawn Bernard

Expert iOS Developer; Lead Engineer; launched numerous iOS apps; extensive backend dev experience; built several Android apps; experience in home automation

ID 237214

Pat Wilson

Founder & CEO @teak • Worked at @garagegames-instant-action, @instantaction • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 276328

Jesse Cooke

Founder Watsi • Studied math at @washington-university-in-saint-louis • Contributes to the Rubinius & MagLev Ruby implementations

ID 187498

Tyson Malchow

Software Architect, Learner, Engineer, Developer, Optimizer, Manager, Planner, Implementor, Dreamer, Student (of life), Teamworker.

ID 485157

Nathan Nifong

Masters thesis in on Deep Nets at PSU, Worked on Topic Watch at Lucky Sort, Participated in Blender development.

ID 263168

Dan Lipert

Founded Techno Garden, The Ministry of Apps, and currently Hyperlayer. Web and mobile developer with focus on next-gen technologies. Former DoD.

ID 80339

Lucas Manfield

Worked at @xatori, @recargo • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 228853

Cameron Stitt

I craft things for the web. I love technology, sport, food and my wife.

ID 131081

Brian Batchelder


Technology geek. One of first 5000 iOS developers. 30 years of software development experience.

ID 212943

Tory Adams

Founder Game Clash • Worked at @portland-state-university-1

ID 118090

Nicholas Wilson

I am a student at @lewis-clark-college College looking to kick off a career in software engineering.

ID 12161

Chris Dawson

2 startup exits. @university-of-washington Comp Sci and Japanese dual degree. Family first. Love personal growth, meditation, and self-awareness. @realnetworks

ID 623902

Jason Goetz

Full-stack Web Application Developer

ID 188391

Rachel Nabors

Award-winning cartoonist turned interactive developer, traveling the world speaking about web animation.

ID 824659

Andrew Akers

Junior developer currently working with @factor_io. I like space games, #Ruby, and my son talking like Batman. Seeking sweet gig November 2014.

ID 184033

Toby Craig

Cofounder and Tech Lead at @wikisway • Studied AI & CS at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 284962

Elliot Chong

Designer / Developer hybrid. Full stack developer. Fortune 500 marketing agency veteran. Nike+ alumni.

ID 185820

Jason Leighton

Founder Respondesign, @treehouse-games • Worked at @thq, @interplay

ID 492271

Carl Thorner

Founder Scratch-it • Worked at @novacoast, @uc-santa-barbara • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 11192

Rakshith Krishnappa

Designs & Builds Web and Mobile Apps, works at @intel, MSEE from Illinois Tech.

ID 9017

Jeremy Krall

Co-Founder @fling (@socialblend) Previously: @dachis-group, @cisco, @pure-digital-technologies, @razorfish (@microsoft), @symantec, @langoo (acq @verisign)

ID 150121

Helga Waage

Co-Founder and CTO of Mobilitus. Strong technical skills. Extensive Entrepreneurial experience.

ID 38801

Stephen McLaughry

From @ibm-research to European banking software to international prediction markets, I've been building high-profile software systems for 15 years.

ID 259969

Andrew Mui

Startup Technologist, Tech Advocate and Tech Mentor for SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program.

ID 290772

Nick Park

Co-Founder of @IncomparableCo - Nike+ / TechStars Accelerator Fellow - Wisconsinite - Explorer

ID 5324

Erik Howard

ID 510903

Mohitdeep Singh

Machine Learning expert, worked with TB's worth of data, make yellow elephants cry

ID 140103

John Watson

Expert Java programmer. Machine learning engineer. Extensive experience leading successful teams. PhD in Astronomy, @northwestern-university University

ID 422139

Steff Eiter

Studied at @skidmore-college, @london-school-of-economics

ID 197057

Noah Rahman

Worked at @university-of-pennsylvania-1, @california-institute-of-technology-2 • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @university-of-california-santa-barbara

ID 717873

Matthew Wesley Burnard

Programmer @cargo, previously Game Programmer @nosebleed-interactive

ID 112354

Joel Bradshaw

An engineer first and foremost, trained in CS & EE. I like solving problems and building things. Interned at Fluke, now lead dev at @serps .

ID 257560

Asa Miller

Founder @stand-in

ID 404977

Christian Bundy

Co-Founder @shopgab • Worked at @sprint, @pureadds

ID 410369

Randall A. Gordon

My blood bleeds web.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 350825

Nathan Grey

Web developer & public health advocate. Ruby, Rails, Javascript, SQL. Currently developing at Spendwell Health.

ID 67184

Travis Cannon

An engineer with an MBA and a passion for entrepreneurship.

ID 337877

Rian Schmidt

ID 83270

Ken Keiter

Founder of Foxing; former CTO of @glider-acquired-by-fpx; previously Sr. Software Engineer at RedHat (cloud-related); coding since age 10; distributed systems/data geek.

ID 163079

Daniel Bachhuber

Founder at Hand Built

ID 67933

Emanuele Tozzato

Someone once said I am a very competent Ruby Artisan

ID 540712

Andrew Vy

Summary: 3 years of web development experience from the entire spectrum. Highly motivated individual with start-up and government experience.

ID 498940

Tim Rasmussen

Co-Founder and CTO @outdoor-project • Founder at @eclipse-media-solutions • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 128445

Jeff Nadler

Cofounder / CTO at SmarterMe, former Cofounder / CTO at Attensa, software development leader in both large companies and multiple tech startups.

ID 558268

Matt McLaughlin

Founder @konsiderate

ID 86330

Mike Mitchell

Architect, Engineer, Developer - Startup Veteran in Multimedia, Sensors, & Wireless

ID 311075

Christopher Swenson

Backend engineer at simple.com; former software engineer at Google; Ph.D in CS, BS in Math/CS; wrote book on crypto

ID 92489

Ian White

1st employee at @sprint-ly. Handcrafted web development with attention to detail from frontend to backend.

ID 168099

Jay Rossiter

Develop and maintain systems to support highly scalable web applications. Engineering roles at @microsoft, @intel, @symantec, Pheedo.

ID 480024

Stephen A. Ridley

Founder Tally • Worked at @simple, @mcafee-inc • Studied at @tennessee-state-university

ID 82270

Don Park

maker, builder, dreamer

ID 347934

amelia abreu

data scientist interested in experience and context, aka small data

ID 417388

Robert Casteel

Undergraduate Mathematics and Computer Science major at @UofO • Works at @onthego-platforms

ID 215252

Dan Revel

Linux/Java developer. Web apps and The Internet of Things.

ID 431176

Shawn MacArthur

Online Marketplace Technology Professional • Founder at @inkba • Founder @the-marketing-oyster • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @Rutgers Engineering

ID 481166

Isaac Chepkwony

Stanford EE who just loves aviation and embedded systems

ID 18302

Anatoly Geyfman

Chief Architect @dicom-grid. Engineer and hustler.

ID 90339

Tripp Millican

Founder of Gabzooks.15 years of development, leading teams and social media development on web and mobile. Dedicated to building passionate communities online.

ID 451062

Jonathan Marcel

Designer. Developer. Athlete. Innovator.

ID 392559

Travis Rush

Founder Sightbox

ID 96467

Tucker S. Meager, ND

Founder of NaturaeSoft. Naturopathic Physician, @bastyr-university 2001, Owner @two-rivers-natural-health Clinic. Treasurer of the COAND

ID 391031

Islam Morsi

Founder/Lead Developer Scratch-it

ID 165520

William Hoang

Worked at @microsoft, @blackberry, Studied at @McGill- University

ID 122444

Jacob Irwin

Co-founder and CEO @kimerick-technologies

ID 864051

Helin Shiah

Constantly contemplating the logic underlying ideas, people, and life.

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/sr.dev on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 362034

Abhishek Das

Northwestern Ph.D. in Computer Engineering; 3 years experience at Intel building Enterprise Security Software; published 10+ research papers, patents in related areas.

ID 261250

Derrick Yu

Experienced in ground and aerial robotics. Fluent in C++/C, with embedded dev experience. UI/UX guru. DARPA Urban Challenge team member. Princeton BSE EE 2010

ID 342510

Spicer T. Matthews

Highly accomplished software engineer and product manager experienced working with a range of clients, from large organizations to early stage start-ups.

ID 801026

Suhas Gaddam

Berkeley EECS, Engineer at heart

ID 101894

Tyler Foreman

Founder and co-CEO/CTO at @mojalink-1. First startup was angel funded and successfully exited. Product showcased by Obama. Worked at @intel and Agilent.

ID 812047

Ambarish De

Expert Software Engineer, versatile with Agile Methodologies, Led 5-7 people projects to help Intel deliver microchips across four process generations

ID 74455

Stephen Johnson

President of @illinois-clean-fuels, a plant that will make diesel and jet fuel from biomass & coal; Founded hedge fund (327.84% return net of fees in 5 yrs)

ID 342327

Ryan Golec

User focused web developer, interested in rapid delivery via agile methods.

ID 560350

Ryan Henderson

PhD Theoretical Chemist, Industry experience in Semiconductor manufacturing, avocational interest in data mining

ID 395766

Manish Singh

University of Chicago CS MS. Initiator. Efficient and algorithmic coding. Quick learner. Worked at Bitstream. Ability to work independently and in team.

ID 218298

Janice Levenhagen-Seeley

MBA Willamette University, Computer Engr Oregon State. Founder of trovi, ChickTech. Passionate about making a difference.

ID 215170

Nicholas Aliabadi

First tech startup in high school. Computer Science WWU, iTunes U. MeowTime Founder.

ID 475118

Scott Chamberlain

Co-Founded a developer collective called rOpenSci, with $160K funding from the Sloan Foundation

ID 206237

Jack Desert

Ruby Developer who asks the right questions to ensure efficient progress is made toward the correct end.

ID 219734

Punya Jain

Founded 2 startups • Worked at @intel • Studied at @portland-state-university • Solid grasp of embedded design, SW/HW interfacing, and several prog languages

ID 75554

Christian G. Warden

Doing force.com and mobile development right now. Previously built CMS, spam filtering, CRM, and BI systems.

ID 332496

Donato Perconti

My name is Donato Perconti. I am an aspiring security architect. I am currently an Application Security Engineer at Urban Airship in the lovely Portland, OR.

ID 768146

Kevin Phuong

Studied CS/Econ @Penn, Hacker w/Finance knowledge

ID 422098

Bibek Kafle

Worked at @reed-college College - Computer User Services and @open-learning-exchange-nepal • Studied at @reed-college College • Co-founder @project-connect-hungi

ID 697245

Leonid Fishler

Columbia Applied Math, recently finished coding school + software engineering internship, learning the latest and the greatest technology every day.

ID 451459

Raymond Goeser

Founder S.U.I.T.S Initiative • Studied at @oregon-institute-of-technology, and is currently running a music production company.

ID 67941

Hannes Schmied

Founder of IIS New Media Labs, Co-Founder of CardSkid

ID 173185

Balaji Vasudevan

CTO of DreamPath. Go to guy. Technical Leader. Chaos controller. Excellent communicator. Code wrangler. Aiming to create real change.

ID 267242

Ben-Neb McMurray

A recent graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology in Computational Media. Strong technology, business, and marketing background. Large pool of skills.

ID 134501

Colin Son

Resident neurosurgeon, blogger. Previously Medscape. Interested in mobile health and social media in healthcare.

ID 277011

Mike Bijon

Programmer, technologist, applied math, open source contributor & founder.

ID 384279

Lisa Orr

Fulbright and NSF fellow. Decoded the communicative gestures of bonobos for my PhD. Founder of @Vegetable Watch.

ID 375459

Travis Castillo

Android developer

ID 452458

Jesse Garrison

University of Washington, Full-Stack Developer; Working as a developer since high school

ID 366524

Carrie Carter

Artist, Designer, Developer with business sense and excellent people skills.

ID 304911

Andrew Wood

Worked at @blkdot

ID 838294

Shaelyn Watson

After studying computer science at UT Austin for the past four years, I have made my way into marketing and fullstack web development.

ID 719429

Minseon Song

Fullstack Web Developer

ID 466442

Ian Copp

Software and web developer with strong client-facing and customer service background and broad technical experience.

ID 212481

Nick "Loki" Jacobsen

software, security, and data analytics/dataviz techie; founder of @brainsilopdx; other interests include photography, transhumanism, and moral philosophy.

ID 305425

Skylr Chamberlin

3D graphics pipeline development, Computer vision implementations in film, Team leading, Commercials

ID 529800

Bhargav Sethuram

Worked at @sandisk, @ittiam-systems-pvt-ltd • Studied at @columbia-university, @r-v-c-e-bangalore, Strong background in Embedded Systems.

ID 346979

Dan Cooper

Sr. Front End Developer - worked at Trapit, AppFog, Nike, and PlayHaven on exciting, cutting-edge projects. Looking for Portland or remote-from-Portland projects.

ID 636942

Smith Freeman

Reed College graduate 2014. Aspiring person of relevance. I like algorithms.

ID 261838

Didip Kerabat

Co-founder On the Plates. Senior developer and DevOps. • Worked at @kongregate, @goldstar • Studied at @UO

ID 397786

Alden Jole

Prodigiously Pragmatic Programmer

ID 486701

Andy Miller

Founder Tally • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 122117

Tyler Morrison

Apple Mac Software developer since 1988. iOS Developer. Software Development Management. Project Management. First Software engineer at 2 successful startups.

ID 361421

Collin Ruffenach

Mobile Engineer @simplify. I specialize in iOS. In love with @CaitlinAcker. My opinions are my own.

ID 463490

Zoe Landon

RIT -> Portland web developer + musician + writer + trans woman. Founder @rcrdbox. Self-proclaimed Blue Mage. Mildly obsessed with rabbits.

ID 528472

Travis Spanu

Founder of Priority Outfitter

ID 104691

Zac Parker

Front-End Engineer at Peerlyst. Previously at @shopigniter, @bloodhound and @viadeo.

ID 180559

Justin Paladino

Product Dev. Engineer @intel, Former Co-op @landis-gyr • Studied Electrical, Computer, Wireless and Software Engineering at @auburn-university

ID 152053

Erik Tylek Kettenburg

CTO of Vacasa - web startup meets vacation rentals. Creator of the Digispark (founder of Digistump), PHP expert, history of leadership, business sense, bridging physical and digital.

ID 173902

Karlo Kilayko

Founder @wolfko-productions-llc consulting for mobile and online games • Worked at @thq, @cloudengage-1, @3do

ID 571258

Ten Mutunhire

Founder HackishWord • Worked at @the-nature-conservancy, @idexx-laboratories-inc • Studied at @colby-college

ID 323317

Kyle Alan Hale

Creating is who I am. Software, music, literature, art, etc.

ID 366457

Steve Gerken

Delivers projects. Communicates with stakeholders in all departments to build consensus on achievable and useful SW projects. Implements and manages.

ID 350077


Just checking out the site.

ID 188770

Eric James

Creatively build useful things for the public good. Master of Urban Planning. Currently building wireless telecom for AT&T.

ID 437058

Paul Burdick

Former CTO, current web developer and outdoor guide. Wants to be Batman.

ID 232591

Geoff Granum

Just looking

ID 29513

Scott Dinwiddie

Two decades of IT, business management and customer satisfaction experience. Now expanding into Java, C#/.NET, C++, and Game Programming.

ID 368092

Graham Kaplan

ID 319022

Brent Stevenson

Full-stack generalist; analytical, high level design and problem solving skills. Works well under pressure and maintains a high level of professionalism.

ID 670892

Alexandra Weston

UO CS Grad. Current Web Developer.

ID 316171

Christopher Torstenson

Full Stack Web Developer, iOS Developer, Paramedic, & Founder of Sandspit Designs.

ID 315030

Chad Reed

Seasoned manager, Javscript Junkie, UI/UX, data visualization, and rich multimedia apps

ID 507525

Carol Jones

I’m a junior developer with a background in marketing and customer service. I hope to collaborate and solve problems in an inspiring creative environment.

ID 59759

Satish Santhakumar

Worked at @autodesk • Studied at @illinois-institute-of-technology

ID 193791

Marc Charbonneau

Founder @downtown-software-house • Worked at @elc-technologies, @showyou • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 556606

Robert Crabtree

Senior C++ developer; 9 years experience; B.S. in computer science; Seeking part-time entry level Ruby or iOS opportunity

ID 193490

Alissa Sobo


ID 244053

Larry McKenzie

Android Developer @globant, @ebay, Founder @my-world-news . Broadcast Professional & Self-taught Developer. Android, iOS, RoR, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3.

ID 281583

David Pollard

front-end developer and designer, with back-end know how. my passions are the web and soccer, if i have both i am happy.

ID 677460

Alexander Morin

Physics graduate with diverse background including physics instruction, nanotechnology research, software development and hardware troubleshooting.

ID 388831

Henry Nevue

Freelance Software Developer & Product Designer

ID 296576

Satish Kumaar Ponnusmy

MEng at Oregon State, n-tier experience

ID 257444

Max Aguirre

Co-Founder of Know eSports. Studied Philosophy and ECE at Portland State University.

ID 361408

James Pozdena

Addicted to making wonderful products with technology.

ID 1514

David Molina

CEO of @bilingualhire; Former @USArmy Captain; Amateur programmer.

ID 300207

Sean Samuelson

Founder, CTO @uxibit

ID 534001

Hasan Adil

iOS & Python developer. Builder of http://t.co/YxVcJYuO3X & http://t.co/do4AnSdPke

ID 188390


Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 493194

Benoît Barberousse

Founder @skillsesh • Worked at @real-leather-design, @lane-technical-college-preparatory-debate-team • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 738557

Sean Parker

Software Engineer/Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player. Interested in Machine Learning and AI. 

ID 262962

Jena Graham

ID 91189

Amit Jain

CTO of GammaPoint. Created my first computer game at age of 13. Vast experience in software industry. Started with Unix/C, moved to Smalltalk and later worked in architecting storage area networking solutions. Started GammaPoint in 2010. Biker, love woodw

ID 675670

Shane Sahnow

University of Portland Graduate in Operations and Technology Management with a CS minor, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Nerd.

ID 495523

Jonathan Rand

Developer, Architect, Solves Problems with gumption

ID 190331

Ryan J MacPherson

Founder and CEO of Ealasaid Interactive, storyteller, husband & father, coffee snob, STEAMpunk

ID 533717

David Boyd

ID 474178

Nichole Shannon

Seasoned Front-End Engineer and Architect. Graphic Designer and Musician

ID 548211

Ben Lambert

Full-stack web developer looking for full-time position.

ID 496605

Joshua S. Weinstein

Early employee in an internet startup that went IPO and was subsequently acquired by Microsoft, 10 years experience doing business in China as an expat, currently working at a Big Data startup in Silicon Valley.

ID 75139

Jesse Lenney

Software Engineer intern at @intel. Web Development for @osuosl.

ID 486712

Will Yee

Worked at @digimarc, @diamler-trucks-north-america • Studied at @oregon-state-university. Experienced with C, C++, Python, Asm, reverse engineering, software engineering

ID 359736

Inuka Gunawardana

Enthusastic software immagineer looking for exciting oppertunities

ID 598173

Kaelin Brewster

Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience research, Product Dev. & Design experience. B.A. Biological Psychology

ID 606871

Jason Ganub

Worked at @daimler, @intel , @oregon-state-university University • Studied at @oregon-state-university

ID 491824

Ivan von Nagy

Technical lead focused on building high performance distributed systems using a variety of technologies across multiple platforms. Over 20 years of experience.

ID 231740

Nathan Wittstock

Once IT professional, now technical overseer. Able to take the big picture, and tell you how to build it right.

ID 257446

Eric Johnson

Rookie frontend developer in PDX with a passion for coding, user interfaces, Blazers basketball, and eSports.

ID 343445

Jake Fagan

Senior Development Operations Engineer for househappy.org. Ruby Engineer.

ID 606775

Varsha Radhakrishnan

Graduate student at Portland State University. One year experience as a software developer. Interested in software development internships.

ID 136038

Jonathan Harker

Linux hacker from the age of 14. Systems Administrator at @portland-state-university-1.

ID 44499

Rhyan Reid

I work hard, play hard, and am entertained by the oddities of life. Dropped out of college to start a company, finished college, back at the startup fountain.

ID 381801

Alexander Kipling

Coding bootcamp graduate. Background in real estate and education sectors.

ID 439429

Eddie Kollar

Studied at @stevens-institute-of-technology

ID 471807

Jie Gou

ID 546519

Johnathan Pierce

ID 860216

Willem Larsen

ID 811813

Lauren Moos

Intrepid and results-oriented software engineer credited with working in demanding enterprise and academic environments.

ID 283846

Daniel Coffman

Computer science, modern single-page web application design and implementation.

ID 466612

Samuel Thornton

Front end developer and UX designer, primarily in Ruby on Rails environments; worked at Barclay Card. In love with responsive design.

ID 322329

Mark Fox

Art school scientist, humanist, digital draftsmen. Developing future tense software solutions, up and down the stack.

ID 159838

David Sexton

Founder @david-sexton-consulting • Worked at @united-states-marine-corps, @dealer-spike • @self-taught • Programming since 12

ID 629752

Devin Daniels

Current Portland State University student in Computer Engineering with Sales and Management experience

ID 343462

Richard Flosi

ID 801024

Claudiu Lodromanean

Users are the life of anything so make them happy.

ID 357676

Peter W

Open source developer and environmental advocate. Chair of @bikewalkvote and independent web/mobile designer.

ID 406089

Shafiq Rehman

Worked at Intel. Lauched several web products. Interested in working with big/cutting edge ideas related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

ID 474584

Jami Dwyer

Widget wizard.

ID 752533

Sanjeev Sekar

Junior Developer at SBI. Google Summer of Code participant. Polyglot. Quantitative Economics background. Avid Musician.

ID 45668

Dan Wakefield

E-Commerce Entrepreneur. Founder & Managing Partner at @yardrents. Enterprise E-Commerce Consultant (Hasbro, PetSmart, Kroger/FredMeyer, Kohls & Nike).

ID 706164

Iris Blackburn

ID 327278

Tim David


ID 146212

alison bates

Director of Programming and Web Development at @LVD Media, LLC • Software Engineer @General Dynamics Land Systems • Founder @Bates Photographic, LLC

ID 778607

美坤 汪

Currently pursue CS master at OHSU, interested in Large Scale Ruby on Rails Dev Internship.

ID 494328

Pat Slocom

Founder of Riptide. Developer and Project Manager at Calltacular. Previously a developer at TenentFlo

ID 135123

Michael McTiernan

Principal of McTiernan Software Services, LLC; Formerly Chief Architect of Loyalize and Director of Engineering at Viggle.

ID 140096

Tim Weaver

ASIC/FPGA digital logic designer (Bit Mechanic) who also gets to write Python apps and AVR micro-controller code. Stickler for form+function in all design.

ID 281783

Scott Leonard

VP of Engineering, BSEE & MBA

ID 473458

Reese Wilson

PHP and MySQL programmer. Developed full CRM LAMP stack, heart monitor data processing and analysis service, and a sales reports and RMA system for our intranet

ID 627222

Bob Tischendorf

Hybrid graphics guy and programmer.

ID 297979

brian walsh

15 years of entrepreneurship Effective Cross-functional Leadership Technical leadership with business focus Software architect, hands-on engineer

ID 774893

Kelly Watermeyer

CS undergrad student at Regis University. Strong engineering educational foundation (studied first two-years of engineering degree at Cal Poly). Language: C++

ID 362670

Ryan Hicke

Full stack generalist, capable of working with any technology, currently works for Intel.

ID 304234

Matthew Goshman

I am a Portland based developer who is passionate about using technology, code and design to create meaningful and memorable experiences.

ID 466379


Portland Code School Grad. Mechanical Engineering BS. Full Stack Javscript.

ID 339734

Arthur Ice

Developed and deployed two high availability networked services, one of which has 5 successful plugins. Both used by Fortune 50 companies as key infrastructure.

ID 257863

Jesse Scott

Over a decade of web development experience including custom e-commerce, large scale content management, and business infrastructure projects.

ID 364763

Ryan Rebo

I make things from scratch, with code, pixels, color and sound. Developer // Designer // Musician

ID 773569

Allan Gu

ID 718196

David Torbeck

Junior-level rails and ios developer.

ID 736899

Josh Vaughn

17 + years experience in complete systems solutions. 4+ years expeience in driving scalable, secure, and stable cloud based solutions.

ID 711671

Lindsay Pak

Aspiring programmer, currently studying Computer Science at Khan Academy. Quality Assurance at GetRinger.com.

ID 439303

Jason Rodriguez

Full Stack Web Developer. Willing to relocate anywhere. Ready for a challenge and looking to grow with a forward thinking organization

ID 797489

Ty Frith

ID 818176

Frank Johnson

CS enthusiast, beginning web designer, general polyglot dabbler.

ID 727003

O'Koyea Huff-Boone

I write ruby & javascript, background in marketing & advertising, works at @quick-left / @sprint-ly

ID 741354

Matt Ranostay

Obtaining challenging position as Software Engineer that has a focus in embedded systems, and has rapid career advancement based on performance.

ID 732587

olivier palta

Junior full stack developer, loves to work hard and learn.

ID 540789

Thomas Ring

Fortune favors the bold.

ID 791334

Thomas Jung

Full Stack Specialist coding/hacking since 10, since 13 for profit. Architected and lead teams building anything from one page site to enterprise systems.

ID 808057

Allyson Burk


ID 644518

Randall Shane, PhD

Talented Data Scientist with skills in Python, R, MongoDB, Redis, algorithms, machine learning, predictive analytics using supervised or unsupervised learning.

ID 117318

andy idsinga

software dev - embedded to web apps, electronics tinkerer, DIYer, home brewer, wantrepreneur, amtr motorcycle mechanic, amtr carpenter/electrician/plumber

ID 9856

Rami Kassab

ID 277894

Jill Scott

Jill Scott Founder - Professor Sam, Experience in sales, social media marketing, web and app design, e-commerce

ID 739398

Colby Callahan

More than 8 years developer experience with a track record of solving unique problems in multiple industries. Lots of languages with a specialty in javascript.

ID 799050

Aaron Wangugi

Ohio State CS and Math, Software Security Researcher, able to wear many hats. Interested in user experience.

ID 771002

Federico Carthy

Launched an iOS app, worked at a 100+ million hits/month property.

ID 380979

Chad Murphy

Software Architect for SaaS, highly successful and looking for next opportunity.

ID 613126

Max Greer


ID 675972

Maureen Murphy

Front End Web Developer and Video Game Enthusiast

ID 385318

Ryan Munro

Full stack engineer; builds front end heavy applications; designs backend services; avid open source library maintainer.

ID 706666

Xiaolong Cheng

ID 586123

Andrew Hanson

Worked in WebAnalytics, Web Filtering, Image Manip. 23 products over 18 years. cofounded two successful startups.

ID 522197

Korvin Szanto

Full stack and then some, native mobile development.

ID 621383

Jonathan Graham

Rails Engineer

ID 499516

Robbie Ferrero

Front-end expert with heavy focus on javascript application architecture. Strong experience with back-end development and mobile as well.

ID 877653

Testaba aBa

Really good

ID 878047

Christopher Clark

Director of Engineering at a well-funded startup with strong Computer Science background

ID 486152

Chris Wright

Full-stack developer (currently with ruby/rails/js), math background, sports and beverage enthusiast, great team member

ID 498241

Paula Funatake

Business Systems Analyst, Solutions Architect, SW Quality Assurance, SDLC, Agile, SCRUM

ID 709878

Ryan Terpening


ID 471268

Rob Boek

Data Architect

ID 389531

Tom Offermann

Python/Django Developer. Active on Github. Popular repositories include "iphone-sms-backup" and "Minecloud" (on-demand Minecraft server on EC2).

ID 662333

Justin Myles Holmes

Founder and Chief Chocobo Breeder of slashRoot tech collective. Python / Django teacher / developer, entrepreneur, musician, acroyogi, friendly fighter, etc.

ID 624259

Dan S Turner

E-commerce specialist making a career transition to software development.

ID 694414

Marshall Rogers

PSU computer science & mathematics focused on statistics. Excited about web and mobile possibilities.

ID 377393

Ethan Bell

Web Developer

ID 190607


All user input is tainted by default.

ID 217728

Jackson Gariety

I was a HackStar at TechStars. I like patterns, code, and humans. I can see the future.

ID 280233

Jason Phillips

Enterprise .net web / database / software developer. I have extensive intranet development and have worked on and with small, large, and off-shore teams.

ID 102103

Muntaz Kaleem

Build multiply frameworks for testing and performance testing.

ID 75871

Milo Winningham

Full-stack web developer and Director of Technology at Artexpo Studio.

ID 372849

Austin Davis

Treehouse Student; Learned multiple coding languages in four months, dedicated to learning more and contributing to a team;

ID 890250

Peter Mikelsons

ID 334084

Johnny Robeson

ID 27096

Rodrigo Franco

I am a problem solver. Either predicting and modeling systems to avoid future problems or analyzing and improving existing systems - that's what makes me tick.

ID 213542

Jordan Cole

I sketch; others may color.

ID 273394

Andrew Silvernail

ID 11191

David Cameron

Whizbang front-end apps. MVC Javascript. OOCSS.

ID 889307

Nimesh Patel


ID 83846

Matt LeGrand

Washed up jogger who enjoys sitting behind a computer and staring off into an oblivion . . . wait what was the question?

ID 108787

Cristian Serra

Worked at @microsoft, @mitsubishi-corporation

ID 192455

Umer Ejaz

ID 212491

Kris Watson

Founder @lumous

ID 334057

Butch Clydesdale

I have over 15 years experience designing and developing web and software applications. I am a hard working, self-motivated person who enjoys the work.

ID 93530

James Dalziel

Co-founded database consulting business 3 years ago, before that was building data warehouse's for major bank, before that it was for @xo-group.

ID 323316

Huan Meng

Founder @civva. CS, CGI, Video Game, Interactive Media Development, Fashion & Luxury.

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